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  1. note -- a few weeks ago i sent a private mesg. to coins-e and suggested they delist CIN , to my knowledge they have not done so. the blockchain moves and my nodes still have most days over 20 connections, a far cry from what they used to have few blocks are being produced though on a daily basis since i suspect most people who hold coins are not connected to the network if they were the network would be producing many more blocks I was able to trace back through the blockchain how 'I believe' the coin got 'timelocked' , this could have been done on purpose or by accident. (probably by accident since cinnamon coin was cloned from another coin and in retrospect a better codebase could have been chosen) One of the largest things that makes proof of stake coins vulnerable is the 'time drift' issue. All coins even proof of work are vulnerable to this type of attack but in most cases it is really very hard for an attacker to have much success this way. Most coins cloned from bitcoin in the main.h file have time drift set to 120 minutes, which means that if no block is solved on the network after 2 hours it will tell you your wallet is out of synch , even if it is not. Anyway, you can easily set your clock ahead , or behind and solo mine and if you solve a block (this will work on any coin) it's unix time stamp in the blockchain will be 'off' ....if there is an abe block crawler for the coin you can even look it up yourself and see the block you mined and how you threw the time off...... it even happens sometimes (not as frequently anymore) in bitcoin.... If you ever studied close the data in a full block crawler and looked at the time stamps you may see a block with a time stamp that is later than the time stamp of the block after it...... mostly this happens by accident. If it only happens to one block it is not really anything at all. If it happens to several blocks in a row, this is how coins fork and develop all sorts of other issues which is why in general longer block times are much more stable than shorter block times although it depends on other factors, network hash rate , misbehaving nodes, people running outdated clients, and most importantly the algorithm. It is however a way to attack almost any coin, if you change your clock ahead and have enough firepower to solve several blocks in a row .....well (I am not going to teach you how to attack a coin or a pool ) you get the idea....... With proof of stake time is just as important , however proof of stake coins can be easily attacked (on purpose or by accident) by someone who owns some coins (better chance of success if they own a lot of older coins) with suffient coin age and who opens thier wallet with thier clock 'wrong' but not wrong enough that the network 'adjusts' for this issue. (less than whatever they coins time drift allows) If they solve several blocks in a row .....well you hopefully get the idea. This is how cinnamon coin got messed up several months ago. Now I finally understand how it happened, why , and I learned many other things along the way. I do not want to let this short update become a tutorial on how to 'attack' proof of stake coins but timing is very important in all bitcoin based cryptocurrencies (and all others too). For those who are developers you can (and probably should) shorten that time drift in the main.h file to a shorter time , just understand that if you make it 15 minutes , anyone logging on will show thier wallet out of synch if no block has been solved in the past 15 minutes. Since Cinnamon Coin is coming up on it's one year birthday , I am trying to decide what if anything I should do to celebrate it. I could, let the chain just run now, (pretty much to die a slow death eventually) fork the coin (but I am probably not going to do this ) restart the coin with a new proof of work algorithm (no more proof of stake for me) (some have suggested I premine coins to match the supply of CIN and exchange them out however with the slow movement of the old CIN chain this could take a long time and I really don't like to premine coins) just shut cinnamon coin down and focus on my other projects I currently have running (several coins some more successful than others) and I am currently developing on my own and with a few others a few new coin 'type' systems which are in various stages of development. REMEMBER ---- CINNAMON COIN WAS THE FIRST COIN EVER THAT ANYONE NAMED AFTER THEMSELF !! Nobody can take that away from me in the history of cryptocurrency . You may say so what. I kind of think it was a cool thing...... If you have any ideas about what you think I should do to cinnamon coin for it's one year birthday coming up next month let me know.... I would prefer if you send by personal mesg here on the forum. I can't promise I will do anything at all !!! But I am giving it some thought. One person suggested I just 'reboot' the whole coin and just start the chain over !!! I thought / well with all the headaches this coin gave me , I don't want to go through them again !!!! Also please don't suggest I switch to x11 x13 algos, If i switch to another algo it will be a single algorithm only. Multiple algos are not more secure they are less secure and far from optimized. Do you really think when you are mining x11 coins and your gpu's are running cooler it is because they are better and more efficient ?? No, it is because the mining is not optimized as well as scrypt 1024, sha2 or other algorithms mining is. Actually in part it is, since these require less memory however most of that 'coolness' in temperature is caused by untapped resources. I have been spending a lot of type studying the cryptonote style code and coins and thought of taking cin to that platform but since there is no open source miner for gpu's (only closed) and even that is not much better than some optimized aes cpu's ....well it may not be time for that yet. I like a level playing field , not one where there are a few people hidden away with optimized miners and everyone is chipping away with a cpu. Honestly I feel the same about protoshares/memorycoin 2 , I really like the algorithms, in particular the sha 512 however again without open source miners I think it best to not go that direction. If I do a relaunch I have not ruled out putting a premine in the blockchain and allowing people to just import thier private keys from thier old cin wallets to the new coin. Coding this up is kind of time consuming and just a little outside my skill set right now. It is a little more difficult to do this when you are switching algorithms that have a merkele root not based on sha256d like cin and most coins are based on....... Stay tuned and drop me a pm if you have any thoughts on this. It may be that the alt coin world is so flooded with coins and clones no one cares anymore and running a coin is like what a vanity press used to be like....... Cin, will you b offerin any more sprinkles? That is will this be real? :)
  2. I guess this girl/song is lost in the fust. Pool down.
  3. What happen professional marketing and support? ⏲️
  4. Any ideas? Lookin for a echange. I was asking for it but maybe when 2000 coins is reality then the dollar is stupid.
  5. Thanks. D/L this new form and express from the confused - confused - messages but should be cleared up. Yes+ 1.7 GB works fine and those docs were wrong. Will test and report back. Looks good so far.......
  6. North Korea says it is unable to pay $183,000 U.N. dues, blames crack pipes.
  7. starprobe


    this is cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool. ! 🏩

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