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  1. I can tell you now they are worth it. I have 2 on my wall at home...which I should take pictures of... and I got pillows as well. I don't think I could even get that good a quality in my country. ~Mike
  2. I remember the original release of this coin... Nice to see the updated version.
  3. Sadly it was only a matter of time. The scourge of the Crypto world.
  4. I'd be interested if you could give an update to what they say. But I hope it doesn't discourage you from keeping up with the good work you have been doing.
  5. So I ordered a few things from Flark over the past couple of weeks and the first set of items arrived last Friday and I thought I would share it with you all. Though it is just the pillows now I will post the main artwork when I have it and have put it up. But still they are fantastic and high quality which is important.
  6. This is a very good option. I hope it is successful and helps get things back to a decent form. I will keep watching for updates as things move forward as I think it could get very interesting over time.
  7. Been waiting patiently for this... I do see small amounts going through to the address. Can the average person send in now or must we wait till the countdown is done? ~Prof
  8. This project looks really interesting. Will keep an eye out for the release. Hope all goes as planned.
  9. MUE migration update - From MUE Quark TO MUE X11 - 1:1 swap - To swap you must have your MUE in either Bittrex.com or MyMUE.com no later than: Block 2330836 Which is estimated to be around: 25th June 2017 - UK time - 5.30pm (British Summer Time) - UTC - 4.30pm - EST - 12.30pm-Video update A little late notice...Apologies.
  10. Hi, Adding peers is the right move but I have tested the link from the post above yours and it started syncing immediately. Which is odd. Have you checked your firewall settings? If your not successful post here again. Lets try resolve this. Till then here are some more nodes...
  11. Thanks for helping out today!

  12. Some smooth work from the crypto world. Wonder what is next.

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