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  1. NeoScrypt Beta Testing

    Another coder is working on adding NeoScrypt to sgminer. Thats great. I wish I could try the test net.
  2. NeoScrypt Beta Testing

    So, This means we are CPU only for now. Will there be any official GPU miner in future?
  3. It's kind of confidential but i gave you a hint.
  4. Phoenixcoin Awareness Program!

    Happy birthday & Anniversary Phoenixcoin. Congratulations to all of those who are still with Phoenixcoin after facing all the hard ships.
  5. Phoenixcoin (PXC) Official Logo Contest

    Lol. Thanks guys for trolling. I was not expecting this. Cause this forum tends to have less trolls. If you don't like PXC just ignore it. We don't have any kind of pre-mine so can't increase the bounty. Sergey Osadchenko: You could have done better then that in those ten minutes. Waiting to see more work from you.
  6. Phoenixcoin (PXC) Official Logo Contest

    Is it that no body here is capable of designing a logo? Or something else is wrong here?
  7. Phoenixcoin (PXC) Official Logo Contest

    Where is the Phoenix in this logo?? I need to add one more rule I think. Try again. Edit: Added one more rule. Phoenix must be clearly visible in the logo, Even if image is downsized as avatar.
  8. Hi There Guys, Phoenixcoin (PXC) Team is doing a Logo Contest. The winning logos will be used in our wallet, website and other future services. We will be selecting two logos from this contest. Rules: The logos must be vectorised. Must be original art, we don't need any legal issues. It must be licensed under CC BY-SA License https://creativecommons.org/licenses/ Should be in high resolution. at least 1000x1000. Phoenix in the logo can be any color as long as it looks good. Phoenix must be clearly visible in the logo, even if image is downsized as avatar. Duration: Duration of this contest would be three weeks max. First two weeks for submitting the content and the last week for voting. Reward: The two winners will each be awarded with 1k PXC each. By the way I had some fun before posting this topic but sadly these logos are not licensed to be used freely. Have a look.
  9. Phoenixcoin Awareness Program!

    http://www.worldcoinindex.com/ has listed PXC. It is similar to coinmarketcap but with a longer list.
  10. CoinPayments Is Over?

    Yup I contacted him as well but the response was "PXC will be added to another poll", Wow.
  11. CoinPayments Is Over?

    Yeah That was a bad news. But atleast we can be sure it will keep running in the future. Just the owner changed.
  12. Phoenixcoin v0.6.5.1 Released

    I can do the formatting for you Ghost. I can also include a complete tutorial for solomining and pooled mining if you want?
  13. Windows wallet Zip file is corrupt. ! C:\Users\Mining-Rig\Downloads\BellaCoin-win (1).zip: Unexpected end of archive Please have a look.

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