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  1. So let's recap how we are looking. The fork seems to have gone as planned, although it seems there was a bit of strife right after it became active. But otherwise the chain appears to be in good shape. I am seeing a very low orphan rate, and low CPU usage, and so far no side chains. So that is good! Spacing and difficulty appear to leveling out too. I think the amount of clients on the network is a bit low right now. But that should increase and get back to normal over time. The reward is a bit lower then I anticipated, but we still have the change at Friday Night that should bring it back up. I am guessing 40-60%. We shall see. The Min reward is going to be at 20%, so no matter what happens to difficulty that will be the lowest you will earn. Now the max reward cap is also staying at 250, so again over time the amount of coins it will take to stake will increase over time. There by continuing to lower the creation percentage for the block chain. This will take many years to get to that point. In any event this is how this coin should have behaved from the start. But the 20 second block time was just too much for a global network of wallets that were also staking. So what is next? Now that we have a stable network. I will have to spend less time ensuring the block chain is whole, and more time to development. Immediate Goals: Get a client out there for other platforms. Mac and Linux right away. I would love help on the Mac wallet.. Get Cryptopia back online. I don't plan to push this until next week, after everything looks safe and sound. Update the code to allow for higher, potentially unlimited combine/split threshold values. Short/Medium term Goals: Continue to update the code base for more security and lower cpu, lower memory, fix bugs and compiling issues and lots more functionality! Longer Term Goals: Hard Forks? Not sure what we will need yet, but anything will be 6-12 months out at this point. Create a light weight wallet. Electrum type. With eventual staking capabilities. Very low foot print. Lots of other ideas I will share later. But all of this is now possible because we moved to a reasonable block time and decent staking algo.
  2. yes I have to compile one for 2.0. I will be doing that shortly.
  3. HoboNickels Version 2.0 is now live. Everyone must upgrade by block 5667000 or by Fri, 15 Sep 2017 21:00:00 which every comes sooner. Changes in this version to create a more stable block chain with less resource usage include: Fixed issued where clients were creating old chain Block time changed to 2 mins. Min stake Age changed to 1 day Min stake reward set at 20% Yearly Stake will degrade over difficulty slower Old clients will be disconnected on Friday Sept 17 Upgrade can be very simple or slightly complicated depending on if you are on the correct chain. To ensure you are on the correct chain, type the following commands in your debug console: >getcheckpoint >getblockcount If these match or a very close you should be good to go. You can also check against what I post here using >getblockbynumber 5651019 If the hash value matches then you are golden. You will only have close the client, replace the executable and start it back up. Just check back here to ensure after the fork all is well. If you are one of the unlucky souls that do not match the best chain. Here is what you should do. 1) close the current client. 2) download the block chain from 3) replace the contents of the .zip file, over your blk0001.dat blk0002.dat and remove/replace your txleveldb folder from %appdata%/HoboNickels directory. (This can be different on linux/mac systems) 4) remove the peer.dat from your %appdata%/HoboNickels directory. (This can be different on linux/mac systems) 5) start the new 2.0 client up. 6) goto the debug window/console and type addnode IP add. The current good IPs are: ( this list will be updated as I know them) Current Best Chain: SetBestChain: new best=191c1bb7bfede5f89e64 height=5653023 trust=87703134339018 blocktrust=22162211 date=09/10/17 15:42:09 If you are in the midst of re-syncing the block chain, you should be fine to just replace the executable. Question or Issue, let me know. Thanks and happy staking!
  4. So here is my game plan. I am going to issue an immediate fork, that I will need at least a good 5-10 of you that have good stakes to update right away. This will turn off PoW and set the block time for PoS to 3 mins. I will also update the degrading percentage to offset this, so as the difficulty goes up, the percentage the stake reward goes down will only be changed a little. We will let this new version burn in for a few weeks and if the issue still exists, and I haven't found the under lying reason. We will.... *sigh*.... look at a coin swap....... But that is the last resort. The fork will take some to code, hopefully I can have something ready by tomorrow or Thursday and have it take effect by Friday or Saturday. So if you are able to, please stayed tuned I will need some nodes out there running 24/7 for a bit.
  5. Hi everyone. I am sorry to report, there does appear to be an issue with the network. There is either some bug that is causing people to create their own chain, or it is an orphan attack. Basically, there are wallets that are running their own chain. For those of us that are on the correct chain, we just ignore the bad blocks. But when a new wallet comes online and it ask for blocks, if they connect to the bad wallet(s) they also begin to propagate the bad chain. You can see the block explorer has now began to get the bad chain . 5633463 3 hours 48 minutes 20.4 kB 100.901936 HBN 0.0041 Proof of Stake <-- Bad 5633462 4 hours 18 minutes 20.4 kB 96.319193 HBN 0.0041 Proof of Stake <-- Good Never should a block wait more then 1 or 2 mins, let alone almost 30. You can always tell if you are on the correct chain by running these 2 commands. getinfo { "version" : "v1.5.5.4-g87b0f55-V1.5", "protocolversion" : 70009, [u][b]"blocks" : 5634393,[/b][/u] "timeoffset" : -18, "moneysupply" : 58921229.54781200, "connections" : 7, ... } getcheckpoint { "synccheckpoint" : "45a8a0fa9c5f83d50dbe39cb21bf1bbc19b4809f3d2c92ad1ecd5a5089451606", [u][b]"height" : 5634393,[/b][/u] "timestamp" : "2017-09-05 21:36:01 UTC", "data" : { "parsed" : { "version" : 1, "hash" : "45a8a0fa9c5f83d50dbe39cb21bf1bbc19b4809f3d2c92ad1ecd5a5089451606" }, "raw" : { "data" : "0100000006164589505acd1ead922c3d9f80b419bc1bbf21cb39be0dd5835f9cfaa0a845", "signature" : "304402200daecb0af88c43f3792f0d92ddb111eed05a98917a1703b9e28fb63c3825a8d502204584d18e8484855e17d9ad6710bc102b3ce5e7d1bff77a1e83c9580bd5769af2" } }, "policy" : "strict" } If these 2 do not match, you might as well shut off the wallet, your chain is only making it worse. I don't know the reason yet, nor do I have a fix. I'll be investigating as much as possible. Sadly this is a very bad time, as work is very busy as is school and family.
  6. Well cryptopia has it paused, perhaps the API is also off for HBN?
  7. Once it is unlocked, yes unless you lock it or close the wallet it will try to stake..
  8. If you close the wallet or re-lock it, yes you have to unlock it. This is a safety procedure for your sake, to ensure someone can't use your wallet without your password.
  9. Hi Terrik76, Actually they have upgraded and knew about this change over 3 months ago, as you can see they are on version 1.5.3 and have been for sometime. They took the coin offline due to issues from other wallets. Likely a few people who were on the older version had difficulty and they opened ticket. In any any event there does appear to be a bad chain that some clients got caught up on. I am working on figuring out that issue now, can cleaning up those with the issue. I have sent them and the block explorer a note to make sure everyone can fix their clients if they are having issues. For the record Cryptopia was fine. This was strictly their decision. I have updated the wallet version which will disconnect older versions out there.
  10. I sent them an email to inquire what I would need to do. I'll let you know if I hear anything back.
  11. Eventually yes. The Wiki page on the HoboNickels home page has lots of good info that may help explain some of the process.
  12. Just about two thousand more blocks until the first part of version 1.5.3 takes. The initial phase only allow PoW after a successful stake block. This will prevent flash mining. However since stake blocks are happening fairly regularly and quickly then even those on versions before 1.5.3 should be ok for a while. But they may they may go through some large re-orgs if fast PoW blocks come in from an old client. Worse they could be disconnected from the main network if they relays too many blocks. So upgrade soon, if you haven't!
  13. Sure I will have a look. I assume I will have to make changes to the wallet and they will also have to make changes to allow HBN. Wonder do they have a quick faq and what changes are necessary. Not sure how much time I can devote digging though pull request after pull request to figure out what is needed to make it compatible.
  14. Once your coins are downloaded to your wallet and they are aged 10 days, then yes your wallet (obviously computer too) will need to be running. However while the coins are below 10 days old, they will still age even if your computer and wallet are off.
  15. Not sure. Sounds cool. Have you tried it yet?