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  1. Things going great, Nice to hear you are getting back! I was away for about two years too. Still have have a massive amount of BRC somewhere 🤓
  2. It's getting a bit more active, but it probably needs a lot of work to make it take off again. There soo many coins around now, it would be hard too compete. ( If you are interrested, I would look into Iota, this one has some exciting development right now )
  3. @CaptChadd Hey Omega still around?
  4. Hi all, The invite for alpha testing was indeed asked in the interview. Artiface it all looks very promising! Cheers, Mike
  5. Hi Guys, Is there any news on the development side? I hope when cryptoruch opens again we will see some bitcoin scrypt volume again! Cheers, Mike
  6. Hi all, Look at the option BTCS_USD on C-CEX! This is one of the thing we where missing, now it`s availible. Happy trading all. Cheers, Mike
  7. Hi Cryptominer, I was trying to get on cryptoaltex, but they are shutting down The rest of the exchanges I am still trying I hope the blockchain voting will be ready soon, this is what makes us unique and is a very good point to point out for promotion. Cheers, Mike
  8. Hi all, Good that we are on a multipool! When the new blockchain voting is tested and ok, we can finally promote bitcoin scrypt flat out. I think when it`s up and running we can push bitcoin scrypt right back to the top, I find lots of holding back because we don`t have it running yet, but this will change! Don`t give up guys, we can do this. Cheers, Mike I
  9. No you didn`t miss something, the only thing we could miss is buying up a few cheap The normal bitcoin is rising day by day, so people sell off a bit of there altcoins too maybe, and Ithink it`s due to some new miners I saw on btc2.cryptominer selling there mined coins just too pay for there mining rig. Cheers, Mike
  10. Hi wow, Why do you think lowering the total coins will make btcs any better? If btcs is going too grow in the future, wich it will ofcourse , we need a bit of volume too not get into the milli btcs and smaller amounts if it`s finally used to make payments for all kinds of stuff. The main thing we could concentrate on is getting btcs as a accepted payment method for purchasing items, etc. It`s now only used for trading, thats ok for now but not enough for the future. Cheers, Mike
  11. Ok since we are brainstorming away, what should be a first services for bitcoin scrypt to accept it as payment? Half a year ago I was into infinitecoin ( shame on me ), I tryed to sell stuff on ebay and accept this coin for it. It wasn`t sucsesfull, but maybe the time is right too try again with btcs now, people are more aware of digital coins nowedays, and it could get btcs more into the picture like this. What do you all think? Cheers, Mike
  12. Hi WOW, I am here too stay, not only here temporary I am knocking on all kinds of doors too get btcs in the spotlight, some are starting too look they might work out, some of them not. But I am not giving up, if there is any news, I`ll pass it too the forum right away. Cheers, Mike
  13. Hi all, cryptoaltex.com has btcs on there voting list for coins to be added. Please vote away I am also in contact with a other major exchange ( I only name it when the deal is closed ), which is looking promosing, fingers crossed Update: We got 7 votes soo far at https://www.cryptoaltex.com/index.php?page=newcoin, I think we can do better than this, please vote away! Cheers, Mike
  14. Hi WOW, I am on top of it. The link to vote: https://c-cex.com/?id=vote#suggest Cheers, Mike

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