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  1. Get more people using it, and the inlfation thing is uninteresting, far outwighted. Go! Start it! Get more people in! What are you waiting for?
  2. 1. No, I meant if you have got a block after your beacon send that included BOINC rewards. It may be that the diagnostics is off because BOINC is in a different directory 😉 Besides that: first make sure you have the BOINC dir in your config. I think that is still needed if you put BOINC on non standard folders. like: boincdatadir=D:\\ProgramData\\BOINC\\ boincappdir=C:\\Program Files\\BOINC\\ That is what I had on my old omputer. Of course I don't know how you placed your stuff. Second try a different project. In the past there were problems with WCG only participants because of WCG doing it differently. Create an account for a different project, crunch a WU, and make sure it's the same CPID everywhere. If that still not helps, go to slack into troubelshooting, you may need to have the beacon reset or someone else has an idea.
  3. Did you sucessfully mined CPOR blocks What does your wallet think your CPID is? What is your BOINC CPID (from a projects website or your BOINC program)? Do you have installed BOINc in a different than default program?
  4. One would put blocks on the new chain, one on the old. And after a single transaction, both would show differences. Don'T forget that there is no "correct" chain in the sense of objective truth. The correct chain is those the most people agree on.
  5. If you weren't running the wallet during that time, there should be no problems. If you were sending or receiving GRC (including mined) with the old version after the fork, those transactions don't exist in the new "real" chain.
  6. Ah right, now that you say it, I can see the water... pipes (? pipes right word for that technical part?) I didn't expect them on such a "small" CPU, so I didn't see them. Your brain hides so much from you...
  7. looks a bit empty 😄 Um.. do you ahve 2 fans tehre at the top? Why? What is that thing sandwitched? The HDD? But that don't need two fans lol
  8. No, I didn't miss it. But either trading is just to find out the price - and then it does not matter how much is traded as long as there is a little bit going on. If I sell one tomato to you for one football, or one million tomatoes for one million fottballs, the price is still 1:1, so how does the increased amount increases the worth? And usage alone does not increase the worth either, the GRC are just trown around more often. Usage can only increase worth because a lot more people have parts of the coins before being able to use them, which increases demand compared to less peoplke haveing parts of the coin supply before being able to use it.
  9. From your logic the price woudd rise if I put 10 million GRC on the market even if not a single one of those is bought.
  10. wenn die wallet noch nicht gesynct hat, hattest du auch keinen stake. Da hast du dann nur einen Orphan gesehen. Eigentlich sollte das mit den Standardeinstellungen aber nicht mehr passieren.
  11. kann durchaus sein, dass du einfach nur viel Pech hast und zu spät mit dem Block bist. Hast du denn erfolgreiche?
  12. So habe ich das auch verstanden und durchdacht. Wobei ich der Endkalkulation mit der Effizienz nicht zustimmen kann, denn das beinhaltet imho eine unendliche Blockzahl. Die Blockzahl ist aber begrenzt, d.h. es können bei hoher Effizienz gar nicht alle coins staken. Der Post dazu läuft auf rund 1K GRC pro Diff für ~92% Effizienz aus, und das würde bedeuten, jemand mit 1 million GRC würde bei Diff 10 etwa 100 Blöcke am Tag bekommen. Das bei einer net weight von ca. 40 Mill, also GRC die etwa 4000 Blöcke am Tag kriegen müssten bei 1000 verfügbaren...
  13. Your last vote is the one that is counting. You can always change your mind when new info arrives, that is the meaning of this feature. But a "you have voted X" would be nice.
  14. Several antiviruses generally block everything Bitcoin-y, because it could be a mining trojan. Sounds like that.
  15. Wahrscheinlich häufiger. Wie alt ist der beacon bzw. gibt es irgendwelche Fehlermeldungen? Bei mir hats vor ein paar Wochen gestreikt, weil ich die vor 6 Monaten neue Version gleich benutzt hatte und da ein Fehler drin war. Der wurde nach einem Tag korrigiert, aber mein beacon von der Zeit hat nach Ablauf getört.

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