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  1. Hoi freeman ;)
  2. Niet allemaal ;)
  3. Thanks for the information. Cryptoguru is my favourite
  4. Buy/sell Orbitcoin with Bitcoin and buy/sell Bitcoin with Orbitcoin! The S.W.A.P. Exchange now available! Read more: Video:
  5. Hi Ammad, There was a agreement about the bounty but afterwards you asked much more. But for the best you can contact the person you had this agreement with if you change your mind.
  6. Please upgrade your Orbitcoin wallet. Not a mandatory upgrade but highly recommended. New style Orbitcoin v1.5.1.1 (17-May-2016) Windows: 32-bit Windows GUI client: 64-bit Windows GUI client: Mac: 32-bit MacOS X (10.5+) GUI client: 64-bit MacOS X (10.8+) GUI client: Linux: 32-bit Linux GUI client & daemon: 64-bit Linux GUI client & daemon: Source:
  7. ORB was already at a BIG exchange (Cryptsy) for a long time so i think it's not strange that there's no change in price at Bittrex. And don't forget ORB was and is at Bleutrade, Cryptopia and UseCryptos too for a while. It would be different when ORB was only available at small exchanges before it was added to Bittrex, then you probably would see a big price change. Most newly added coins at Bittrex that aren't at any other big exchange will show a big increase of price and after some weeks or even days the price will go down again. ORB is a very stable coin for the long term. Just my opinion
  8. @GrinZ Thanks for informing us