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  1. BOINCstats advertising

    Advertising has worked very well. Great job.

    Brada - Feb 2018 : 62 hrs = 26334 GRC http://gridcoin.us/gridcoinnew/dev/Payroll/BradaFeb2018.pdf Marco - Feb 2018 : 32 Hrs = 13351 GRC http://gridcoin.us/gridcoinnew/dev/Payroll/MarcoFeb2018.pdf Bart - Feb 2018 : 1599 GRC http://gridcoin.us/gridcoinnew/dev/Payroll/BartFeb2018.pdf Vortac - 1st Q Netsoft Advertising - 10881 grc http://gridcoin.us/gridcoinnew/dev/Payroll/VortacFeb2018.pdf iFoggz - Phase 2 Rain to Underpaid Boinc Participants - 16949 GRC http://gridcoin.us/gridcoinnew/dev/Payroll/iFoggzFeb2018.pdf iFoggz - Payroll - Feb 2018 - 3554 GRC http://gridcoin.us/gridcoinnew/dev/Payroll/iFoggz2Feb2018.pdf
  3. Bitcoin Scrypt BTCS Information

    Good job bringing btc back to the people. Whats your difficulty @ right now? Grid
  4. New Coin Launch Announcement - GRC - GridCoin

    I took a look at pulling the current release down, converting it to single directory blob format, uploading it up to Azure (for download by the auto-upgrade GrcRestarter system), but unfortunately, the new client is not compatible with the old upgrade format (because of the new subdirectories inside the EXE directory). Ill reach out to Quez, Marco and iFoggz and see what they want to do. God Bless you all, Rob
  5. There's many who tried to prove that they're faster
    But they didn't last and they died as they tried

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    2. llkrea


      I was wondering if this was THE Rob Halford. That quote sounded so familiar ... I listened to that album a lot in high school.

      I just joined the community because my son is really into computers and I am into science.  Looking forward to contributing as much as I can.

    3. Baccarat


      Two years of mining, and the accumulated gridcoin never came?

    4. Rob Halförd - (Gridcoin)

      Rob Halförd - (Gridcoin)

      Just so you all know, my status is a reference to a Priest song, not a reference to my programming or a jab at anyone!    God Bless You all.




    Dec 2017 Payroll: iFoggz 4535: http://gridcoin.us/gridcoinnew/dev/payroll/iFoggz December Dev Hours.pdf iFoggz Community Reimbursement phase I Rain Data: http://gridcoin.us/gridcoinnew/dev/payroll/RainData.pdf

    Nov 2017 Payroll: iFoggz 7231: http://gridcoin.us/gridcoinnew/dev/payroll/ifoggzNov2017_7231.pdf Halford 34593: http://gridcoin.us/gridcoinnew/dev/payroll/HalfordGRCNov2017_34593.pdf

    Hi Frank, I thought the same thing before I wrote the ROI simulator but that proved to me that masternode ROI is a different animal than default minded thinking. The ROI on a masternode is 24 months whether the GRC price is a tenth of a cent or 1 BTC, and whether the requirement is $1k or $40k. Its because in the simulation, these values cancel each other out. Its primarily because the payment is based on the number of live and maintained masternodes. So when ROI drops to > 24 months, less neural nodes stay leased. Its a self fulfilling equation that generally means a $1000 investment will take 24 months to pay back. Anyway its a moot point now as the community does not like masternodes according to their consensus in the wallet :). It was a fun and exciting adventure and I love you all. Rob

    Hi Frank! But--Why would it matter? If its 400K or 40K for a neural node, payments are still 150grc per block and broken down respectfully by 150grc per block. The 400K or 40K escrow is your cost to Run a neural node and have the privilege of receiving a percentage of the block divided by the number of neural nodes. Even though I feel researchers should receive the lions share (maybe 75% of each block), I do feel its important to have a healthy level of participation for non-research ROI in Gridcoin, to give investors something to "hope" for when they buy in. So please keep that in mind - those of you that just want to receive the entire block for research. With no investors around, the price could plummet.

    This poll is valuable, as it shows the general feelings of the community are leaning toward a higher research component and a lower NN component.
  11. Gridcoin Future Technology Base

    Why would a new poll or this proposal be invalid? If the GRC2 in-wallet poll (the one running in the wallet software) shows a high super-majority (as it is now) I feel that these three polls go hand-in-hand as these two subpolls are related to this mother project. I said earlier, if support for this master proposal drops dangerously low, I would withdraw the proposal. But the poll in the wallet for the master project shows strong support for this proposal (over 90%). What do you mean altcoin? Its either that the community likes this idea (IE over 75% like) and we go with Gridcoin 3 as a community or this is withdrawn. Im not creating a fork of Gridcoin. The branch name "Gridcoin" is the branch name, not the name of the wallet. That name (of the new product for us) is TBD- if this will be Gridcoin 3, or Gridcoin-Evolution, or whatever. The main point is when C-CEX is notified to upgrade mandatory upgrade, they are decommissioning the old GRC2 wallet and opening GRC3 for trading. We have one ticker: GRC. Regarding Slack, I didnt withdraw. I just chatted with Marco a couple times over the last two days regarding TCD. The issue is I have blown their historical buffer limit and I cant appear as a normal user unless I pay for a commercial plan. I just sent him a message from a PC and it went through. I can only read history on my mobile device since I have blown the buffer limit.
  12. Gridcoin Future Technology Base

    Status Update of Gridcoin III: So the original tests (using my 3 month old Dash code) passed and at this point, I deleted and refreshed and started over with the Dash-Evolution November base for Gridcoin III. After starting over, I wrote an export program that summarizes and consolidates all GRC balances (we have 33,500 distinct GRC balances over 1 GRC btw) into the new Genesis block. (I had to filter any balances below 1GRC to fit the balances into one block). The block matches Prod (399MM total in the block). I verified that GRC2s balance can be spent in GRC3 (by manually exporting my wallet key). Note that although this version has all of the GRC2 balances in it, the wallet converter utility is not finished yet. This version does stake and includes the PIVX stakeminer. I am checking the code in so we have a current reference point as to where we are with this concept. The github branch is here: https://github.com/gridcoin/gridcoin Note: Do not make any commits to this branch until myself and the dev team notifies that it is OK for public commits. Marcos update: Marco notified me he has a version ready of TCD to be tested. Sorry Marco I havent been able to reply yet but Im looking forward to pulling it and testing it asap. Next up on the ToDo list for me: Im going to finish the wallet conversion rpc command in Grid2 and test it in Grid3. (This lets you convert your existing wallet.dat to something that will work in Grid3). Modify the block distribution characteristics to mimic the proposed (up to now) block distribution amounts and replace the current kitty. Create a mocked up interface for the daily research budget, the induction of the budget and voting of the budget, and the emission of a fake superblock with research payments. Integrate the fake TCD file into the fake superblock, so we can verify the superblock payment addresses and amounts. Post the wiki article on how to create a neural network node. Port the Gridcoin-POSE-Bulldog program into the gridcoin branch and test it. Review Marco's TCD service and test it and begin integration. Reach out to iFoggz to start designing the integration of the CPID associator page and the RPC reports. Initialize the gitian builder for windows builds. Create a web portal for weekly downloads of Grid3 so we can test as a community. Create a windows build script and make a windows build to allow anyone here to test this branch, and update that build ~weekly, possibly ~daily. Note: When we test Grid3 as a community, we *will* be able to run in Prod mode with fake GRC to ensure our balances are correct, and POW phase and POS phase, and block distribution and Research payments. This is primarily to ensure there will be no surprises when cutting over (regarding legacy balances carrying over). The POW phase in Grid3 is 200 blocks, and its using the internal CPU miner. This is necessary to let the Genesis block (IE existing balances) mature. At block 200 the stakeminer goes live.
  13. Gridcoin Future Technology Base

    I just added a 3rd poll related to this proposal - A poll for the block distribution amounts: Please vote. NOTE: For easy access to these polls, I edited the Page 1 OP with Quick Links.

    This poll is designed to gather the popular opinion on what our future block payment distribution should be. The blocks are intended to be 150GRC each, to continue our current production rate of 50,000 GRC for research per day and approximately 36,400 for the ROI component (IE replacing stake interest with fixed rewards) for POSE/Investor ROI. As a clear example, Gridcoin would emit 576 blocks per day @ 150GRC each. Let us dive into one single block to see how it would pay based on this poll: Let us assume the community votes for 80% to research, 10% to the staker, and 10% to the neural network. The distribution would be: 120 GRC would be held back in the block and allocated to the Research Superblock (meaning that the superblock would pay 69,120 GRC for research) 15 GRC would be awarded immediately to the staker of the block 15 GRC would be held back for Neural Network ROI payments (to each owner of a neural network node who has posted the proper escrow requirement for leasing a node) Please Vote!
  15. Gridcoin Future Technology Base

    Thanks Shu, Right, I see you view the continuous stake reward as "the source" for ROI for the investment component of Grid2, and the investment component of Grid3 is out of reach for an average investor. Maybe we should vote on the block breakdown also (for Grid3). I personally dont have anything against raising the fixed stake reward component for the reasearcher and lowering the Neural Network reward component. Even if it was 20% miner/20% NN node/60% researcher thats fine with me - for example. To elaborate, if it was 20% miner, that means you would receive 20% of each block (IE 30 GRC flat) when you stake the block. 30grc would be held back for the neural network, and 90 would go to research. The 30grc to the NN covers not only a network of nodes that download the boinc files, but are guaranteed to be online, had to invest their own escrow, and have static external IPs. Regarding game machines on home networks, dont worry we will still have that "mix" regardless, as we have over 3000 researchers. The normal researcher who is not investing in a Neural Node will still be there. I would like to make a distinction here. The whole idea of proof-of-service is to require the NN node to have a static, external IP, open the firewall properly, and require servicing hundreds of INBOUND connections. The gaming machines you refer to only make Outbound connections (generally) unless they configure the port forwarding in the firewall. This is a huge difference, as that means Gridcoin by default has hundreds of square miles between full nodes. When a full node opens the firewall, that node fills up with 1000 connections and keeps the entire network together by forwarding the missing blocks and tx. It is very important. So this is like having a city with police and fire, vs having a city with no resources around. On vultr going down, thats really stretching it. The NN does not have to go with vultr. There are many cloud providers (AWS, droplets, etc), and a lot of NN owners already have a favorite cloud provider. In addition vultr has several hosting branches, allows you to pick your closest city, and has redundancy, so when an issue occurs at one its not taking down the entire NN network. I do want to say, I didnt choose Dash masternodes primarily for POSE. I want to stress this: I am sold on the governance model in regard to the code that exists to create a proposal, a budget, and vote the budget into a superblock. This architecture in Grid3 is entirely focused on this part of the mechanism: The detached NN creates a payment file (paying 50,000 GRC split among researchers) across 3000 CPIDs. That file has to be loaded in the core as a superblock. What this NN model does is provides the ecosystem allowing themselves to to vote in a daily budget (of 50,000 grc) for that daily file into a superblock and paying it, securely. <- That is the primary reason for masternode technology.

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