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  1. What is the P2pool code I need to add this coin? For example this is for earthcoin. I have a lot of s1 antminers and want to run a private pool... Antminers can't solo very good we get to many rejections, so I run my own private pool. I would really appreciate it if you could give me the following info so I could run my own. Thanks! earthcoin=math.Object( PARENT=networks.nets['earthcoin'], SHARE_PERIOD=10, # seconds CHAIN_LENGTH=3*60*60//5, # shares REAL_CHAIN_LENGTH=3*60*60//5, # shares TARGET_LOOKBEHIND=120, # shares SPREAD=30, # blocks IDENTIFIER='e137d5b8c6923410'.decode('hex'), PREFIX='7218c1a53ef629b0'.decode('hex'), P2P_PORT=9338, MIN_TARGET=0, MAX_TARGET=2**256//2**20 - 1, PERSIST=False, WORKER_PORT=19330, BOOTSTRAP_ADDRS=''.split(' '), ANNOUNCE_CHANNEL='#spool', VERSION_CHECK=lambda v: True, ), Code: earthcoin=math.Object( P2P_PREFIX='c0dbf1fd'.decode('hex'), P2P_PORT=15677, ADDRESS_VERSION=93, RPC_PORT=15678, RPC_CHECK=defer.inlineCallbacks(lambda bitcoind: defer.returnValue( 'earthcoinaddress' in (yield bitcoind.rpc_help()) and not (yield bitcoind.rpc_getinfo())['testnet'] )), SUBSIDY_FUNC=lambda height: 10000*100000000 >> (height + 1)//525600, POW_FUNC=lambda data: pack.IntType(256).unpack(__import__('ltc_scrypt').getPoWHash(data)), BLOCK_PERIOD=60, # s SYMBOL='EAC', CONF_FILE_FUNC=lambda: os.path.join(os.path.join(os.environ['APPDATA'], 'earthcoin') if platform.system() == 'Windows' else os.path.expanduser('~/Library/Application Support/earthcoin/') if platform.system() == 'Darwin' else os.path.expanduser('~/.earthcoin'), 'earthcoin.conf'), BLOCK_EXPLORER_URL_PREFIX='http://earthchain.info/block/', ADDRESS_EXPLORER_URL_PREFIX='http://earthchain.info/address/', TX_EXPLORER_URL_PREFIX='http://earthchain.info/tx/', SANE_TARGET_RANGE=(2**256//1000000000 - 1, 2**256//1000 - 1), DUMB_SCRYPT_DIFF=2**16, DUST_THRESHOLD=1e8, ),

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