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  1. Yeah, with an increased POS difficulty it will take longer to stake as a small balance holder. That said, GRC is pretty cheap to acquire right now👍
  2. Not yet, I'm unsure if DWP is compatible with the current centralized stats proxy requirement for [email protected], I'm going to explore alternative proposals in December. Regarding new projects, they could be added within as little as 3 weeks without disrupting core development 👍 I don't believe that was discrimination against team gridcoin, I'm speculating that the pools chose to perform work which was most compatible with their internal task redistribution mechanisms, a number of users within team Gridcoin have successfully found prime numbers through non-sieving wu's & team Gridcoin is permitted to continue voluntarily crunching PrimeGrid (just not get rewarded for it within the Gridcoin network). 1 They stated that their web servers became unresponsive due to SB stats gathering on a regular basis, whilst there's various solutions (from both sides) in its experienced form it was a denial of service. Fair enough in 2018 DDOSes have been seen as high as 1.7Tbps , but for old web servers far less is required. A BOINC based solution would mitigate non-grc stats downloaders from giving GRC a bad name, however PRs take a good amount of time to implement.. 2. We were talking to the right people. 3. Team requirement removal will hopefully improve relations with other BOINC teams. Projects with huge stats files may follow the same route, however projects with small stats files (or those who provide optimized stats files) will remain to yield the newly liquidated compute power within team Gridcoin. This is why we should explore alternative data serialization methods for large projects. Indeed, a BOINC based solution would be ideal, I've only explored Python based data re-serialization methods, not C++ nor PHP. My point was that it's impossible to adhere to GDPR requirements ourselves given the permanent state of the blockchain and the contents historically stored there during old beacon advertisements, Einstein could factor this in and cut off Gridcoin at any time, thus IMO we shouldn't compromise on decentralization for a single project which has an unknown future whitelist status. GDPR covers anything identifiable, pretty sure it encourages encryption. Projects are free to configure wu redistribution however they like (none to many), if they're worried about monetized computation corrupting the WU validation pool then perhaps by tracking beacons on GRC they could flag WUs to have additional validation performed by non-grc users? 🤔 Anti-cheating mechanisms aren't massively advanced though, if GRC was worth $1B then projects would need to step up their security and returned WU scrutiny, in the past I wrote a basic literature review on counter collusion mechanisms which left a lot to be desired.. Literature Review: Collusion detection and prevention mechanisms within Volunteer Desktop Grids — Steemit Collusion detection and prevention mechanisms within Volunteer Desktop Grids Customminer ( @cm-steem ) - February 9… by cm-steem I gave a very simple TL;DR to BOINC project administrators at the BOINC workshop this year: Early in Gridcoin it was just applied & if issues were encountered then the whitelist status was re-evaluated as a community. As of late, the community has taken steps to improve this process: Gridcoin Project Process Listing v2 · Issue #213 · gridcoin-community/Gridcoin-Tasks · GitHub Current Process (v1) -- #194 De-Listing Process Discussion -- #201 The Proposal: Gridcoin Project Listings v2.docx Calculation Spreadsheet: Whitelist 06-03-18.zip Listing Reasoning (WIP): Gridcoin ... From my perspective the reason project admins should 'bother' about Gridcoin whitelist status is a large amount of free computing power, offsetting their users electricity costs, bringing attention to their project and the large user base that Gridcoin is accumulating. Fair enough, that may not appeal to all BOINC project admins, Gridcoin operates externally to their project in a symbiotic manner so our existence may appear as only negatives if you're not monitoring the benefits that come with whitelist status. If any project admin opposes whitelist requests that's fine, so is any project admin requesting their project be removed from the Gridcoin whitelist.
  3. C.M


    PrimeGrid now requesting their removal from Gridcoin's whitelist? New PrimeGrid Policy - Monetization of BOINC credit
  4. I proposed these ideas prior to that poll existing, said poll was created in reaction to your unwarranted hostile outburst/attack earlier this week, any other reason? It's worth noting that both polls which currently affect PrimeGrid appear to be in your favour, so I wouldn't get too caught up on their existence.
  5. A member of the Gridcoin network & its community, there are many people interested in the outcome of this topic not just core devs. Would you be interested in discussing these ideas within these established private communication channels, as opposed to publicly? Would you prefer a BOINC repo based solution as opposed to a custom PrimeGrid solution? So far you've not responded to any of my questions, do your previous ultimatums remain post apology?
  6. Thanks for apologizing for attacking & threatening Gridcoin publicly. Now, back to the important topic at hand, would you be interested in any of the following measures? * Filtered stats with more efficient data serialization (json) resulting in less bandwidth drained from your servers. * Statistics file hash resulting in fewer download requests, resulting in less bandwidth drained from your servers. * Serve the stats files on a CDN separate from the BOINC project server, preventing large bandwidth drain from affecting project availability. The above changes would enable the safe removal of the imposed authentication mechanism, allowing Gridcoin users to poll the PrimeGrid statistics as usual without 'ddosing' PrimeGrid. Alternatively, how does 25-50 authenticated users sound?
  7. C.M


    PrimeGrid thread: Member Poll: Is Gridcoin good or bad?
  8. I fundamentally disagree, there are multiple solutions which have not been explored on your end: * Filtered stats with more efficient data serialization would result in less bandwidth drained from your servers * Statistics file hash would mean less frequent downloads from your server, resulting in less bandwidth drained from your servers. * BOINC project hosts stats file on a CDN separate from the BOINC project server, side stepping BOINC project server 'DDOS'. This is highly alarming, is this the perspective of the entire PrimeGrid administration? Why do you perceive Gridcoin to be an enemy within your BOINC project? I could understand this perspective from another BOINC team but fail to see how free computing power for your BOINC project makes us anything other than an ally? From a quick glance at boincstats, team Gridcoin is contributing 35% RAC out of the top 100 teams, these users are rewarded for crunching at no cost to yourself (aside from bandwidth costs) do you not believe their contributions are valuable? Is PrimeGrid not worth crunching anymore? We treat projects equally, fair enough you may be losing compute power to smaller projects because there's less competition to begin with but that eventually evens out and the difference is negligible between projects. We don't divert compute resources away from BOINC, the Gridcoin client is efficient and does not use POW consensus mechanisms. Whilst users may appear to be leaving PrimeGrid, perhaps that's due to continuing to crunch under pools or simply because they've lost interest in primegrid rather than it being Gridcoin's fault? Why are you distributing useless sub-projects? This sounds like an account manager problem than a Gridcoin problem, these pools aren't GRC exclusive. Gridcoin users aka BOINC volunteers within team Gridcoin who crunch your project's work units are the only ones earning rewards because of PrimeGrid, no user should be discriminated against when returning valid work just because they choose to offset electricity costs where possible, not everyone can fully afford to run your volunteer computing project. From my perspective, the users crunching your work benefit from offset electricity bills and PrimeGrid benefits from a large amount of free compute power from these users, Gridcoin (nor its devs/admins) doesn't benefit from anything other than a fair token distribution thanks to PrimeGrid; the benefits are not one sided in fact they are designed with the project in mind. Gridcoin doesn't make money from PrimeGrid, your users do by returning valid work to you. It seems like you've misunderstood Gridcoin's reward mechanism and economic policy. If PrimeGrid wants to start charging tax on Gridcoin users then you could fake some credit within team Gridcoin and stake a Gridcoin block, though I don't think reducing your volunteers rewards would be great for user retention. I could agree on the term 'symbiotic', like a beneficial dependency, but I completely reject that Gridcoin has a parasitic relationship with PrimeGrid, that's highly toxic terminology. If you don't want PrimeGrid on the whitelist then all you need to do is say so: It's worth noting that this thread's poll was in your favour, so your negative views towards Gridcoin are not reflected by the Gridcoin network/community towards PrimeGrid: Gridcoin Poll: Poll On New BOINC Project Whitelist Mandatory Requirement - Stats Exports Details for Gridcoin Poll Poll On New BOINC Project Whitelist Mandatory Requirement - Stats Exports. Created 2018-10-06 14:42:40; Ends 2019-01-10; Running for 3 months, 4 days
  9. Is there someone else we should be talking to instead of you on this matter, then? You claim to be the person most directly responsible for restricting access to the statistics only to then shutdown further constructive discourse?
  10. If such functionality was successfully merged into the master BOINC repo on github, rather than requiring custom primegrid web server development, would you support it?
  11. I disagree, there have been worse polls on the Gridcoin network in the past - we voted to not require SSL as a mandatory requirement in the past since 8+ projects at the time didn't have SSL implemented, that was perceived similarly because it affected so many projects, yet it was a severe security risk which likely leaked thousands of BOINC users credentials to multiple MITM attackers. I perceive the restriction of access to these stats files as a centralization risk and until we've got DWP implemented I'd rather see a dozen small BOINC projects replace BOINC projects which chose to cut us off with minimal notice despite being one of their largest sources of compute power. The projects which would be immediately affected are Einstein at Home (@ gets withdrawn?) and PrimeGrid since they have restricted access and implemented authentication mechanisms to access exported stats dumps, no other European BOINC project at this stage has followed in their footsteps. PrimeGrid's justification was the severe bandwidth drain that distributed downloading by external systems places on their web servers rather than being scared of EU regulations. For bandwidth usage why not pick a different data serialization method than XML like msgpack, json or protobuf3 and filter inactive accounts like: GRC-HUG-REST-API/download_process_store.py at master · gridcoin-community/GRC-HUG-REST-API · GitHub Gridcoin Research HUG REST API. Contribute to gridcoin-community/GRC-HUG-REST-API development by creating an account on GitHub. On our end we could eliminate distributed data downloads through TomasBrod's "Dynamic Withess Participation proposal" in the future (not within the 7 day notice primegrid provided) DEV Neural Network · gridcoin-community/Gridcoin-Research Wiki · GitHub Gridcoin-Research. Contribute to gridcoin-community/Gridcoin-Research development by creating an account on GitHub. IMO, Gridcoin will never be a GDPR compliant cryptocurrency, given that current user registration data (and old beacon email data) cannot be purged from the blockchain without a new blockchain: Decentralized Sharedrop Protocol · gridcoin-community/Gridcoin-Research Wiki · GitHub Gridcoin-Research. Contribute to gridcoin-community/Gridcoin-Research development by creating an account on GitHub. This is technically a breach of "User Right-of-erasure - deleting a user's account" mentioned in the recent BOINC GDPR presentation: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1t2bGnxLks9V6pkkUwK0kQWXFpwMuFgIX/view DHEP is located in the UK, soon to be out of the EU. OLDK is Russian, so no GDPR concern there. PrimeGrid & Universe at Home have both restricted access, so would be immediately affected, sure. None of the other BOINC projects you mentioned have thus far indicated they are going to restrict access to these stats exports. GDPR compliance has been implemented in BOINC (if the projects have updated their BOINC server recently) so they may be content with not restricting access in the future. If they do restrict access in the future (and assuming this poll had passed) then they would be ineligible for the whitelist. Which standards are you referring to? Because as far as I'm aware the primary whitelist requirements are readily-available daily stats exports, sufficient & stable supply of compute tasks, a production-ready state not test/beta project, open registrations, non-cheatable tasks and a passed whitelist poll, it's not a high barrier to entry. There's plenty of community best-practice requirements but it's up to the BOINC project admin's discretion which to follow and what to disclose to the public. Anyone can create a BOINC project and distribute whatever distributed computing task they desire to realize significantly cheaper and more diverse computing tasks compared to competitor DC crypto projects. We aught to be encouraging the brainstorming and creation of new BOINC projects and helping bootstrap small BOINC projects rather than be fighting over projects which threaten to cut us off (despite our huge compute capacity) unless we implement centralized measures to accommodate the EU regulations they fear and which we breach. Regarding which existing projects could apply for whitelist status the following from a quick glance from boincstats: Acoustics at home BURP (If they can sustain workload) Climate Prediction (If they produce daily stat dumps) DBN Upper Bound DENIS at Home Gerasim at Home GoofyxGrid at Home (CPU, not NCI) MindModeling at Home Moo! Wrapper (Voted out recently due to volunteers not liking topic of research, otherwise valid) Primaboinca RADIOACTIVE at HOME (if geigercounters are publicly available & not cheatable) RakeSearch RNA World (If they get the requested funding donations to survive) WEP-M+2 Project (if not 32bit only still) XANSONS for COD (edit: Not viable, completed project)
  12. Gridcoin Poll: Poll On New BOINC Project Whitelist Mandatory Requirement - Stats Exports Details for Gridcoin Poll Poll On New BOINC Project Whitelist Mandatory Requirement - Stats Exports. Created 2018-10-06 14:42:40; Ends 2019-01-10; Running for 3 months, 4 days Correction: NOT Universe AT Home, rather Einstein AT Home! Should BOINC projects maintain publicly available BOINC statistics dumps as a mandatory BOINC whitelist requirement? Soon the quantity of people allowed to scrape [email protected] and Primegrid stats will drop significantly. There are plenty of projects which could replace these projects on the whtielist.
  13. Nevermind, team Gridcoin was not allowed to participate in the BOINC pentathalon.
  14. C.M

    Climate Prediction

    Have the external stats xml dumps been improved yet? Their Twitter account says so..
  15. Official thread for the 2018 BOINC pentathalon challenge. https://www.seti-germany.de/boinc_pentathlon/start.php

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