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  1. Get 100 Doge For Liking Our Facebook Page!

    D8c8WXc9qszoWtKvzbsjTAEkozyJvYZ99a seanmcevers man i love your facebook page when i get on i will be checking out your news thank you for the coins
  2. AllCoin.com Doge Give away, 200 per person, 50 person giveaway

    D8c8WXc9qszoWtKvzbsjTAEkozyJvYZ99a man i think dogecoin is going to hit a dollar just because of the people that are messing with it and all the good things they have done i know they are going down but it's the only coin i'm mining till i get a few million yay! and thank you
  3. hello D8c8WXc9qszoWtKvzbsjTAEkozyJvYZ99a here ya go i hope i did this right i wacthed the vid and checked out your store and am wondering if i bought a hundred of those dualminer2 usb's could i get a deal seanmcevers@yahoo.com
  4. Piratecoin GIVEAWAY 10 000 PIR

    AUTpnb8uTDbkY9kTmmTmbaPS7Laoji5cgg Ahoy!!!
  5. Piratecoin GIVEAWAY 10 000 PIR

    hello i hope i'm doing this right AUTpnb8uTDbKy9kTmmTmbaPS7Laoji5cgg ok i think i did but my pirate picture of my wallet download won't come in right
  6. Piratecoin GIVEAWAY 10 000 PIR

    helo i hope i'm doing this right AUTpbn8uTDbKy9kTmmTmbaPS7Laoji5cgg
  7. missing coins

    hello i'm real new to this coin mining stuff and i don't know alot of stuuf but i love your pool i'm staying with you but i seem to missing some hours of coins to this address CcnWFszDfdPtKefWGfrfpBsSSV7P14UkbS and i turned off my computer for that time the coins didn't hit so i'm wondering do i have to leave my coins connected to the internet to get them i thought they would just catch up with me later hope thats not the case that was abunch of coins thanks to whoever answers
  8. i would like to contact the xpool.net for casinocoin because i'm missing coins for quite afew hours hers address it's should have been paid toCcnWFszDfdPtKefWGfrfpBsSSV7P14UkbS thanks for helpping


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