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  1. @futa01 - Hi futa01, thanks for joining the team. I sent you some Gridcoins for you to start up. You can chat with others here https://kiwiirc.com/client/irc.freenode.net:6667/. Have a good day and all the best with your mining Gridcoin and helping good causes.
  2. Good to see you here . Quite a few people use cryptocintalk.com as their main portal for discussion so it makes good sense.
  3. Hi Just sent you some. Great to have you here.
  4. @katiee Hi Katie, would your please consider a ramp-down to close? We should discuss an exit strategy. Its not fair on you to have this millstone around your neck. You can come back in then if you wish and enjoy it . Generally folks, We should discuss a SPoC or single point of contact. There is too many little bits of Gridcoin data/media/copy that is out of date, irrelevant and is adding to the challenges we have at the moment. Best regards big_swifty NB: who has admin access to... http://www.gridcoin.co/ ( http://pool.gridcoin.co/ (sub domain) twitter @Gridcoinnetwork github https://github.com/Kati3e/autoit-gridcoin-profitwatcher http://www.gridcoin.us/Guides/earn-grc.htm with link at bottom left to http://www.gridcoin.co/ This was also cc'd to 27520-katiee as a PM.
  5. Poloniex may of had a Denial of Service attack recently. Its worth reading up before you decide to use them. (source: https://www.cryptocompare.com/exchanges/poloniex)
  6. Hiya Vgear It's great to see you have joined and started your work with Gridcoin. I'm sending some GRC over for your Staking and I hope you see some GRC value rolling in soon. Take care and thank you!
  7. Hello DenisKDV I hope you are well and good in Kazakhstan. I'm sending some GRC over to top up your Proof of Staking. Great to see you here, I hope you are prosperous and help the good causes within BOINC. All the best!
  8. Zdravoyte Wonky_Roger, kak deela? Meinya zavoot Big_Swifty. I'm sending some Gridcoin over for you to help with your Staking. Hope your having a good day. Take care and thank you.
  9. Hi Hi Til A very warm welcome aboard Gridcoin. I'm sending some over! Have a good day and thanks for not only being interested, but deciding to act and set yourself up. Nice one!
  10. Hi Stockton We're happy to see you here helping the cause! I'm sending some GRC to help your Proof of Staking. Enjoy and have fun.
  11. Hi IceTiger, that's a great name! A warm welcome aboard and thanks for helping the cause. I'm sending a few GRC over. Have fun and enjoy!
  12. Welcome aboard mjsmira. Paying it forward is better. Enjoy your coins. Thanks Earl - it looks like that I need to leave my boinc team in order to have my RAC for the Gridcoin - is there a way to avoid this? Hi @mjsmira, hope all is good with you. Try self help here http://wiki.gridcoin.us/FAQ and it depends what BOINC project you are using and if your project account already has a team linked to it. You can set up two instances if you wish. One Operating System (O/S) with GRC, BOINC, white-listed project and team stated as Gridcoin. The other can be just BOINC with no Gridcoin. You can also buy lots of Gridcoin from an exchange and hold then in a GRC wallet and earn Proof of Stake. I'll keep an eye out for your reply :-) All consider IRC (Internet Relay Chat) at https://kiwiirc.com/client/irc.freenode.net:6667/
  13. Please be reminded of the faucets/taps.https://gridcoinstats.eu/faucet.php You can take a daily drink of GRC from here.
  14. @startail Hello :-) If you are in Japan can I ask if most Japanese users of Pool mining and GRC would expect to see English language? Do you know if anyone is doing a Japanese and Mandarin version? Hope you don't mind me asking you!

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