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  1. 800% POS is a lot, in fact you will need very strong support on the exchanges to contain it.
  2. Hello everyone !!! Today, our team has launched an exchange office for the ORKIT coin! At this stage, testing and debugging, site functions for the smooth operation of the exchanger. (Added to the first post of the topic)
  3. Please see the start message in this topic
  4. Hello everybody!!! We are very pleased that you have chosen to participate in this topic, because we love new members in our community. Thanks to the blockchain technology, it was decided to issue the Orkit coin, which will allow to unite disparate clans of Orcs into a single community of Orcs. From now on, it will be possible to carry out settlements with Orkit coins both within the Orc community and within the existing cryptocurrency space. All this will become a fertile ground for Orc domination in the game world among the variety of other races. Specification: Type coin: Full POS Algorithm: scrypt Total coin supply:100.000.000 Pre-mine: 10% ORKIT Coinbase maturity: 21 Blocks Confirmations: 10 Blocks PoS interest: 30% Minimum age of coin: 6 hours RPC port: 7798 P2P port: 7797 addnode= LINKS: Website OOORK.ORG Our community We in telegram We in VK We in Twitter We in Ok Source code and release wallet's GitHub Block Explorer: OrkitExplorer Roadmap: Hello everyone !!! Today, our team has launched an exchange office for the ORKIT coin! EXCHANGES:
  5. Attention!!!! SWAP !!! The team of Buycoin developers carries out by SWAP of the coins of BUY on new coins of BCP details here
  6. Please, add for your start page all coins for mining in a your pool.
  7. My wallet is not synchronized with the network 3 hours ago the last block. That the network ?
  8. Привет Василий!
  9. Oh! Many thanks for the important information!
  10. Hi all, I VLAD! nice to meet you all! Sorry for my English - I am from Kazakhstan.

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