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  1. “Your Data is Your Data” — TrakInvest will pay you for sharing your data ___ https://medium.com/trakinvest-ico/your-data-is-your-data-trakinvest-will-pay-you-for-sharing-your-data-4f6398d91f2a
  2. The Caviar.io webinar scheduled for tomorrow has been postponed until further notice. This is owing to a jurisdiction based, administrative development on Caviar.io’s side. ___ We wish the Caviar.io team the very best in their endeavours and hope they will find a resolution. We understand they are working with local lawyers in the state of MA to resolve the situation. ___ There is no impact on the Spectre.ai project owing to this development as the Spectre.ai DALP had not invested any funds into the Caviar.io ICO at the time of this development (as this was planned for post ICO for mechanical reasons). ___ As for new strategic partnerships, we will be announcing them in due course and in March will give an update on specifics regarding our Trakinvest.ai partnership. ___ Trakinvest.ai is 1 of 15 planned partnerships for the DALP’s ‘Passive Participation’ mandate in 2018. Here is a recording of the AMA with Trakinvest.ai CEO Bobby Bhatia: https://youtu.be/gvOzYboeXLs ___ Sincerely, The Spectre.ai Team
  3. Latest Cedex Webinar with Ronen from 1/18/2018 - Diamonds & CryptoCurrency unavoidable collision of giants ___ https://youtu.be/L14Vh1cTAFo
  4. Introducing the World’s first TV Crypto Game Show - CryptoShare! ___ CryptoShare is a TV Game Show designed to showcase the best uses of Blockchain Technology. We are extremely proud to bring this project to life with 7 ICO Teams competing in viewer-designed challenges during a 5 week span, with the winner claiming up to 1,000,000 in SEED Tokens, that would also be owned by you, the viewer. ___ CryptoShare is a show that we believe could educate millions of people about the potential of Blockchain technology, which is at the heart of everything we do at LiveTree. CryptoShare will be released online via our video channel - Blossom TV! We are also working hard to get it released via the Traditional TV Broadcast Channels. ___ https://secure.livetree.com/ADEPT/#!/item/livetree/7422 ___ Don’t Forget - LiveTree Seed Main Sale Starts at 31st of January!
  5. Hello, ___ We are happy to announce that we have officially opened the Modex ICO pre sale to the public! ___ The Modex contribution platform is live! Join us at https://contribute.modex.tech/ and create your account, in order to contribute to the project and help develop the World’s First App Store for the Blockchain. ___ We are also launching a great and extensive referral program, designed to reward people who can refer contributors to the Modex ICO. Check it here: https://referral.modex.tech ___ Thank you for all your support so far! ___ The Modex Team
  6. Alin Iftemi, Chief Information Officer: Businesses and Developers need a Smart Contract Marketplace ___ https://blog.modex.tech/alin-iftemi-chief-information-officer-businesses-and-developers-need-a-smart-contract-marketplace-6d80ad31eb0f ___
  7. Bounty information is coming very soon. In the meantime, check out the website: https://grain.io/ ___ Take a moment and check out our explainer video too: https://youtu.be/Vm4vYO56-ZY
  8. Blockmarket Desktop 1.2 Release: In-wallet exchange of 32 popular cryptocurrencies We are proud to release our latest update of Blockmarket Desktop 1.2 with in-wallet exchanges Changelly.com and Flyp.me. This brand-new feature will bring the Syscoin decentralized marketplace to an ever-widening audience by providing an easy exchange service for 32 popular cryptocurrencies. Read more: https://medium.com/@BlockchainFoundry/blockmarket-desktop-1-2-release-in-wallet-exchange-of-32-popular-cryptocurrencies-8a3b6518c226
  9. Pre-Sale Increase from 20% to 50%. The new Token Pre-Sale date is: Friday March 16th, 2018 at 19:00 GMT. The minimum amount of contribution for the pre-sale is 1 ETH, and there will not be a minimum for the public sale. There has been extremely high interest in CEDEX Coin on the token sale whitelist and from SAFT contributions. From that, it became apparent that a 20% token pre-sale would likely fall well short of meeting the total demand. As a result, we have decided to increase the sale amount to 50%. This represents a new opportunity for public purchasers, as 25,000,000 CEDEX Coins out of the 50,000,000 total publicly offered tokens will be available in the pre-sale. The remaining CEDEX coins will be made available on the public token sale. Another significant benefit of the date change is that it opens the door for the Japanese market to participate in the token pre-sale. The Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) has recently clarified their stand on Initial Coin Offerings and established a requirement that tokens be registered on a Japanese regulated exchange prior to a token sale. Japan has long been a leader in cryptocurrency adoption and investment and represents a major potential market for CEDEX. As such, we felt obligated to our partners and participants to reschedule the pre-sale in order to accommodate the Japanese market. The time extension will be used to try and complete the regulation process and allow our contributors to participant in the token sale. While those benefits on their own made postponing the pre-sale a clear decision, the extra time also allows us to make progress on other key parts of the project. First, it enables us to strengthen and expand our partnership program. CEDEX is growing rapidly and garnering interest from both the diamond and cryptocurrency industries. This interest has already led to valuable partnerships with TechFinancials Inc. and IDEX (International Diamond Exchange) in 2017. We will continue to strengthen those existing relationships in the coming months, while also working to create new partnerships with leading industry companies. Additionally, we will continue to develop the product according to the business roadmap. Considering all of these benefits, token purchasers can anticipate a high-quality pre-sale launch come March 16th. You can register for the pre-sale on the CEDEX website, here.
  10. Due to the rise in ETH TrakInvest released new Tokenomics: ETH is now pegged at $1000 up from the initial amount of $546 Tranche 1 is now 2600 tokens per ETH up from 1420 tokens per ETH Tranche 2 is now 2360 tokens per ETH up from 1298 tokens per ETH Tranche 3 is now 2184 tokens per ETH up from 1193 tokens per ETH If you have already participated in the TrakInvest ICO the balance of tokens owed will be sent post ICO. The hard-cap remains 33 Million USD.
  11. The Evolution of Blockchain ___ ___ https://medium.com/@LiveTree/the-evolution-of-blockchain-691e40f36322 ___ Remember - The LiveTree Seed Token Sale Starts Jan. 31st 2018 - https://secure.livetree.com/#!/seed/
  12. Diamonds And Crypto Collision – An Unavoidable Financial Big Bang To proclaim such a bold statement as that stated in the headline, one must first describe the elements of the theory and portray the different layers methodically as if standing in front of an esteemed Grand Jury. This ensures that all the parts of the story match perfectly as not to create a false big bang theory. Read the rest here: www.idexonline.com/Memo?Id=43647
  13. JCO: A New Path Through Sound and Fury of ICO Space ___ https://btcmanager.com/jco-new-path-sound-fury-ico-space/
  14. Spectre.ai has formed a strategic alliance with Caviar. The team behind Caviar is pioneering a unique approach to create a dual-purpose token and crowdfunding platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. Caviar’s token offers access to income producing real estate debt and fast growing cryptocurrencies, with built-in downside protection and automatic diversification. Caviar’s token generating event will run until January 31, 2018 with the goal of raising $25 million in total. Spectre.ai's DALP (decentralised autonomous liquidity pool) will be playing a Passive Participation role in in the Caviar.io loan-book and crypto portfolio and CEO of Spectre.ai, Kay Khemani, will be becoming an advisor to Caviar.io. Recall that SXDT income is tied directly to DALP growth. There is a live webinar between Spectre.ai and MIT educated Kiril Bensonoff, CEO of Caviar, scheduled on Thursday, 18th of January at 2pm GMT (9am EST). You can register here and find out more about Caviar.io. register.gotowebinar.com/register/8548978171894479873 Sincerely, The Spectre.ai Team

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