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  1. /crypto/ - "3 Tips to Avoid Getting Scammed!" - Helping out some new users Read More on how to avoid getting scammed! I hope you guys enjoy the short and sweet article! A shout out to Lily (the writer)!
  2. /crypto/ - 3 Steps to Keeping Your Crypto-Currency Safe Hope you enjoy the article! It was written by lily from /crypto/

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  4. Hey guys! I am looking to promote my video faucet (once more) and I have added some more secret gems! Doge Video We will be also adding support for reddcoin, litecoin, darkcoin and other various coins Again, you get 10 credits (worth 25 doge) and once you reach 100 credits (after watching 10 videos), you can then get ~250 doge for the 100 credits! We also have a rewards program for posting daily AND some other things, including a members faucet (pays 10+ doge per 24 hours, highest paying doge faucet). Thanks Additional Information
  5. Melanie Martinez – Toxic (Britney Spears Cover) https://t.co/WYmvl7ZJXY #music



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    #dogecoin #halvening ~ Shibes, just another friendly *WOOF* article *WOOF* *WOOF*

  8. There is a lot of potential in all this data! is the data manually collected or a combination between automation and personal additions?

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