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  1. QTUM: Building a Better Blockchain Governance ___ Moscow's Blockchain Hackathon Reflects Booming Blockchain Industry in Russia ___ What is a blockchain fork? ___ Energo Labs' First Meetup ___ See the Qtum "Defining the Blockchain Economy" video here: ___ Dev Update Week of July 7th ___ Test Network wallet is available on GitHub
  2. Over $2.1 Million Raised For New Virtual Reality And Esports Cryptocurrency ___
  3. Aeternity Campaign Aftermath Dear aeternity crypto community, It has been both exciting and stressful weeks since the aeternity campaign ended. A lot of work has been done to make aeternity a reality and the best is yet to come. Scaling an organization is tricky. Most startups fail because of this reason. It is easy to coordinate when you have 5 people on the team, but a group-size above 10 easily becomes chaotic. By all means, aeternity has been very efficient in handling operations so far. Scaling these operations and restructuring the team has been quite difficult during the past weeks. On a good note, the tech team is growing well and once we have thoroughly tested the new setup, we will announce the new hires. Read more: ___ Blockchain Tech Must be “Open-Software” Public blockchains are defining a new era in free/libre, open-source software development. Did you know there is a difference between “free software” and “open-source software”? Turns out that just like in the case of public and private blockchains, when it comes to producing “free” or “open” software (think of “free speech,” not “free beer”)(1), there are camps who each support differing philosophies. The worldview “fork” in this case is caused by the definition of a fundamental concept and many will argue basic human right - freedom. Read more:
  4. ___ Find out more on Syscoin Slack or Telegram channels. Slack: • Telegram: ___ Syscoin has more than just Multisig suppport. Control money, data, documents or departments with account controls. ___ Blockmarket Desktop Beta 5 Released! ___ Syscoin: From 70,000 to 5 Billion potential users by end of 2017 ___ DYN/SYS trade across blockchains on @The_Blocknet Decentralized Exchange!
  5. Particl Launch Update: July 17th, 2017 Today is a good day! Particl Blockchain is LIVE thanks to all involved, especially to our contributors. Getting started: 1 First, head over to our Github for the official wallet releases. Please only use these official compiles, don’t use any other source for your wallet releases or click on links quoted in forums. This is an easy attack vector for nefarious individuals to prey on the less experienced user. - Official link to Particl 14.1.10 wallets: Read more:
  6. How Blockchain Gaming Is Evolving The Way Games Are Played - ___ Jon ‘Neverdie’ Jacobs raises Ethereum cryptocurrency to enable cross-platform online game avatars -
  7. The token sale is completed, thank you very much to all participants! More information is coming from the team soon! The final tally: ___
  8. There are just 3 hours 30 minutes left in the Pillar Project token sale! This is slightly approximate, as it will be a block number that determines the end of sale, so don't wait until the final minutes! ___ Join the Pillar Movement here:
  9. MyBit TokenSale Begins on July 17, 12:00 UTC Hello Everyone! The time is finally here! The MyBit TokenSale will begin in ~1 hour and run for either 30 days or until the hard cap of 26,875 Ether is reached. The first 9,375 Ether will be at a 25% discount so make sure your wallets are synced and you are ready to go when the sale starts. You can contribute on Some Key Points: - Be aware of scammers and fraud. Only send Ether to the address on the dashboard. IGNORE addresses posted on Slack, social channels, emails, etc. as they are scammers trying to steal your ETH! - Make sure to send Ether from an ERC-20 Wallet (Mist, Jaxx, Parity, etc.) and NOT from an Exchange. - If you contribute with Ether, MyB Tokens will be minted and automatically transferred to your wallet. If you contribute with another cryptocurrency via our Changelly integration, tokens will be credited to your account on and available for withdrawal within 72 hours of the TokenSale ending. - If you have not viewed the Official TokenSale details blog post you can do so HERE That's everything! Stay safe, be smart, and let the journey begin!
  11. EncryptoTel weekly update #2: roadmap and buywall/exchanges Dear EncryptoTel investors, Thank you for your patience as we finish distribution of our token and prepare arrangements for the next steps. We have three pieces of news that we think will be of interest to the community: a detailed roadmap, an update about the promised buywall and preliminary news about exchange listings. Roadmap We have created an infographic of a detailed timeline for EncryptoTel’s development. It is our intention to meet these milestones at the times stated, although of course, it is never possible to guarantee deadlines in advance. Nonetheless, we think these steps are manageable and realistic. You can see the full development outline in the image below. Read more:
  12. site up, newsletters out, raised so far: ETH Balance: 66,913.452156781861681686 Ether ETH USD Value: $12,401,739.22 (@ $185.34/ETH) Follow along with the team on the live stream:
  13. Video of the Live Stream with Sergey Ponomarev, SONM founder, on our youtube channel. Link below
  14. [ANN] MyBit - ICO July 17 @ 1600 GMT - Don't miss it! New analysis of the MyBit ethereum TokenSale: MyBit launches ICO to decentralize renewable energy: Next Generation Energy: How MyBit aims to Accelerate the Microgrid Revolution. Introduction The adoption of renewable energy has been much slower than anticipated. In 2015, only 2.8% of global consumption was in the form of renewable energy. Given all the benefits of renewables — clean, cost-efficient, and resilient energy, one must ask the question why — why so slow? Read more: Exclusive: MyBit in Discussion with Major European Utility Giant over Decentralized Energy Exchange MyBit executives have shared that they are in discussions with a major utility company from Central Europe to aid in the development of a peer to peer energy exchange. Overview of MyBit: MyBit is an Ethereum dApp (decentralized app) which connects investors of all levels to individuals seeking financing for high-yielding and secure revenue generating assets. Using smart contracts, MyBit securely connects investors with individuals directly without the need for middlemen, brokers, etc. taking a % of your money. Overall, this makes it easier for people to obtain financing and unlocks hundreds of billions if not trillions of dollars in investment opportunities to the average person which were previously reserved for large institutions. UPDATED MyBit Demo - Ethereum P2P Energy Investing : Token-sale registration is open: Head on over to and secure your spot today.
  15. Presale Report The presale of 44 million tokens sold out in 34 minutes, raising about $4.2 million in ether. Over 4,000 requests to the smart contract were received and about 1,400 were successful. The Main Token sale begins @ 0800 UK time (GMT +1) July 15. Make absolutely sure you sign up for the newsletter by clicking on the picture below and scrolling down to the bottom right subscribe now form. This will be the primary method of information delivery, so make sure you sign up! Pillar supporters, The day is almost here! Here’s what you need to know today: The Price is Set We have set the price of one Pillar token at 0.0005 ether - the same price as the presale but without the bonus token. We will have 528 million tokens available for the sale. Where is the Address? If we sent it to you now, it wouldn’t be a public sale. We’ll send you the contract address tomorrow, July 15th, at 8am London time (GMT + 1). It will also be on our purchase page. Remember the Goal The goal is to change the world. We have thousands of supporters wanting to give us a few ether, and we love them because they believe in us. You don’t need to buy our tokens to believe in the Pillar purpose: - Enable identity and data sovereignty for all - Get rid of accounts - put your own assets under your control - Turn apps into services - Build the new data infrastructure and the Pillar brand, so that the Pillar system becomes the default system for managing all mobile devices If you believe in that, your next step is to get ready for tomorrow. And that’s just the beginning. Finally ... Jacek, our ace social ninja, put together a short highlight reel from various videos, we hope you enjoy it: