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  1. From Orbitcoin.org : The Orbitcoin consumes less electricty than other currencies ; The Orbitcoin generates interests from holdings (staking or "PoS") ; With a limited total supply of 3.77 million coins, the Orbitcoin is rare. You can find it all here : www.orbitcoin.org/content/coin-specifications
  2. Hi Lisa, I'm really sorry to hear that. I'm working on it right now. The pools are constantly under pressure, and being in the process of building a startup, I have no time left to monitor it as it should. It's being very costly as well. I'm considering shutting it down and replace it by a p2p pool linked to the ORB website. Of course, I'll make an official announcement and hold until every users coins are withdrawn. I'll PM you right now.
  3. Yep, I'm on it. Can you initiate a withdrawal one more time ?
  4. Great news ! Thank you so much Ghostlander ! I've managed to patch UNOMP for Neoscrypt. I'll fork it on GitHub ASAP. Happy new year :-)
  5. Indeed, others users were impacted. I have contacted the Gmail team, I'm waiting for their return on this one. In the meantime, emails are passing through again, but may be oriented towards the Spam folder. Thanks for the up and merry xmas !
  6. Hi lulworm, thanks for your message. Some emails were left in the server queue, Google's restrictions on IPv6 are unclear to a lot of people. I'm switching to IPv4, but need to avoid being flagged as spammer. Since many messages are waiting in the queue, it could take hours. The problem will be gradually solved, in the meantime I manually unlocked your account. Happy mining ! Dave
  7. https://github.com/Ammadkhalid/Orbitcoin-web Now this is better. It's Xmas time, I won't have much time but here are a few random thoughts after looking at parts of your code : I don't feel comfortable at all with you not separating your backend from your frontend. I definitely think you should use Smarty : http://www.smarty.net/docs/en/ - You must use PDO to query your database, forget the plain mysqli_query(); - You must sanitize the inputs better than with mysql_real_escape_string(), that function is obsolete; - You must enforce https everywhere. - Querying the ORB crawler will slow down your app drastically and may overload the crawler itself quickly : you will get temp bans, you should compile a dedicated crawler along. - Use a PHP lib to talk to your wallet, see my post above; - Use 2FA login; - Plenty other things... Your code is highly insecure at that time, but it's a start. Congratulations Ammad, keep working on it.
  8. We had a 512mb .xz file here, for a couple monthes : http://www.orbitcoin.org/content/orb-wallets Should it be updated ?
  9. The last thing I would do is hosting your code. You don't listen, I'm done with you.
  10. You will have to find a working PC if you want to start a dev career. Find a PC and get back to us then.
  11. Ok bro all is done and the web-wallet is ready and i'm going to give that to you for testing security etc and the staking i dont test coz my pc dont support so make any solution about it and tell me how i can sent you web-wallet for checking and the second thing is when payment is sent the balance of user is still there unit the tx id confirmations is not 6 or greater So i decided to add function if the any tx of user is less than 6 confirms than he/her can't send what's about you ? Should i need to apply that ? No confirmations : no payment. Some people don't care and mark txs as effective after 1 confirmation, but I don't think you should do this, it's too dangerous. There is a reason for 6 confirmations, and that's already not much. Were you able to launch the daemon at all on your PC ? You are not going to send me anything, you will publish your source code on GitHub. I hope this is the last time I have to tell you this.
  12. If you could deploy https://github.com/openchain/wallet on a test server and interface it with an ORB daemon, this could be a good start. From there we could fork it and see what could be adapted.
  13. 1. You must fully understand how to encode/decode JSON in the most efficient way. 2.The blockchain is the ORB database, it obviously already exists. What we don't have is a web or cloud ORB wallet. 3. You don't need to re-write existing code : you need to adapt it to ORB specific functions, like staking. 4. From my point of view, the real work is securing your set of servers, as I told you before. Holding crypto-related servers is a real pain, every kid out there will be looking to breach in. Had two DDOS attacks on my pools so far.
  14. Hi Ammad, First of all, if you are progamming a web wallet yourself, you must search for existing web wallets projects like this one (only an example) : https://github.com/openchain/wallet Analyse this piece of software (quite advanced and already live) and try to answer these questions : - Can I use that program to meet my objective ? - If not, should I fork it to create an alternative version and intergrate my specific functions on top of it ? There is no point in rewritting existing open-source code, it's a waste of time. If, for dev purposes, you wish to learn how to talk via RPC to a wallet with PHP, there are plenty libs for this, like : https://github.com/headzoo/bitcoin-wallet-api You must familiar with JSON / XML. You also need to understand perfectly how the qt-wallet works, in this repo you will find a lot of docs to read : https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin More than that, check this : https://github.com/blockchain?page=1 You will find great pieces of code there.

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