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  1. congrats on the Novaexchange listing!
  2. if you're still awake I can purchase now
  3. any progress to report on the yobit.net listing?
  4. thank you!
  5. that's awesome - I've been a supporter right from the start. http://ofw.smarterhash.com
  6. any luck on getting listed on an exchange?
  7. I want to setup a master node - where can I find instruction on how to do so?
  8. what a bunch of fucking bullshit coin - they post information after the POW phase is over total bullshit I hope the coins dies a slow death
  9. give it up - the source code link that is.
  10. has this been posted over on Bitcointalk yet?
  11. \never mind - it just took some time for them to show up in listtransaction however - I'm going to close the pool because the block reward is one 1 coin and at a value of 0.00003333 BTC it's not worth mining