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  1. So it's the exact quark algo, and not a derivative?
  2. I'll take some. FawN5T9eB1bEqp8DtWx7QNmegCNVKidfsd Merci.
  3. I can translate to French.
  4. I think you should try the top ones and choose yourself. I don't believe there's such a thing as "a best linux desktop environnement". Heck, you don't even need to choose one. You can use several of them regularly and choose depending on your mood.
  5. Language Packs

    At least it wasn't Chinese.
  6. I realised I had the wrong idea about what "hobo" really means. Wikipedia really helped.
  7. Language Packs

    This might be related, but my account got switched to Spanish (or Portuguese, I'm not sure) today. It's funny since I don't speak any of these languages.

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