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  1. Thanks for the information Jimmy. I did think about that, and my DD lead me to this page specifically for Dev Coin Support. https://yobit.net/en/maintenance_request/ Truthfully I have a hard time getting support at Cryptopia, so it can't be all that different :)
  2. Thinking about trying for YoBit.net. I figured worth it for .1 BTC to try? What do we think? Plan would be to put up 25k from the HBN Fund wallet at 215 sats. Which would be about .053 ( I will kick in the rest, unless others want to help). This would leave 57k in the fund. Thoughts?
  3. I would give 500 HBN for a decent Youtube vid with one of these song!! 😂
  4. VanceFox from BCT will be doing the admin work.
  5. Suri, I am not up to speed with what is best to mine where. you can take a look at Coinwarz to see what suits you. HBN can be solo mined with Scrypt ASCI.
  6. Harlow has made the payouts for this weeks [email protected] We do have a problem though. As of right now, he is unable to Admin this any longer. So I am looking for volunteer to take over. You will be responsible for picking the Week Keyword. such as _ROCK71. Then you will have to create the cacluate the payout and send it. I will send you the 1k in HBN to pay for it. If we get no volunteers to do this. I will handle the last 2 weeks of the trial period, and then we may have to stop it. So let me know if you are interested. Thanks!!! Tranz
  7. This weeks code for [email protected] is ROCK71 be sure to use your HBN address then _ROCK71 for this week.
  8. For those who don't knwo we are about to enter our 2nd week of Folding at Home with HBN payout. Last week's went well. You need to enter your HBN address as the username as well as the Key word. They Key word will be given out each week. First on the Discord channel and then later on the forum. The Discord Channel has more information. Quote below from Harlow the [email protected] admin Harlow has paid everyone for their work for the Folding At Home. 1000 HBN paid out! Next will will start sometime soon. Stay tuned to Discord Channel https://discord.gg/JendXsA or this forum for the next week special word! There will be a small change to only allow for a max of 20% of the pot. So 1 big GPU can't fully dominate. Thanks everyone for your support. And remember if you want to help but not [email protected] then you can S4C to our HBN Fund EhbNfund4PrRFLHMxsnbGLhP25hizJGHEE :)
  9. Yes I did it on purpose, it was bulk code and it is impossible to generate coins using it for solo mining. You can use a GPU or Scrypt ASIC to solo mine. Works great! I run with mh/s and still get coins just about every day. Remember PoW ends at block 6,000,000 so mine while you still can.
  10. Mac wallet is available on GitHub now. Also I have asked to be added to KuCoin. So if you are a member there, let them know you will support HBN and trade it there.
  11. Come join for quick question, general chat, or just to say hi. https://discord.gg/JendXsA
  12. I will be updating the HBN Donation addresses on all the sites here shortly. The new address to make donations to (if you so desire) is the HBN Fund at: EhbNfund4PrRFLHMxsnbGLhP25hizJGHEE These donations will all go towards HBN. Such as fees for Hosting website, VPSs, Explorers, etc. They will also go towards bounties for new exchanges, seeding new charities, or for getting new developers on board. I am moving 80% of the money in F1Tranz to this new address. https://chainz.cryptoid.info/hbn/block.dws?5752535.htm F1Tranz is still available for personal donations. These will go towards gas, food, and coffee, all the things a developer needs :-)
  13. Yes it is. Version 2.0 has taken HBN to a new level of stability and user acceptance. Starting to receive more help with Community involvement. And I have more plans for 2018. Should be a fun ride!!
  14. Do you have solid connection to peers? Look at your debug file after you start it up? Do you see any errors?

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