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  1. Unobtanium Rich List Top 20, as of Oct 3, 2018
  2. There's a new Telegram room for Uno at t.me/unobtaniumuno. You can also talk UNO here at Cryptocointalk using the mobile Tapatalk app. Just download to your mobile device and add cryptocurrencytalk.com.
  3. So glad you think so. There's not a ton of merchants using UNO today. I'm thinking about a project like xmr.to that lets you "send" Monero to a Bitcoin address.
  4. Hello, Unoverse! An update is now available from developer Bryce Weiner. This update improves wallet connectivity and will increase mining rewards in an effort to diversify Unobtanium's network. Please re-compile your wallets before block 1,040,000 which is in about 5,000 blocks. Thanks to Shinohai for compiling a signed Windows QT wallet, which is available now on Unobtanium.uno, or via this link: http://unobtanium.uno/download/Unobtanium.zip You can compile your own wallet from: https://github.com/unobtanium-official/Unobtanium An updated wallet for Electrum is not available at this time. I would recommend for now that you move your UNO to a QT wallet until that issue is resolved.
  5. Bittrex has decided to de-list Unobtanium. There was a bit of a reaction in the market.
  6. There's talk about UNO being added to UpBit.com, Korea's big bitcoin exchange. Lets hope it happens! https://news.bitcoin.com/koreas-largest-messenger-app-launching-exchange-with-110-cryptocurrencies/
  7. Thanks for the clarification, @coinminerz, I'll let our community know there's a new direct pool. I would encourage you to consider adding a merge mining pool that incorporates Bitcoin/Unobtanium/Namecoin mining. Its fun to mine multiple coins simultaneously, and only a handful of pools offering merge mining at present. Thanks again
  8. How do you guys like $100+ UNO? Did you EVER think it would go this high, with no end in sight??
  9. @Coinminerz are you merge mining UNO? Do you give UNO payouts? I didn't see UNO in your pool list, but perhaps thats because of merge mining?
  10. New Mining Pool for UNO http://pool.paycoinalt.com/getting_started#unobtanium
  11. UNO's hash rate hits a record high! 650 PHS!
  12. WOW!!! Unobtanium is mentioned in Forbes!!

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