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  1. This project looks really interesting. Will keep an eye out for the release. Hope all goes as planned.
  2. MUE migration update - From MUE Quark TO MUE X11 - 1:1 swap - To swap you must have your MUE in either or no later than: Block 2330836 Which is estimated to be around: 25th June 2017 - UK time - 5.30pm (British Summer Time) - UTC - 4.30pm - EST - 12.30pm-Video update A little late notice...Apologies.
  3. Hi, Adding peers is the right move but I have tested the link from the post above yours and it started syncing immediately. Which is odd. Have you checked your firewall settings? If your not successful post here again. Lets try resolve this. Till then here are some more nodes...
  4. Thanks for helping out today!

  5. Some smooth work from the crypto world. Wonder what is next.
  6. A nice portal and look forward to seeing it grow. The Forex portal is a good working project and I managed to score 400 Euros...Can't complain.
  7. Hi, the best place for you to go would be... You will want either 3.2 or 3.3 on the list. Comes with a config as well.
  8. It seems someone has sorted out your volume issues already so you should be fine. I've noticed they don't mind this as it shows an active coin/dev. With that on top of your message they should clear it.
  9. Nice to finally see you here. Keep up the good work with the coin and good luck.
  10. Just an update, there is currently a swap-over. Sadly I am a bit chaotic on my side to put up the details now. The name has been changed to Tetra.
  11. I follow you Vermin Supreme.
  12. I watch with eager anticipation...
  13. Did he buy them all? That man is collecting coins faster than I am. It's very distressing. On a happy note I found my old wallet from when the coin was released. Mined up until the 13th June 2014...Sure I can hold them a little longer.