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  1. Exciting news of our new team in our latest weekly update Aurovine/AudioCoin Weekly Update
  2. Weekly update now online New codebase available at our Github. Soft fork with extensive updates. Windows wallet available now (link in post above). OSX and Linux coming soon.
  3. Weekly update now online
  4. Added guide for compiling ADC staking wallet in Linux (Ubuntu) with thanks to Stoner19
  5. Hi Ken. Could you please explain what ADC has to gain from being part of the SaLuS coin project? I'd just like to try and understand the benefits. On the SaLuS project it says "Listed coins will stake on behalf of SaluS project, stakes will be sold on exchanges to increase BTC reserve." Did Audiocoin give away 20,000 ADC to SaLuS for this purpose? or do I misunderstand. Cheers. No coins were given away. SaLuS is investing in coins with a purpose. By investing in ADC or SaLuS both coins will benefit. You are welcome on the Audiocoin or i'm sure the SaluS slack channel for further discussion.
  6. ADC now available for purchase, purchase & stake or stake only at update 21/1: less than 30% of staking shares remaining
  7. ADC is pleased to be part of the SaLuS coin project Now trading on Bittrex
  8. Mine multipool SHA256, Scrypt, X11 at Hashgoal and get paid in ADC!
  9. Hi Gabor, please join the slack or irc channels mentioned above. Coin is being developed and website worked on every day by our team, so not sure what you mean with your question?
  10. Hi Stig, You can set the track to full stream or 30 secs sample with the button in your admin release details area. Your ADC will be in your ADC wallet within your admin area. Any issues please send a ticket using the feedback button. Cheers
  11. Manually updated at the moment. Next batch going up tonight. Many thanks for your purchase.
  12. Our second blockchain release now introduces a revenue share element for all buyers - only £3 for a limited edition single and future revenue share. I hope the crypto community will get on board with this new way for independent artists to gain traction. Limited to 300 copies: 3 track EP plus revenue share
  13. Daniel Harris from the Kendra Initiative explains some of the work in progress combining the blockchain and music