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  1. Gridcoin August 2018 Payroll iFoggz - 14422 GRC (5.3 hrs) https://www.gridcoin.us/Dev/Payroll/ifoggzaug2018.pdf Jim Owens - 27211 GRC (10 hrs) https://www.gridcoin.us/Dev/Payroll/jimaug2018.txt Barton26 - 12926 GRC (4.75 hrs) https://www.gridcoin.us/Dev/Payroll/bartaug2018.txt
  2. Gridcoin May 2018 Payroll James Owens - 53797.19 GRC (21 hours) https://gridcoin.us/Dev/Payroll/JimOwensMay2018.txt Barton - 8967 GRC (3.5 hours) https://gridcoin.us/Dev/Payroll/BartonMay2018.txt iFoggz - 31233 GRC (12.19 hours) https://gridcoin.us/Dev/Payroll/PaulMay2018.pdf
  3. Gridcoin April 2018 Payroll Barton26 - March & April 2018 - 9240 grc https://www.gridcoin.us/Dev/Payroll/BartMarApr2018.txt Brod - Apr 2018 - 57350 grc https://www.gridcoin.us/Dev/Payroll/BrodApr2018.txt Halford - Apr 2018 - 4856 grc: https://www.gridcoin.us/Dev/Payroll/HalfordMay2018.txt
  4. They automatically delisted us when our volume fell short of .50 bitcoins over 30 days, but I went into skype and spoke to him, I asked him to please do us a favor and keep us going as our project has not reached full potential. He agreed and sent me a link, notifying me that for a lot of coins, once marked for delisting, there is no turning back, and fake volume will not save the coin, but for us since he likes us, he re-enabled us. Thanks C-CEX! I asked him if we could be entered on a notification list to be notified in advance next time. Waiting for C-Cex's response.
  5. Gridcoin March 2018 Payroll iFoggz - Phase 3 Rain Data - Reimbursement - 5863.45 GRC: https://github.com/Foggyx420/NewbieStakeLoss/blob/master/sorted-1.124M-1.144M-owed.pdf Barton26 - February 2018 - 2 hrs - 1647 GRC: http://gridcoin.us/gridcoinnew/dev/Payroll/BartonFeb2018.pdf Marco - Feb 2018 - 20 hrs - 16470 GRC: http://gridcoin.us/gridcoinnew/dev/Payroll/MarcoMar12018.pdf iFoggz - Feb 2018 - 40 hrs - 32940 GRC: http://gridcoin.us/gridcoinnew/dev/Payroll/iFoggzMar12018.pdf
  6. The foundation receiving address is : SFLRgjBx5HAtR5dedegRLUbQVS6ejvdu6j We currently have 32.4 MM GRC available. I believe we should : Pay the dev current invoices up to March 15th 2018 at the old rate of $30 an hour Pay the dev new invoices between March 15 and August 15th 2018 at the new rate of $60 per hour Increase our communication level at least 60 days before this current era of developer compensation ends, well before creating the new poll for an extension. If payroll exceeds $10,000 per month, create a standardized invoicing system where the devs must adhere to standard entry requirements.
  7. @Lenn: Regarding the 150 hr per month * 12 developer cap, that was an absolute maximum, estimated if we actually hired 6 new devs and had all of them working on something groundbreaking concurrently, with an equivalent expense of $9600 per month or $115,200 * 6 months = grand total $691,200, and yes, that would allude to having a rock star team pushing out Gridcoin III in 6 months, but I don't anticipate having those new devs in practice, or spending more than $84,000 total in six months (this is basing our prior 6 month period total of $48K * 2). The 150 hour cap was added as an absolute maximum but only intended if we attracted well known new talent that bloated payroll. Our foundation wallet has 32 million in it (thats 1.9 million equiv $), Ill post the address here when I create iFoggz rain expenses tomorrow. @All Regarding communication: The old rates were born from the spirit that we were going to build this platform on a primarily volunteer/free basis and the compensation was more of a public assistance payment than a salary. I wanted to increase the desirability of Gridcoin IT developer compensation in order to maintain high quality devs and attempt to increase the zeal for working GRC problems, and also attempt to transition to competetive blockchain rates. Part of the logic behind this was that we have had ~32 MM GRC in the foundation since we created the foundation and interest alone has kept the balance stable, therefore the conclusion is if we can afford to pay top quality devs, we should do so as we are primarily an IT platform - we can afford high quality compensation then lets start spending it on building an actual decentralized neural network and rebase the codebase, so that we have something to be proud of that is scalable. If we stay in our current stagnation phase, where IT is reluctant to work on a problem because there is not a good salary, then I argue we will linger here longer and potentially backslide as the rest of the crypto world moves forward (with security updates and new features). So you all know my commitment to the projects financials, and since I dont actually expect us to spend more than double what we spent the last 6 months, let me add one more rule to our 6 month cap: We may not spend more than 10% of the foundation funds in 6 months on development costs. That means we must not spend more than 3.2 million Gridcoins over a 6 month period in this program. This goes into effect immediately. So our payroll limit is 3.2 million between March and August 2018. So with our 20% participation in poll rule, I see that the $60 per hour compensation level for 6 months has been approved with 90 million share votes over 304 people, (20% of our money supply is 80 mil) so it passed, at 93.7% yes. However the "Needs more discussion poll" did not pass, with only 11.4 MM share weight (thats about a 3% poll weight). With that conclusion, it appears to be safe to start paying our invoices at $60 per hour for March - August 2018. (I have a few in my inbox, but the total is only approx $3,000 owed in backpayments). If anyone disagrees with this discussion please jump in and raise your concerns.
  8. Hi Mr Wood- Please try deleting your blocks and chainstate folder, and then planting this snapshot in: http://download.gridcoin.us/download/downloadstake/signed/snapshot2.zip Rob
  9. Frank0051: "The counter-factual of this program having not being in place (i.e., in your opinion did this program actually drive additional development or just reward development that would have occurred anyways given the rise of GRC to 20 cents)": This program definitely drove new development to GRC, I estimate the rate to be approx. 50% more than we would have had in hours if we did not compensate devs. The biggest impact it had was continuing compensation to the devs that stepped in to maintain the codebase right at the time when I became too busy, meaning the support was very valuable. Regarding the other metrics Frank0051 asked about, I think they are valuable questions. I'm going to make an effort to answer those for the sake of the benefit of the program in general. Sinisa_Puzar: Are rewards paid in $? We base the pay rate in USD, and pay in GRC, using the midpoint exchange rate of GRC on the day of payroll. James C Owens: Have you ever downloaded any material from Tim the Ripper Owens when he filled in for Rob H - Maybe the Glorious Burden (I was thinking we could have a sing-off when the price hits $1 per GRC!)? On a serious note I agree with the assessment and wanted to stress that crypto-developers have an average yearly contractor wage much higher than general devs. In Dallas, we're talking $250K per year as an employee, that would be more like $150 per hour as a contractor. @AN0N - The above is why I think $60 is moderate to low, but should be high enough to attract quality permanent developers to GRC without constant turnover. Dont underestimate training requirements for Marco and iFoggz, it would take Marco 6 months to train a new dev to debug GRC. One point I wanted to stress to everyone is the $60 rate increase was partially due to the assessment that these developers have not been charging us for R&D, overhead, forum posts, or a massive amount of debugging. Its very common to have to wait for the chain to sync, read the logs, research an issue and waste half of your night on something that is not even billed for - I know we could ask the devs to bill more hours but they are simply too honest - they wont bill us for wasted time. (Ive tried suggesting that). Please be cognizent of that as it is a major component. @Xaminmo - Thank you for the kind words and positive outlook but I wanted to set the record straight on a few nuances: The foundation wallet was moved to keep it off site in a cold wallet hence the reason it does not stake much. The payroll funds *do* come from the foundation balance, not from my wallet. My wallet is not big enough to pay all the payroll from interest alone, LOL. And regarding working full time for GRC - I still have a lot of irons in the fire. @ALIM3NT - Payment Systems: I have a custom made program that is capable of generating PDFs, and more professional invoices, and sql reports, but I think the prerequisite to this is for one, requiring the devs to use it for timesheets, and two: receiving more than $5k per month in billings. I realize that $60 is a professional rate and more accountability is required, and Im not against providing that accountability if I see a certain threshhold per month exceeded ($5k). @ALL - General Cap: Let's set a cap here to put everyone at ease: No more than 160 hours per dev per month with a cap of 12 developers max per month. We currently receive about 30 hours per month per dev with 5 devs.
  10. First you have to compile Gridcoin on windows, and bitcoin on windows and understand the beacon logic, and the bitcoin Block and Transaction structure. All these things must be done on the devs own time, and then give us one test commit and let Marco evaluate it. It takes about a year of hardcore programming in c++ to be a blockchain dev.
  11. I just added an in-wallet poll for the new development compensation plan extension. This plan is for March 2018 through August 2018, compensation at $60.00 per hour.
  12. Brada - Feb 2018 : 62 hrs = 26334 GRC http://gridcoin.us/gridcoinnew/dev/Payroll/BradaFeb2018.pdf Marco - Feb 2018 : 32 Hrs = 13351 GRC http://gridcoin.us/gridcoinnew/dev/Payroll/MarcoFeb2018.pdf Bart - Feb 2018 : 1599 GRC http://gridcoin.us/gridcoinnew/dev/Payroll/BartFeb2018.pdf Vortac - 1st Q Netsoft Advertising - 10881 grc http://gridcoin.us/gridcoinnew/dev/Payroll/VortacFeb2018.pdf iFoggz - Phase 2 Rain to Underpaid Boinc Participants - 16949 GRC http://gridcoin.us/gridcoinnew/dev/Payroll/iFoggzFeb2018.pdf iFoggz - Payroll - Feb 2018 - 3554 GRC http://gridcoin.us/gridcoinnew/dev/Payroll/iFoggz2Feb2018.pdf
  13. Good job bringing btc back to the people. Whats your difficulty @ right now? Grid
  14. I took a look at pulling the current release down, converting it to single directory blob format, uploading it up to Azure (for download by the auto-upgrade GrcRestarter system), but unfortunately, the new client is not compatible with the old upgrade format (because of the new subdirectories inside the EXE directory). Ill reach out to Quez, Marco and iFoggz and see what they want to do. God Bless you all, Rob

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