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  1. Liked: Tad Smiley DL8AhfkJyJZraD5dRSd37NpbHPYXaZgcMg Thanks!
  2. I like the concept and would like to help, but why scrypt? It seems like it opens the network up to attack with the emergence of asics, especially with only 2 confirms.
  3. Liked as Tad Smiley DDTH3rPiDEYCJBtUDmoKBCoFt6GD22cgJX Thx!
  4. Seems like a chikun coin should be scrypt based.
  5. Feel free to take the idea if you want it. I'll will spread the word and throw some hash at it when you launch, for sure.
  6. I was totally going to launch a coin like this, haha. Oh well. Only difference was that I was going to only make 300 coins. I dig your logo though, the tag line is perfect, but not the way you spell spartan. splrtlp ≠ spartan
  7. Let's go Cinnamon!! CHmyCM2KNEDCTPJYGcHPhWCY5SMmE22Y2K Thanks!
  8. Jimmy, I like your thoughts about the bored reporter stirring up interest in altcoins, but isn't it a strech to say people "could make money"? An other thought I had was that it seems like scypt asics are on the horizon which would lead me to believe that those more popular coins might also end up being "controlled by a few large scale miners".

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