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  1. Presstab.pw provides a more robust and unique analysis of crypto-currency blockchains. Specializing in Proof of Stake and Proof of Work analysis, we provide a first-of-its-kind platform to see what addresses are generating coins, the stake weight for PoS coins, the hash rate for PoW coins, market capitalization charts and more. We also provide hash rate charts for our coins that have Proof of Work mining, something that many coins and explorers do not have access to. View the richlists to see how you stack up compared to the rest of the coin holders, see your total amount minted or mined, and give you the ability to claim your address using your cryptographic signature. Get up to date exchange order books consolidated on our easy to read master orderbook in our markets page. Find addresses, transactions, and blocks to get the details you want. Features: Awesome Coin 'Dashboard' Page Each Coin's Dashboard has all the most important information displayed in one easy place Detailed Richlist with Ability to Claim Addresses Richlist page tracks total minted and mined (for PoW hybrids) and lets you claim your address using cryptographic signatures Address Page View your address balance and transactions. This page contains a chart of your total balance over time and also a conversion of that balance into bitcoin equivalent. Detailed Chain View The chain view lets you see exactly what is going on in the blockchain. Display up to the last 2000 records. Addresses are automatically associated with a name if it has been claimed. See difficulty, stake weight consumed, coins minted, etc. 'Master' Depth Chart See different exchanges orders all in one place. Market Capitalization Charts See you market capitalization chart in one easy place. Nodes List See a list of nodes sorted by protocol version, all in an easy to copy and paste format API comes standard, 3rd party websites like coinmarketcap.com can easily query the explorer to get the information they need http://presstab.pw/phpexplorer/HYP/api.php [{"height":447169,"hash":"1c6932cd2068afc9acf8d411f09d4e718cfd1e58497d2df32674bf588296814c","time":1443126506,"difficulty":83.51773953,"txcount":2,"transacted":3570.86999,"type":"PoS","weight":76243,"annualrate":1.96021435,"minted":1000,"genaddress":"pC2enwUaSQ61mWZDHTk1SvYetM2fU6WEk2","moneysupply":319090877.50985}] This explorer service is a work in progress. I have been adding features at a pace of 1 or 2 per week. presstab.pw continues to add additional coins at a competitive price (especially considering that this explorer tends to have way more features and analysis than the average explorer). Contact me for pricing or more information
  2. This chart can provide a similar view of value over that 18 months http://www.presstab.pw/phpexplorer/HYP/address.php?address=pRbwpBsgumVu2pUA4u2BajC9NU5HEQ7Xuq
  3. I don't see that address ever used on ADC network. Are you sure that is the correct address? Do you have a transaction ID of when you sent to that address?
  4. If your wallet is on an exchange, you technically don't have a wallet. You sent your coins to bleutrades wallet, and its likely that they already transfered those coins out. To use the address claim you need to be able to cryptographically sign a message that you own the wallet. Bleutrade owns the wallet, so you wouldnt be able to mark your name down. Speaking of exchanges, I have a preliminary market page up. The goal of this page is to be able to see all of the markets in one orderbook, see arb opportunities, easily check prices from mobile, etc.
  5. Hey guys! Address claiming is live now. If you want your name displayed next to your address on the richlist click the claim button. Or if you want to be stealthy... feel free not to claim it (screenshot from HYP)
  6. Your wish is my command! Here is the progress I have made so far. Keep in mind that the hash rate reported by the coin client is an estimate based on statistics, how long it takes to find a block, and difficulty which is the reason why you see outliers. One word of caution is that I limited to returning only 5000 datapoints, so not every single PoW block is included. Find the Has Rate chart here:http://www.presstab.pw/phpexplorer/ADC/charts.php?type=hash
  7. I added the ability to see both PoW and PoS diff at the same time. Pretty cool to see them interact with each other. http://presstab.pw/phpexplorer/ADC
  8. I added ADC to my PoS anaylzer/explorer site. Find it here: http://www.presstab.pw/phpexplorer/ADC/index.php Please add to the OP and let me know any feedback
  9. What specific information are you querying from the api?
  10. Ahhhh isn't that much easier billotronic? HYP spoils its users
  11. Not sure what was wrong with my code a few months back, but successfully changed block target for a different coin. Nothing unusual here, just the typical forking code you would use to change anything else. unsigned int GetNextTargetRequired(const CBlockIndex* pindexLast, bool fProofOfStake) { if(pindexLast->nTime > FORK_TIME) nTargetSpacing = nTargetSpacing2; // fork the block target
  12. I am not an expert, but here are some observations: 1 - new things. Such as the QT JSON library, if you want your client to query exchanges, then this makes it easy. 2 - mingw 4 - I still prefer 4.8.5, something seems magic about it It seems like almost every coin builds easy with it. 5 - Using windows
  13. Closing the journal because I wanted to use these coins

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