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  1. I have had a lot of fun over the years running the official Gridcoin Twitter account, however, I no longer have the spare time to continue this activity. I have pm'd the login details for the Twitter account to Rob and the community can now decide on who is best suited for this job.
  2. Is Rob the only one who has access to the foundation funds, because Evoked still hasn't gotten paid for his GRC presentation. https://cryptocointalk.com/topic/50153-paraleln-polis-hackers-congress-prague-sep-30-oct-2-2016/page-3
  3. trader1

    Clock Issues

    OK, so yesterday I decided to delete all the boinc and keypair lines from my .conf file and I put the wallet into INVESTOR mode. Within 3 hours of launching, I got my interest block!!! I can't say what exactly is going on here, but it seems if your magnitude goes to 0 then the wallet for some reason just stops staking interest blocks. It could be some kind of bug/routine somewhere that is causing this weird behavior.
  4. I said treat, not threat! A real threat to what? With the increase in confirmations the security of coins held on an exchange is increased. Do you mean that it broadcasts a negative perception that Gridcoin is insecure (low stake weight) or inconvenient to use? To secure the network, everyone should be staking 24/7. To work around inconvenience created by 120 confirmations, use a different exchange (preferably decentralized).
  5. It's a real treat when GRC spikes and confirmations on deposits at Poloniex are hiked to 120 confirmations. http://imgur.com/a/E26J2
  6. trader1

    Clock Issues

    I just noticed that same line in my debug logs as well.
  7. trader1

    Clock Issues

    There are 0 errors and my netstakeweight is a 9 figure number any my weight is a 14 digit number. My last block was on the 2nd of January, not a single block since that time with a fairly sizable acc balance and wallet being constantly online and synced! Also, when i look at my debug2.log, I see this line several times: 01/24/17 19:43:43 ERROR: AcceptToMemoryPool : Unable to Connect Inputs There is no correlation between the cosmetic issue within the diagnostics window & users lack of staked blocks. Network stake weight has been increasing the last few weeks, if it was as bad as you are saying we would have seen a massive drop in stake weight. http://www.gridresearchcorp.com/gridcoin/?charts&lb=500 Recently, 50mil GRC came online staking - it's highly likely that the increased staking difficulty is the cause of failing to stake a block recently. Can you please go through your debug logs, looking for repeating warnings/errors regarding your ability to stake? Type 'getstakinginfo' are there any errors?
  8. trader1

    Clock Issues

    Hmm, I wonder how many other people haven't been able to stake as a result of this?
  9. trader1

    Clock Issues

    I am having the exact same issue and I haven't staked any blocks for close to 2 weeks now. If a large enough percentage of people can't steak as a result of this error, the entire network could be vulnerable.
  10. LOL, me too. Where is this info coming from? My nodes are used in the diagnostics? First I'm hearing of this.. lol! EDIT: I've updated, time-synced and reset my nodes. See if that helps?
  11. I haven't staked a block in 1+ weeks now with a fairly sizable balance. This has never happened before. I don't want to cry wolf just yet, but I think this time error may be causing staking problems. Now that you mention it I die not get a block lately neither. I thought it was my low mining wallet balance. Can anyone on windows with the clock issue within the diagnostics feature confirm whether he got a block lately?
  12. Rob, can you please send evoked the 40k grc he is owed for his presentation?? it has been 3+ months now and he is still waiting. https://cryptocointalk.com/topic/50153-paraleln-polis-hackers-congress-prague-sep-30-oct-2-2016
  13. Rob, can you please send evoked the 40k grc he is owed for his presentation?? it has been 3+ months now and he is still waiting.
  14. So there is currently no way to fix this? Is this affecting staking in any way? Because I haven't gotten a block in over a week, which has never happened before! Already reported: https://github.com/gridcoin/Gridcoin-Research/issues/186
  15. Is anyone else having an issue with time sync on the wallet? The diagnostic window keep saying my clock is way off, but I have synced the system multiple times and everything seems to be accurate on my system. http://imgur.com/a/iVqwT

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