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  1. I've updated the instructions to delete a beacon: http://www.gridresearchcorp.com/gridcoin/DeleteBeaconInstructions.pdf Please note this is a new address. If the gridresearchcorp block explorer is in sync with the gridcoin network a delete beacon request should be automatically responded to in approximately 15 minutes or less. If you did everything correctly you will receive a transaction for 0.00022 and you can advertise a new beacon. If you send your request from the wrong address you will get a transaction in the amount of 0.00011, go back to the instructions and try again. If you send it to the wrong address you won't get a reply, check the address you send your request to and make sure it is correct before sending me a PM that you are having trouble deleting a beacon. Thanks, RTMoney
  2. Not sure how to contact you, but I followed a pdf inctruction I found online to get my beacon deleted, please help

  3. Traderman - you have done humanity and the Gridcoin community a great service in the last 3 years. Thank you!
  4. Yes, my scripts broke with the binary block conversion and I haven't had time to fix it. Apologies, I will update as soon as I have the time.
  5. The two projects have been added to the whitelist and should appear in the next superblock.
  6. I maintain my opinion on the team requirement - I am in agreement with Rob and believe it should remain.
  7. visited your page for the first time today. Great job startail!
  8. I think I am finally caught up on all the delete beacon requests sent in the last 2 weeks. If I missed anyone please PM me here or in IRC. I will be editing the directions soon to include a command in the transaction to help automate this an make turn around a request in minutes instead of days as well as take the human element out of the equation. For now continue to follow the directions in the PDF. I am sending a confirmation transaction back to the CPID address on all requests as of December 1st.
  9. We are in danger of being de-listed at Bittrex due to low volume. The average volume volume over a 2 week period needs to be at least 0.5 BTC per day to remain listed. That is 7 BTC over a 2 week period. I checked the volume through their API and as far back as I can go is November 27th, 2016. The volume for the last week is 1.8 according to my calculations. That means we need another 5.2 BTC of volume before the 9th to stay listed. I've placed both buy and sell orders extremely close to the spot price and will continue to renew them to help volume this week. Also, the price is at lows we haven't seen in quite some time, recent sell pressure just stopped (suchflex) and we are at a price support level... If I was a betting man... just saying ;-P
  10. Climate Prediction is still on the whitelist. In fact if you open your NeuralNetwork folder you will find that it is still downloading the .gz and .xml files for Climate Prediction, but the files are 1 and 0 kb. Climate Prediction is going to show as not whitelisted in the NN until this is resolved and those files are populated. I am looking into the problem to see if it is their reporting server or the url we point to.
  11. Your transaction had 15 input transactions, please PM me your address and CPID - I don't have time to search through 15 transactions to find which address you meant to send the transaction from. You don't have to send another transaction I can validate the address if you send your CPID and address. -Thanks
  12. To help streamline the removal of a beacon in the event a user loses their keys I've created instructions and posted them to the Block Explorer. Please follow these instructions as they allow me to verify that you have control of the address associated with your CPID. http://www.gridresearchcorp.com/gridcoin/DeleteBeaconInstructions.pdf
  13. I put these on a single page so I could compare them without clicking... https://www.huntercoin.info/grc.html Thank you BGB, that is extremely helpful. I think there are some decent concepts but I would want a better job done on certain images before integrating it into the wallet. CM: I appreciate your effort on this so please only take this as constructive criticism. There are too many choices, and some of the choices have similar designs, this makes it very difficult to really gauge interest accurately. Also, there are two obvious choices missing: None of the Above but keep working on a replacement; Keep the current splash screen; I would use the results of this vote as a way to narrow down the favorite 2 or 3 and then produce another vote with the winners plus the option to keep what we have or none of the above but keep working on a replacement.

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