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    Tranz got a reaction from Jimmy in Hobonickels HBN Information   
    Thinking about trying for YoBit.net.
    I figured worth it for .1 BTC to try?  What do we think?  
    Plan would be to put up 25k from the HBN Fund wallet at 215 sats. Which would be about .053 ( I will kick in the rest, unless others want to help).  This would leave 57k in the fund.

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    Tranz got a reaction from Jimmy in Folding at Home and HBN   
    Harlow has made the payouts for this weeks F@H.

    We do have a problem though.
    As of right now, he is unable to Admin this any longer. So I am looking for volunteer to take over.
    You will be responsible for picking the Week Keyword. such as _ROCK71. Then you will have to create the cacluate the payout and send it. I will send you the 1k in HBN to pay for it.
    If we get no volunteers to do this. I will handle the last 2 weeks of the trial period, and then we may have to stop it.
    So let me know if you are interested.
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    Tranz got a reaction from Jimmy in Folding at Home and HBN   
    VanceFox from BCT will be doing the admin work.
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    Tranz got a reaction from Jimmy in Folding at Home and HBN   
    This weeks code for F@H is ROCK71 be sure to use your HBN address then _ROCK71 for this week.
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    Tranz got a reaction from Jimmy in Folding at Home and HBN   
    For those who don't knwo we are about to enter our 2nd week of Folding at Home with HBN payout.  Last week's went well. You need to enter your HBN address as the username as well as the Key word. They Key word will be given out each week. First on the Discord channel and then later on the forum.
    The Discord Channel has more information.  Quote below from Harlow the F@H admin
    Harlow has paid everyone for their work for the Folding At Home. 1000 HBN paid out!

    Next will will start sometime soon. Stay tuned to Discord Channel https://discord.gg/JendXsA or this forum for the next week special word!
    There will be a small change to only allow for a max of 20% of the pot. So 1 big GPU can't fully dominate.
    Thanks everyone for your support. And remember if you want to help but not F@H then you can S4C to our HBN Fund EhbNfund4PrRFLHMxsnbGLhP25hizJGHEE  :)
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    Tranz got a reaction from Jimmy in Short and Long Term Road Maps   

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    Tranz got a reaction from Jimmy in Hobonickels HBN Information   
    I will be updating the HBN Donation addresses on all the sites here shortly.

    The new address to make donations to (if you so desire) is the HBN Fund at: EhbNfund4PrRFLHMxsnbGLhP25hizJGHEE
    These donations will all go towards HBN. Such as fees for Hosting website, VPSs, Explorers, etc. They will also go towards bounties for new exchanges, seeding new charities, or for getting new developers on board.
    I am moving 80% of the money in F1Tranz to this new address. https://chainz.cryptoid.info/hbn/block.dws?5752535.htm  F1Tranz is still available for personal donations. These will go towards gas, food, and coffee, all the things a developer needs :-)
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    Tranz got a reaction from Jimmy in HoboNickels Version 2.0   
    HoboNickels Version 2.0 is now live.  https://github.com/Tranz5/HoboNickels/releases/latest
    Everyone must upgrade by block 5667000 or by Fri, 15 Sep 2017 21:00:00 which every comes sooner.
    Changes in this version to create a more stable block chain with less resource usage include:
    Fixed issued where clients were creating old chain Block time changed to 2 mins. Min stake Age changed to 1 day Min stake reward set at 20% Yearly Stake will degrade over difficulty slower Old clients will be disconnected on Friday Sept 17 Upgrade can be very simple or slightly complicated depending on if you are on the correct chain.
    To ensure you are on the correct chain, type the following commands in your debug console:
    If these match or a very close you should be good to go. You can also check against what I post here using 
    >getblockbynumber 5651019 If the hash value matches then you are golden. You will only have  close the client, replace the executable and start it back up.  Just check back here to ensure after the fork all is well.

    If you are one of the unlucky souls that do not match the best chain. Here is what you should do.
    1) close the current client.
    2) download the block chain from HoboNickels.info http://hobonickels.info/HBNBlockChain.zip
    3) replace the contents of the .zip file, over your blk0001.dat blk0002.dat and remove/replace your txleveldb folder from %appdata%/HoboNickels directory. (This can be different on linux/mac systems)
    4) remove the peer.dat from your  %appdata%/HoboNickels directory. (This can be different on linux/mac systems)
    5) start the new 2.0 client up.
    6) goto the debug window/console and type addnode IP add.
    The current good IPs are: ( this list will be updated as I know them)

    Current Best Chain: SetBestChain: new best=191c1bb7bfede5f89e64 height=5653023 trust=87703134339018 blocktrust=22162211 date=09/10/17 15:42:09
    If you are in the midst of re-syncing the block chain, you should be fine to just replace the executable.
    Question or Issue, let me know.
    Thanks and happy staking!
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    Tranz got a reaction from Jimmy in HoboNickels Version 2.0   
    So let's recap how we are looking.
    The fork seems to have gone as planned, although it seems there was a bit of strife right after it became active. But otherwise the chain appears to be in good shape.  
    I am seeing a very low orphan rate, and low CPU usage, and so far no side chains. So that is good!  
    Spacing and difficulty appear to leveling out too.
    I think the amount  of clients on the network is a bit low right now. But that should increase and get back to normal over time. The reward is a bit lower then I anticipated, but we still have the change at Friday Night that should bring it back up.  I am guessing 40-60%. We shall see.
    The Min reward is going to be at 20%, so no matter what happens to difficulty that will be the lowest you will earn.  Now the max reward cap is also staying at 250, so again over time the amount of coins it will take to stake will increase over time. There by continuing to lower the creation percentage for the block chain.  This will take many years to get to that point.    
    In any event this is how this coin should have behaved from the start. But the 20 second block time was just too much for a global network of wallets that were also staking.
    So what is next?
    Now that we have a stable network. I will have to spend less time ensuring the block chain is whole, and more time to development.
    Immediate Goals:
    Get a client out there for other platforms. Mac and Linux right away.  I would love help on the Mac wallet..
    Get Cryptopia back online. I don't plan to push this until next week, after everything looks safe and sound.
    Update the code to allow for higher, potentially unlimited combine/split threshold values.
    Short/Medium term Goals:
    Continue to update the code base for more security and lower cpu, lower memory, fix bugs and compiling issues and lots more functionality!
    Longer Term Goals:
    Hard Forks? Not sure what we will need yet, but anything will be 6-12 months out at this point.
    Create a light weight wallet. Electrum type.  With eventual staking capabilities. Very low foot print.
    Lots of other ideas I will share later.
    But all of this is now possible because we moved to a reasonable block time and decent staking algo.
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    Tranz got a reaction from Jimmy in HoboNickels Version 2.0 is pushed to Github

    Please review and give feedback. I plan to compile the offical release here tonight or tomorrow.
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    Tranz got a reaction from Jimmy in HBN Alert Info   
    HBN Alert Info
    If your wallet has received an alert and you were directed to this page, please see the information below. This only effects HBN Wallet version before version 1.5.3.
    You were told to come here to due to a Hard Fork incoming in the next few days. The wallet version you are running, pre version 1.5.3, will soon have difficulty staying the correct chain.
    Please upgrade to the latest stable version https://github.com/Tranz5/HoboNickels/releases/latest.
    Failure to do this before block 5,600,000, about 5 days from now as we are on 5,580,000, may result in newly generated coins becoming invalid and possibly having to re download the block chain.
    For more information on this please see:
    Please let us know if you have any issues.
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    Tranz got a reaction from ihashblox in Turn off Pow Mining?   
    Not sure I follow. AP is Auto Polling correct?   Mining should have no effect on your coins and staking. If you are solo mining you should set it to 20 seconds. As blocks come in very quickly.
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    Tranz got a reaction from Jimmy in Turn off Pow Mining?   
    Hi Nicola Alivad.
    This is my first time compiling a Mac Wallet, so I am still getting the bugs worked out. Can you tell me more about why it doesn't open?  Do you get an error. If so can you copy and paste the error. You can put it here or PM it to me. I would need the full "report" error to help fix the compilation process.
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    Tranz got a reaction from Jimmy in Mac Compilers?   
    Mac Compilers?
    Does anyone have experience and a few minutes to help to compile a Mac version of HBN?
    I have a new version ready to go that contains a fork at block 5.6 million and some new features. 

    I have an old mac I can try to learn on but I don't want to waste a ton of time.
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    Tranz got a reaction from Jimmy in Mac Compilers?   
    Alright I have compiled my first Mac Wallet. I think it only works on 10.12   Can someone test it for me?
    Also does anyone have any experience on getting this to be better backward compatible? 
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    Tranz got a reaction from Snowbear in HBN 1.5.5..0   
    So an orphan will get added back to the weight after another block stakes. I just found a small bug, that if the last set of coins get orphaned it will never get added back. I have a fix that I will release with 1.5.6 probably in a few weeks.  If it should happen, then a stop and start stake and it should try to stake it again.
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    Tranz got a reaction from Jimmy in HBN 1.5.5..0   
    Thanks for the patience. here is Let me know how it goes..
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    Tranz got a reaction from Jimmy in HBN backup website   
    I updated hobonickels.info to make links correct.  Not to much change to front page content. Does anyone want to give it some time to check it over make sure I didn't miss anything?

    Also does anyone want to work on the wiki or news section? I will add a few news posts here soon, and maybe to the wiki, but it is very low priority. If others want to contribute just let me know. It is a private wiki page due to bots! But I can add others.

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    Tranz got a reaction from Jimmy in Auto Sell   
    Auto Sell
    I have been teaching my son some things about  BitCoins, HBN, Markets and Coding.   He was looking around Cryptopia and wanted to know what the "API" section meant.  The best way to explain is to show.
    So we worked on it a bit yesterday and I finished it off last night.  It is a simple script(s) that will watch your balance and then sell based on your wishes.  It can be used with a headless coin that you might mine to and then send as you get coins, or it can be used with S4C on HBN/CAP/HYP whomever is now using it.
    It uses ruby and shell. So it should work on just about any system. You only need to install MSYS and Ruby on Windows and you are good to go.  Linux and Mac should work with little issue. I have attached the code.
    To invoke you simply need to have all of the scripts in the same dir and enter
    auto_sell.sh COIN TRADE_TYPE The COIN is just the coin you want to autosell eg HBN. and the TRADE_TYPE is ASK, BID or DUMP.   ASK will put the trade on the top ask price. BID will sell on the bid without looking at how many coins. and DUMP (for now) will just subtract a few sats and try to sell the entire balance right away.
    auto_sell.sh HBN ASK  
    There is only a piece that you might need to fill your self in the ruby code in getbalance.rb . You have to put into an array the COIN to COINID
    COINHASH = { "HBN" => 84, "CAP" => 213 } And you have to enter your API information into getbalance.rb and placetrade.rb
    _API_KEY = "YOUR_API_KEY" _API_SECRET = "YOUR_API_SECRET" I have worked with ruby only this once, so it can be created a lot better with time. I also wanted to show him the difference in languages so I used shell with awk for parsing.  This is simplistic and not fully vetted code, so use at your own risk. But it works pretty well.
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    Tranz got a reaction from Jimmy in HBN Money Supply   
    Depending on how far I can get the CPU usage down to, I am leaning towards starting stake at  24hrs.  But I'll know more once I get up to the point of testnet.
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    Tranz got a reaction from Jimmy in HBN Money Supply   
    HBN Money Supply
    So I was looking at the money supply for HBN over the past few years, and I made a little chart.  The purpose of this was to figure out if here in the next 6 to 12 months a hard fork would be necessary. I am still mostly under the guise of no,  but I want to keep an open mind for  the good of all.

    As you can  see the annualized money supply rate should be heading closer towards zero, but is sticking in the 70% range. Also, the time between blocks is averaging 20-22 seconds. This is hard to see from the chart, but the time between each bar(100,000 blocks) should be about 35 days, but speeds up as we begin more aggressive staking.  You can click on the chart to download the spreadsheet.
    So we can slow down the money creation but allow blocks to stake earlier. This should cause the PoS weight to increase which would lower the annualized staking percentage. We can also, or only,  change the time between blocks to increase a bit to say 45, which would again slow down the annualized money supply by increasing the difficulty of staking.
    Anyway this is just thoughts for now.
    What say ye?
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    Tranz got a reaction from Jimmy in Is Tranz well?   
    Thanks. a hobo can only stay away so long before they come back to their roots.  has been too long. 
    The forum looks awesome Jimmy, nicely done!
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    Tranz got a reaction from Jimmy in Is Tranz well?   
    Tranz is fine!
    I am back now at least on and off. Been so busy with Family and Work haven't even had time to log into CCT. Well I will be looking to get things moving in the coin again here in the future.  A few updates in 2017 and a bunch in 2018 - 2019.
    Hope all is well with eveyone!
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    Tranz got a reaction from Jimmy in Cryptsy Warning   
    I just want to inform anyone who is not already aware, about some of the issues at Cyptsy's recently.
    It is very difficult, almost impossible, to withdraw btc from the site. In-fact other currencies are having trouble as well. As of right now HBN and CAPs are working for withdrawals and deposits. But they have now removed the chat window, which I can only imagine, is not a good sign.
    So use it with caution.
    In the mean time HBN is available for trade on https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Exchange?market=HBN_BTC . So far I have had good luck and things seem to be pretty fast on both deposits and withdraws. I have put some blocks for sale to help jump start the market over there.  I will put 1/2 of whatever sells right back on the buy side, and use some for another site as a bounty in the future.
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    Tranz got a reaction from HCLivess in WARNING! Backup properly   
    As long as the daemon is shut off yes you can copy the wallet.dat. I suggest copying it to a thumb drive and keeping a few iterations. Just call it wallet-Jun15.dat or something.  You can also keep a backup of the database folder, as this contains the index of the wallet. So it can help if you if completely loose your hard drive.
    You can also use the backup wallet in the wallet menu gui. Or rpc command backupwallet.

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