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  1. UNO's hash rate hits a record high! 650 PHS!
  2. 2017 YTD chart for UNO.
  3. Latest $UNO predictions from Twitter. #unbotanium #altcoins
  4. News from UNO Telegram chat. Bryce talks about PeerAssets on UNO Join the Telegram chat room for UNO https://t.me/unobtaniumuno
  5. UNO rich list for May 23, 2017. For the record...
  6. Are you a Scrypt miner? UNO is trading at $17.50/un right now! Point your scrypt hash at Prohashing.com and select UNO payouts! This is a great way to earn UNO by mining the most profitable scrypt coins. https://prohashing.com
  7. UNO is currently trading at $17.50/un! More merge miners are needed. Our current has rate of 9 PHS isn't too heady given the power that's out there. Merge mine UNO along with Bitcoin, and improve your overall Sha256 mining profitability.
  8. UNO is at 9 PHS right now. For the record, here's UNO's position on coinmarketcap's currency list at this moment. This rally is approaching Wolong territory in marketcap. In terms of longevity, it's exceeding Wolong's stamina. Will $20 UNO soon be the new normal?
  9. Known sha256 pools that are merge mining UNO: https://mergemining.com/ http://www.zpool.ca/site/block?id=485 https://www.multipool.us/dashboard/pool/uno MMpool.org -- has temporarily halted all merge mining. Earn UNO payouts for your scrypt hash at https://prohashing.com/
  10. Tradesatoshi.com, a new exchange, has added UNO recently, unsolicited. Not much activity yet.
  11. For the record Bittrex 2 May 2017 Coinmarketcap Sooo close to reaching the top 100 cryptocurrency list.
  12. UNO is on fire!! We are 1 inch away from $10 UNO! UNO hit .008 today on Bittrex. $1,870,637 marketcap $42,000 of UNO traded today. Up 28% the past 7 days. 6,000 THS of mining hash! Congrats to the hodlers who didn't turn and run when UNO was $1 just a couple of months ago. You deserve this. Join the active chat group on Telegram, where UNO dev Bryce Weiner is a regular guest. Get the invitation at https://t.me/unobtanium_uno (requires Telegram app).
  13. 17,414.09 Un in the top wallet at Bittrex.