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  1. HBN Alert Info

    Re-installing helped for the right block chain. Good peer connections so I must be making a mistake with installing the latest bootstrap. Will leave it while it syncs for the next few days.
  2. HBN Alert Info

    Wallet here is going up in time so it is shutdown. Uninstalled and reloaded with the latest version plus bootstrap and it still goes up in time. What is a possible next step to setting the proper blockchain? Thanks for all you are doing too Tranz. :)
  3. No peer connections on Wallet

    HBN still going :) I left off at v1.5.0 I believe and not sure there will be an issue placing an old wallet.dat from 1.5.0 into the 1.5.3 that is currently syncing? Have a feeling it will not work. 3 yrs, 361 days on syncing left to go. Tried to use the bootstrap log in and the page just resets back to the sign in screen.
  4. Scrypt.io Hobonickels Pool 0.5%

    Locked out again Meska. There must be an issue wit this computer. Please reset the password again. Somehow no emails are being received. You said something about the cache so how can I fix it? Thank you again!
  5. Scrypt.io Hobonickels Pool 0.5%

    When I click the "reset" button for a new password, the next link that opens has "https://scrypt.io/hbn/index.php?page=password" in the URL and the page is blank. No emails are being received from the site also. Not complaining! Confused to all hell 'cause all this was working a while back. Can't wait to start mining HBN again with a new cpuminer setup
  6. Scrypt.io Hobonickels Pool 0.5%

    Hi Meska, Please send an email to unlock my account on scrypt.io/hbn pool. It is the same user name as mine here. Cheers.

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