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  1. Of course not the best but I liked the game Road Redemption a lot. The scoring of this game is pretty annoying but this an interesting game. Reminded me of one of my favorite game RoadRash. The graphics quality is very low. I never thought a game in 2017 would be like this.
  2. So your group name is Discord. I thought you were talking about a group which is discord (I mean discord as an adjective). I couldn't match up with it. Now I know what it is when I go to your link. You should have make the d capital in the word discord. That would make more sense.
  3. What's the difference between Lawyers and Sperm? . . . One in a million get to be a human.
  4. Yes I remember Portal game. Damn it gave me soooo much pain in my head. I still remember those headaches. I used to run to the bed to stop the spinning of my head with my eyes closed. Can't really find something close to Portal but you can try "Limbo" for your kid. It's an old game, but a very smart one. I can assure you, it's a great great game.
  5. Okay, you want crypto coins. But do you want to earn them or buy them? If you are willing to buy then trading is open for you, if not then you have to work to earn some coins. Joining campaign, captcha writing etc are some of the ways to earn crypto currencies.
  6. So we can sum up to "It's a good business, maybe the best of it's kind where the founder, the customers AND the ad providers all are happy". And where the customers and the founders get the most benefits right?
  7. Are they going to add new altcoin? How about the profit you are making?
  8. I think at the starting price was 0.29 USD per KH/S per year. Now it is 0.14 USD per KH/S per year. It seems great. But how long it will stay?
  9. Nathan


    Nice to meet you. Welcome to this forum. Which one is your favorite cryptocurrency?
  10. I think mining and trading is the best way to gain Cryptocurrency. I am also here to learn more about mining. I hope experienced members will help me.
  11. If the price of your coin fall down? Will you buy the in base price?
  12. Thanks a lot for your post. Helpful instruction. Can i install it on normal PC or is there any special configuration required?
  13. I agree with you. It is just promote of your site.
  14. Nathan


    Nice to meet you. I am a new member of this forum. I hope experienced members like you will help me. I want to know about mining. Is it still profitable?
  15. Welcome to this forum. I came to know about this forum from one of my friend. I am here to learn about Cryptocoin mining.

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