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  1. Sign Up to Make some great friends and earn some HTML5 Super Simple Right Just head over to friendsforcash.com a Social network site for Cryptocurrencly Lovers Register an account Respond to this Post with your Friendsforcash username and HTML5 Address I will send Each New Member 1000 HTML5 to get you started Just For Signing Up The First 5 PPL That Respond to this post will get a BONUS If you are a Coin Developer Please Make a Page for your Coin Friendsforcash.com is a emerging social network site where you get paid in Crypto for the Things you do on Social Media anyway (ie: Posts, Status Updates, Blogs, Comments, Invites, Polls) If you would like to Work with Friendsforcash.com Sent me a private Message We are always looking for great people to grow withhttp://friendsforcash.com
  2. HTML5 is a long term project the Pos is not there for profit but its there to increse the security of the network against 51% attack, also Gen 2 Pow/Pos coins having 2 threads always has instant transactions. and is not shackled down by requiring miners to function. 1% ann stake is very managable inflation.
  3. Unfortunatly the old HTMLCoin Swap is Over. We appoligize we are no longer able to exchange coins from the previous HTMLCOIN. We appreciate your support during the conversion process and again appoligize for any inconvience it has caused. HTML5 is a strong coin with a strong community. It's not too late to mine the new HTML5COIN as well, as utilize the HTML5 Faucets that our members have made for us. You can find information for both of these topics on htmlcoin.com. There are many HTML5COIN GIVEAWAYS that go on in various exchanges and social media sites constantly. Again we would like to appoligize for any inconvience and Thank you for your continued support for HTML5Coin
  4. BYUp9wseWobuniBoDGGN2R39ERYAqKsGkP Thank you

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