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  1. Gridcoin Research Leisure Upgrade ## [] 2017-10-09 ### Fixed - Fix problems sending beacons on Windows, #684 (@tomasbrod). - Fix clients getting stuck at V8 blocks when syncing, #686 (@tomasbrod).
  2. September 2017 Payroll: iFoggz: sep 2017.pdf Marco: sep 2017.pdf Hupdiwupp: Sep 2017.pdf RHalford:
  3. Gridcoin Research Leisure Upgrade ### Added - Add "backupprivatekeys" RPC command, #593 (@Foggyx420). - Add more transaction details to the UI, #573 (@tomasbrod). - Add Additional logging to diagnose PoR reward loss (@tomasbrod) ### Fixed - Reduce startup time by 15 seconds, #626 (@tomasbrod, @Foggyx420). - Prevent email being leaked in CPIDv2 block field, #621 (@tomasbrod). - Fixed memory leaks when receiving orphans while in sync, #622 (@denravonska). - Unconfirmed balance was not shown in UI, #615, (@Foggyx420). - Fix memory leaks when clearing orphans, #609, (@MagixInTheAir). - Fix an issue where multiple beacons could be advertised in rapid succession, #604 (@Foggyx420). - Stake weight in the UI will no longer include old DPOR weght, #602 (@Foggyx420). - Fix stake modifier mismatch which caused nodes to get stuck on first V8 block, #581 (@tomasbrod). - Fix beacon auto advertisment issue when done automatically, #580 (@Foggyx420). - Fix for loss of PoR rewards due to reorganize, #578 (@tomasbrod). - Fix upgrader compile error on Linux, #541 (@theMarix). - Fix duplicate poll entries, #539 (@denravonska). - Importing private keys will no longer require a restart for the addresses to show up, #634 (@Foggyx420). - Fix invalid backup filenames on Windows, #569 (@denravonska). ### Changed - Code cleanup (@Foggyx420, @tomasbrod, @denravonska). - Several NN consensus sync improvements, #616 (@Foggyx420). - Windows nodes will no longer automatically reboot/shutdown, #605 (@denravonska). - Display "No Polls!" in poll window if no polls are running, #596 (@MagixInTheAir). - Change poll min search length from 2 to 1, #595 (@MagixInTheAir). - Return the results of "backupwallet" RPC command, #593 (@Foggyx420). - Changing the community links #654 (@grctest)
  4. Does anyone have the GRC address for Pink donations?
  5. Hi Enzo, Whenever the devs promote the wallet logo files up to the master branch. Once that happens, the build will contain the new wallet files. Thanks.
  6. Gridcoin Research Leisure Upgrade - Fix problems forging superblock due to rounding differences, #608 (@denravonska). - Fetch data from project servers if missing on scraper #564 (@denravonska).
  7. August 2017 GRC Payroll is being paid now: (6059 GRC) IFOGGZ Inv Kung Aug 2017.pdf (10564 GRC) KUNG Aug 2017 Invoice_RHalford.pdf (24070 GRC) HALFORD (8078) MARCO (89383) BRADA (15784) CM NOTE: Payroll appears to be complete.
  8. Hello!!! My name is Baccarat! I'm new to Gridkoin program and I was told that if I make a post here, can I get free grcdcine? !!! Who can help me - Thank you...
    My wallet: S7TMqdpeT5qX88NMTnMG1nb1DoD5tUeR8J

  9. AWESOME JOB RAVON! Did we beat primecoins largest prime at 1,235,689 digits long? Thanks Erelas.
  10. Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade - Fix incorrect V8 height trigger check. - Fix invalid superblock height formatting, #532 (@denravonska). - Fix several spelling mistakes, 533 (@Erkan-Yilmaz).
  11. Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade ### Added - Added [V8 stake engine]( set to start producing V8 blocks at block 1010000. This fixes several security issues, see wiki for details. - Blocks can now carry identification from the "org" argument/configuration option (@tomasbrod). - Add "reorganize" RPC command (@tomasbrod). ### Changed - Berkeley DB V6+ compatibility, #451 (@xPh03n1x). - Improved poll loading speeds, #497 (@denravonska). - Versions now contain the git hash, #500 (@tomasbrod). - Improved security on NeuralNet votes, #496 (@Foggyx420). - Improved RPC help. It now supports "execute help" and "list help", #512 (@Foggyx420). - Voting is now integrated in wallet as a tab and cleaned up, #416 (@skcin, @JoShoeAh). - Improve low-peer mining ability on testnet (@tomasbrod). - Improve poll error message when low on funds, #415 (@Erkan-Yilmaz). - Code cleanup (@denravonska, @tomasbrod, @Foggyx420, @skcin). ### Removed - Remove RPC commands: - DAO, #486 (@denravonska). - volatilecode, testnet0917, testboinckey, chainrsa, testcpidv2, testcpid, windows error report disabling, list betatest, fDebug4/fDebug5 flags (@Foggyx420). - Set magnitude boost to be removed at 2017-Sep-07 00:00:00 UTC ### Fixed - Fixed security issue where superblocks could be injected, #526 (@tomasbrod). - Fix poll sorting bug, #512 (@skcin)
  12. All, I'm sorry that I have limited time available today as I have to pick up my son, but I wanted to post a public reply regarding my side of the exchange with Martin Grothe from Ruhr in May. He emailed the original vulnerability in the first paper, one that his college security class was able to reverse engineer the Gridcoin CPID check function and expose Gridcoin email addresses. That led to the realization that the biggest result of this was the ability to steal a CPIDs POR rewards if one was smart enough to create code for a replay attack (May 2017). I worked patiently with Martin for about a week, while Gridcoin devs plugged the issue by releasing beacons and keypairs (keypairs for CPIDs). The misunderstanding started to come into play when Martin explained that his team had come up with a solution that relied on creating a NEW cpid each time a researcher wants to join Gridcoin. I expressed that people have an affinity to the EXISTING cpids as credits are tied to them, and it would be better to have a keypair system that allows the RESEARCHER to choose the CPID. I privately released the version we have now, with the ability for RTM to Delete keypairs using a trusted key (in contrast to forcing researchers to create new CPIDs to use Gridcoin). In a nutshell our communication broke down after this, as his side was threatening to go public with the info, and insinuating that his solution was the only viable solution and that I could not possibly create a viable solution to the problem, while my view was he didnt understand the fundamental operations required over his short hacking tenure - therefore, our talks broke down and I started to consider him hostile. Afterwards, I was not aware of new vulnerabilities or for that matter any publications published anywhere, up to this point. In addition we now have Tomas Brod on board, who has been analyzing the code and committing changes over the last 5 months, which I was under the impression plugged all of our smaller vulnerabilities (that need time to be tested and released as a mandatory). I was operating under the assumption that we have tackled or almost tackled (through unreleased code) everything on our security punchlist.
  13. Gridcoin Research Leisure Upgrade - Memory allocation fix for syncing from 0 - Tray Icon - Fix startup crash for new users
  14. Gridcoin Research Leisure Upgrade - RPC: getblockstats, enhancements to getmininginfo, remove unused commands, add debug1-10 commands - GUI: Prevent crash recv items list, toolbar align, remove unused menus, fix splash screen dismissal bug, allow copy paste for certain fields, TxList double click Message, remove Galaza, diagnostic screen fix, QT58 support, icons - Dependencies: OpenSSL 1.1.0 support, C++11 support - Translations: Lithuanian, Russian, Swedish and Chinese and various other Countries - Buffer overflow protection - Remove dead code - Neural Network: UTC timestamps - Thread Safety: Added global lock - High CPU Usage: Improved - Staking: Removed repetetive block signing and 1 cent staking and reboot bug for beacons, updated beacons in memory after advertising, clearer stake messages, kernel improvements - Log: Use more efficient log command - Config File: Auto Backup - ARM: Optimization to build