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  1. 1st off, Hi Jimmy, forum looks spiffy! Second off and further most ; This is what the community needs more of, innovative coins, trying new and interesting things. Love the name, Am enjoying the logo, and am going to be an early adopter, you should too, random person reading my post! Hurry, while supplies last!
  2. Added Website http://thevikingcoin.com/ Keep on hashing, more coins to plunder.
  3. Updated OP with added exchanges n pools, Site is being touched up n customized, as well protional kits being created for marketing towards consumer usage, we'll have more push after for android wallet... stay tuned!
  4. is a relaunch, apologizes, but was from different dev, and OP, and didn't want to confuse, since this has a different total.
  5. the p2p pool is added as well, and we're on 0.01 block rewards.... congrats. and good luck Thank you early supporters.
  6. I swear I posted for a coin like this already, or my matrix is busted... IT! IT! oh that's me... My matrix is all broke...
  7. It depends on the coin, it's name and the community's ability to work together in a single oriented goal of coin promotion and positive reinforcement. Otherwise, a coin get's mined, sold, and 30 to 50 people end up holding most the majority, the exact opposite we want in a decentralized currency, funny how even in a decentralized setting, some coins still end up in 1% of the population who had ability of holding onto that certain coin. PoS kinda helps people just horde and not spend, PoT is a closer deal towards a working model, yet I'm sure it too has it's own flaws. It's all about balance.
  8. Welcome to the Madhouse... check your sanity at the door, and remove your shoe, just one, helps keep you on your toes... trust everyone as if they were asking you for a loan, since in many senses they are, don't store large amounts of coins on exchanges, BACKUPS BACKUP BACKUPS!, don't open ports for coins, they cater to you Be kind and research if you have a question ask! also shamelessly promote my site Altcurrencyhelp.com( it's basically all the help topics and cryptocurrency related infos in one place, with as many cryptocointalk forum refference as possible. ) help others who are new and veterans alike learn more about cryptocurrency and altcoin mining... Happy hashing! And welcome
  9. I'm interested if it has innovation planned, no pump n dump or premine crap unless its legit... 2 legit 2 quit infact.
  10. wallet update for kgw fix.... get it now.......or loose the intergalactic rap battle..... be there or be square.
  11. Thank you, I can now rest assured, knowing my Pleasure saucer needs are covered. Awwwwwwwwww Yeaaaaaahhhh , G i g i t y - g i g i t y - g i g i t y - g o o !
  12. 19GmESUkVHcg7ToNDqnY7mPTRB1HzyUpxc That's a stellar wallet, it's like awesome had a child with Radical. And the wormhole.... Superb!
  13. You forgot the! 1st... Glad to hear, as i has shares...

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