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  1. @Michael Goetz I agree with you on a few points. 1. Asking permission: For a long time we did not notify or ask a project if they wanted to be whitelisted. We eventually recognized this fault and corrected it. We now have a process that requires positive confirmation by a project admin to whitelist that project. 2. Forcing people to leave teams: There is general consensus in our community that the team requirement is a detriment for the reasons you stated. We fully intend to remove this requirement when possible. 3. Poor stats collection: Absolutely. We do not have the stats for any of the legacy projects WRT how Gridcoin whitelisting affected their computation power. Recently, however, we began initiatives that attempt to aggregate various stats so we can better inform future projects. The State of the Network Reports are a good example. The most recent report is linked below. While we do not have pre-whitelisting stats for legacy projects, we do keep track of new projects. For example, before DHEP was whitelisted it was at about 14 TFLOPS. There are now about 461 TFLOPS on the project. We do not track where this power comes from (undoubtedly some comes from other projects), but it might be possible by comparing delta power of other projects around the same time as DHEP's whitelisting or, if possible, simply tracking the number of Gridcoin team members and other team members on each project over time. Either way, this is a statistic we should be tracking. We will spend some time thinking of ways to improve in this area. If you have any suggestions on what to collect and how, please pass them along. Gridcoin - State of the Network - 29 October 2018 — Steemit GRIDCOIN - STATE of the NETWORK Report #25 - October 29th, 2018 Welcome to the 25th Gridcoin State of the… by parejan --- What Gridcoin contributes to BOINC and the larger scientific community and how is something that we constantly discuss as we grow past our formative years. I will leave some links to live chats on the subject at the end of this post. With regards to what Gridcoin contributes to BOINC directly (besides the anecdotal evidence that it brings users and hardware to the BOINC ecosystem): We are a large community with many different types of people from various backgrounds contributing to our project for an array of reasons, so I can speak only for myself here, and that is one of the most significant contributions we make to BOINC. We bring DC to worlds of people who would otherwise not know any of this exists. I will bullet out several other contributions. - Incentive: The gamification system of BOINC is meant to encourage user retention. So is the incentive system of Gridcoin, though the incentive system also encourages the purchasing of additional hardware and contributions (computation or otherwise) from those who would otherwise not contribute. - Education: The economics of Gridcoin encourage projects to educate users on their usefulness and worldly contributions while also encouraging Gridcoin participants to learn about each project and why what they do is important. Many people might think prime numbers are not useful, but once they learn a little about the subject they generally change their mind. Science literacy benefits BOINC and the world beyond it. - Building an Ecosystem: As you mentioned, Gridcoin supports the BOINC ecosystem at large. We encourage security and stability. We encourage supporting all whitelisted BOINC projects (and many of us encourage supporting non-whitelisted projects as well). Our economics incentivize equal contribution to all whitelisted projects because an ecosystem is stronger and easier to grow and maintain in the long term than any one project. A strong and decentralized ecosystem will eventually benefit all projects. - Blockchain: Blockchain is the technology, not cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is one product of a blockchain. A blockchain can hold all sorts of information and put an economic value to it. Consider scientific publishing, accreditation, reward, copyright, etc. The larger blockchain space is creating a new type of economics (cryptoeconomics) and this theory is backed by the reputation of countless careers -- it is very unlikely that it is a ponzi. We are trying to help bring science and distributed computing into the cryptoeconomic space. These contributions can be expanded into some very interesting future possibilities, and we have ideas for how to contribute more in the future (building a BOINC project, for example), but for sake of brevity I'll leave things here. I'd be happy to talk to you at length, feel free to reach out.
  2. Gridcoin 2019 Budget -- Updated Draft Up for Peer Review — Steemit Github Thread This is an open discussion about how we should plan for 2019 with regards to funding and… by jringo
  3. Gridcoin Birthday Competition! -- Share your Gridcoin story — Steemit Your Gridcoin Story A while back, shortly after the rebranding of GRC, @joshoeah wrote up a post about his Gridcoin… by jringo
  4. A poll to whitelist DHEP is now live on the network! Vote until September 28th. Discussion links: https://steemit.com/gridcoin/@jringo/poll-whitelist-should-the-project-distributed-hardware-evolution-project-dhep-be-whitelisted https://www.reddit.com/r/gridcoin/comments/9fwfkf/poll_whitelist_should_the_project_distributed/ https://cryptocurrencytalk.com/topic/110589-whitelist-should-the-project-distributed-hardware-evolution-project-dhep-be-whitelisted/
  5. Completed - Proposal and Poll: Funding a Proposed Gridcoin Core Client UI Redesign https://steemit.com/gridcoin/@jringo/completed-proposal-and-poll-funding-a-proposed-gridcoin-core-client-ui-redesign
  6. The Fireside Chat 18 - The Value of Gridcoin https://steemit.com/gridcoin/@jringo/the-fireside-chat-18-the-value-of-gridcoin Summary 0-5:00 News 5:00-6:30 GPUGrid 6:30-18:30 Whitelist Questions 18:30+ Main Discussion Main Discussion This week we discuss the value of Gridcoin. We cover the following points: Faith in the network as a whole / Network stability and security Number of network participants Number of network nodes Number of transactions on the network Substance of transactions on the network Ability to use GRC Ability to earn GRC Relationship between participation cost (electricity, depretiation, etc), contribution, and GRC earned And while we never brought this point up during the discussion, I feel okay mentioning it here (we've discussed it before) Our use of incentive / how GRC is minted and distributed. We discuss the following possible developments that would add value to the Gridcoin network: Ease of use for transaction (mobile wallets and the like) Ease of use for participation (UX and optimization improvements) More direct relationship between FLOPs and reward Next Episode Join us for the next episode next Thursday, August 3rd, at 8:00pm EST, midnight UTC, on the Gridcoin discord. The topic will be: BOINC, BOINC projects, and the Gridcoin Whitelist and Greylist process. See you soon! Like what we do at the fireside? We happily accept GRC donations. GRC: SKEwHBTJ7REcT5AwewpJi6uH9S5TjtJmcR
  7. Gridcoin State of the Network, July 23rd 2018. https://steemit.com/gridcoin/@jringo/gridcoin-state-of-the-network-23-july-2018
  8. Vote until August 1st! https://steemit.com/gridcoin/@jringo/update-2-proposal-and-poll-funding-a-proposed-gridcoin-core-client-ui-redesign
  9. The Fireside Chat #17 - Side-staking and stake-splitting: funding and economic tools for GRC, BOINC, and Research. https://steemit.com/gridcoin/@jringo/the-fireside-chat-17-side-staking-and-stake-splitting-funding-and-economic-tools-for-grc-boinc-and-research
  10. The Fireside Chat #17 - Side-staking and stake-splitting: funding and economic tools for GRC, BOINC, and Research. https://steemit.com/gridcoin/@jringo/the-fireside-chat-17-side-staking-and-stake-splitting-funding-and-economic-tools-for-grc-boinc-and-research

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