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  1. Challenge Name: Finishing Mapping Cancer Markers Created By: Econfina Health Technologies Open Challenge? No Start Date: 06/04/2017 End Date: 06/30/2017 Challenge Type: Results Returned Late Entrants Allowed? Yes Challenge Project: Mapping Cancer Markers Invited Teams: Poland [email protected] [email protected] L'Alliance Francophone XtremeSystems Decrypthon SETI.Germany University of Kaiserslautern [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] IBM Web Innovators & Friends [email protected] Team 2ch Asset Management LA Marist College Team China [email protected] Easynews ESU UH IT HPC TechPowerUp! Gridcoin on World Community Grid has been invited to participate in a team challenge. The challenge was issued by Econfina Health Technologies. The winner of the challenge will be the team that accumulates the most results between Sunday, June 4 and Friday, June 30.
  2. Its about time we caught some volume in this bull market! I certainly hope the increased value of our bounties will attract participants to help with development.
  3. Looks like Cure coin is being delisted from Poloniex. Hope we can maintain volume there! "CURE is scheduled to be delisted on May 2, 2017. Please withdraw your CURE balance as soon as possible." edit: by the way I thought the GRC deposit/withdraws had been re-enabled last week but it appears suspended again..
  4. Yeah of course. Not sure but maybe they could be set up as a psuedo facet, giving grc rewards to players or something but they seem very small atm. Too bad they weren't an android/ios game but maybe they will be in the future..
  5. Did you try backing up your wallet.dat and running grcrestarter download blocks with no wallet.dat (it will make a new one) and then seeing if it will sync? If it does then you could copy the wallet.dat back in..
  6. I am assuming that the exchanges have upgraded but I would say something like the following: "Please insure that you are now running the latest version since there was a mandatory hardfork (link to correct version). The hardfork was successful and we are in the process of confirming all exchanges and services are on the latest version to ensure a smooth experience going forward. We will contact you again in 24-48hrs when the process is complete." It would be great to overtake the old chain but I think a day or two should be plenty if no other issues arise.
  7. Yeah it looks like most the nodes are on the correct version and its going along fine. I am synced and staking fine here. The old chain will die off since it doesn't have the necessary cpid updates to sustain even though its a slightly longer chain atm. Also it will stop causing any intermittent sync issues since the network will be incremented at the 855K block. All the exchanges will be on the correct chain and the other operators will eventually update (cough RTmoney)..
  8. There may have been a bad block yesterday but Gridcoin worked as intended and resolved the best chain. I can confirm that you can use download blocks and sync on the correct chain. I just tried it and was able to get on the same chain as both explorers without issue. If you ever have an issue syncing it is best to rebuild/download the chain first thing. There is absolutely no major fork.
  9. I pledge 100K if you guys think the bounty approach will be fruitful. I don't think it would be an issue for the foundation to cover any remaining amount after community donations for a total 1 mil GRC bounty. It would be a large project and the reward should reflect the caliber of work we would be expecting. There could maybe be an additional reward for providing 6 months of support or something to ensure it transitions smoothly.
  10. Sure, a 501c(3) is the most common non-profit/charity legal entity in the US. You can still pay people that work for the non-profit, advertising, devs, etc, but there is no residual net profit retained by owners like a traditional for profit company. All profits have to be used for the cause and would be sent to another designated charity if it is dissolved. The big advantage is that other people and business can donate to the charity and write it off on their taxes. So we could solicit donations from large businesses etc to help pay for development. We would need some ambitious GRC community members to approach them obviously but hopefully we have some interested people.. I have other future ideas about possible management fees for commercial projects paid to the non-profit (any income would be used to further development to the max!) but that would be way in the future and not worth even thinking about atm. We need to expand to the whole BOINC network and make sure our scalability can handle everyone. I would pursue this entity since I could set it up at a rather low cost and could fulfill the accounting and filing requirements without hiring an accountant or attornery until it become too large to manage (which would be great). Also Rob, myself and a a lot of programmers are located in the US. Either way I don't think it will be an issue taking donations from anywhere and paying workers from anywhere but I would have to look into the proper accounting for that. My state requires 3 director and there would need to be meetings held with the minutes recorded on top of the bookkeeping. There would be a lot of advantages but it would be a lot of work as well. I believe Folding coin has their own 501c(3). Here would be the optimal outcome of the non-profit: Second committed Dev. to complement Rob Remove team requirement and basically become the entire BOINC network since there would be no reason for a BOINCer to not participate in GRC as well = Huge increase in network size. Marketing team to solicit donations, advertise, and attend all crypto related talks/conferences. Clean streamline wallet with a simple mode option that is as close to "one-click" as possible. Keeping pumping back any funds into further development and marketing. Hopefully the this will really get a snowballing effect of advanced development as we gain more exposure and cashflow to fund it.
  11. I spoke with Rob about removing the team requirement and expanding to become the entire BOINC network. He has several ideas including switching from superblocks to burn address for our magnitude storage and master or active nodes to address security and scalability. Scalabilty: Lets say 1% of random gridcoin nodes, or designated grc nodes online with a hash below 1% in the neural network act as the ‘active’ nodes to perform a web service function – and we add a security function to those active nodes, that may authenticate new beacons by using some type of serial code – IE the network knows when a new CPID comes online, proves its credits, applies a private key unknown to the applier, and instantiates an unhackable beacon. Security: A rough idea on accomplishing this, would be something to the effect of associating each CPID with a gridcoin address, and adjusting the address balance according to the users daily magnitude. IE: If your burn address contained 100.5 credits today, your mag must be 100.5. And these burn address magnitudes would fluctuate in real time as the neural network processes credits per block. This is just a general idea and I don't really want to debate how we remove the team requirement at this time (yes CM I know you have lots of thoughts on this). The important issue is; as you can see, this would be quite extensive and Rob does not want to tackle it without the help of an additional dev given his current workload with his independent programming business. So it is our job to come up with a plan to find a competent C++ programmer that can work with Rob if we want to get this done in the near future. Here are my thoughts on achieving this ranging from simplest to most difficult: 1. Pay a dev on contract out of the foundation funds. 2. Raise a BTC bounty to pay for dev work. 3. Create a US 501©(3) to solicit tax deductible donations from individuals/businesses and apply for grants. Best place I can think of to find a dev would be https://www.reddit.com/r/forhire/ unless someone knows of a better way. Lets hear your thoughts.
  12. Welcome! Are you able to do the translation? Would be you able to request GRC be added to Chinese exchanges?
  13. Awesdo Next week or so, I am going to make a little test and reallocate our weekly AdWords budget (~70) USD to crypto-related websites exclusively. Should be enough for 1000-1200 clicks. A larger amount is probably needed to make a difference, but maybe we'll learn something nevertheless. I am going to write another article on Steemit about it afterwards. Awesome, it will be interesting to see how it plays out and look at the data. Thanks for your efforts.
  14. Nothing is concrete, obviously Rob is very busy atm. I'm aware which coins are GPU or ASIC based. There always has and always will be a popular coin available for gpu miners (I shouldn't have to explain the reason), so even when ETH goes to POS, these miners will go to another coin like Zec, ZCL, Primecoin, XCN, Cryponiote, etc but hopefully they would come to us if they believed in the coin. Anyways, advertising to miners is not the main goal, it is adverting to crypto buyers/investors. Who do you think is causing these coins to go up in value when most miners are constantly selling to cover power and rent? We are lacking in buyers/investors currently. Of course but Gridcoin has the possibility which is an advantage over bitcoin. Simply put: I think we want to advertise to bring in investors/buyers to increase demand which in turn will bring in Boincers/GPU crypto miners; Focusing more on the Demand side, not the mining side with our advertising. Sorry if that was not clear in my previous post. There are some absolute worthless scam coins that never posted a bitcointalk announcement thread (Fargocoin) that are getting buyers by only advertising mainly to buyers on youtube/google etc. Even the average crypto enthusiast, who actively buys coins they think have potential, doesn't really know much about gridcoin unfortunately. Currently if you look at our market cap, investors are pricing us as offering no value over Blackcoin (which was the base of our POS structure)..

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