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  1. Are there enough resources on mine to run the site and the explorer?
  2. Seems to have stalled again, stuck on block 214887.
  3. Done with the willy-waving? Participate constructively, without demands for bounties or payment, or clear off. As for the BOB == "One troo coin" nonsense, good luck with that, but that philosophy does not wash here.
  4. The source code for P2Pool is included in the PXC P2Pool announcement thread at https://cryptocointalk.com/topic/3225-p2pool-for-phoenixcoin/ There is also a list of readymade nodes to connect to.
  5. The network has been working well, with nearly 5.5MH/s at the moment blocks are being found very regularly, and even CPU mining is yielding coins. Thanks for your help in getting this up and running ghostlander, fun project!
  6. Might I suggest P2Pool mining? No major config required, no setup, no fees, just mining to a truly distributed pool with autopayout to the address you use as your username. If you really want to solo mine you basically need to point your miner at your wallet, but it's probably better to run a phoenixcoin daemon if you plan to leave it on all the time.
  7. When Ghostlander get's his P2Pool node up and I give Mr Sheep the code, we will have 3 good seed nodes for our P2Pool network. I would like to see many many more nodes added to the network, with some serious hashrate going through it. I'd like to go on a push to really make it easy for anyone to run their own P2Pool node for a truly decentralised network. I'll never get very many though, my hashrate is awful, nice to do something useful for others though. Who knows, I might even get some donations! But seriously, it's good that I'm not in it for the money....
  8. Thanks Wrapper, if you have moved your mining to P2Pool already, you're doing pretty well so far on the 146.xxxxxxx node!
  9. Cool, thanks for sorting it out, if I find it happen again, I'll let you know. Stefan
  10. The block explorer at http://explorer.phoenixcoin.org seems to have stalled at block 195769. I can find no data for any blocks after this one. Ghostlander, is this something you need to look at? Stefan
  11. Hopefully there will be some additional nodes up on this soon, but testing is looking good. When we have enough nodes up, we will be adding an Announcement thread with full details, but it looks like we have a functioning PXC P2Pool network! It's been an interesting learning experience for me and thanks to those who have helped, especially Ghostlander. Regards, Stefan
  12. It certainly seems to be doing well, I seem to get more coins than when I was mining in a big pool. There is now a second node at I pointed one of my miners at it and found that I got more stales, but I'm not sure if it was because there was so little hashrate on that node as opposed to the other one. If anyone could send some hashrate to the second node, that would be great. Please remember though that payout might be slightly lower until I get the kinks ironed out, but the more testing I can do, the faster the kinks will be ironed out!
  13. Thanks Ghostlander! I see we got another one already so this is looking good so far, I'll be looking at the multinode code tomorrow. Thanks a lot. Stefan
  14. Ok, so my pool node mined a block during the night! That is awesome, even with just my 250khash. My next test will be to set up my 3 miners with different payout addresses and wait for another block to check the proportions are correct. After that, I'll look at the multiple nodes in the P2Pool network code and see about adding a second node. As always, testing would speed up if anyone else wants to mine on the pool for a while to increase the chance of getting a block sooner..... Regards, Stefan
  15. I can do Dutch if you still need it.

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