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  1. Memory is the biggest hog no doubt. I run a system with 16 gig of memory. I can run about 4 or 5 wallets plus firebox with still 25% to spare. I stay connected all the time, so I never have issue with getting peers or generating stake. But your point is valid. I think things will be good for future.
  2. Auto Sell I have been teaching my son some things about BitCoins, HBN, Markets and Coding. He was looking around Cryptopia and wanted to know what the "API" section meant. The best way to explain is to show. So we worked on it a bit yesterday and I finished it off last night. It is a simple script(s) that will watch your balance and then sell based on your wishes. It can be used with a headless coin that you might mine to and then send as you get coins, or it can be used with S4C on HBN/CAP/HYP whomever is now using it. It uses ruby and shell. So it should work on just about any system. You only need to install MSYS and Ruby on Windows and you are good to go. Linux and Mac should work with little issue. I have attached the code. To invoke you simply need to have all of the scripts in the same dir and enter COIN TRADE_TYPE The COIN is just the coin you want to autosell eg HBN. and the TRADE_TYPE is ASK, BID or DUMP. ASK will put the trade on the top ask price. BID will sell on the bid without looking at how many coins. and DUMP (for now) will just subtract a few sats and try to sell the entire balance right away. HBN ASK There is only a piece that you might need to fill your self in the ruby code in getbalance.rb . You have to put into an array the COIN to COINID COINHASH = { "HBN" => 84, "CAP" => 213 } And you have to enter your API information into getbalance.rb and placetrade.rb _API_KEY = "YOUR_API_KEY" _API_SECRET = "YOUR_API_SECRET" I have worked with ruby only this once, so it can be created a lot better with time. I also wanted to show him the difference in languages so I used shell with awk for parsing. This is simplistic and not fully vetted code, so use at your own risk. But it works pretty well. coin_info.rb getbalance.rb placetrade.rb
  3. Depending on how far I can get the CPU usage down to, I am leaning towards starting stake at 24hrs. But I'll know more once I get up to the point of testnet.
  4. HBN Money Supply So I was looking at the money supply for HBN over the past few years, and I made a little chart. The purpose of this was to figure out if here in the next 6 to 12 months a hard fork would be necessary. I am still mostly under the guise of no, but I want to keep an open mind for the good of all. As you can see the annualized money supply rate should be heading closer towards zero, but is sticking in the 70% range. Also, the time between blocks is averaging 20-22 seconds. This is hard to see from the chart, but the time between each bar(100,000 blocks) should be about 35 days, but speeds up as we begin more aggressive staking. You can click on the chart to download the spreadsheet. So we can slow down the money creation but allow blocks to stake earlier. This should cause the PoS weight to increase which would lower the annualized staking percentage. We can also, or only, change the time between blocks to increase a bit to say 45, which would again slow down the annualized money supply by increasing the difficulty of staking. Anyway this is just thoughts for now. What say ye?
  5. Thanks. a hobo can only stay away so long before they come back to their roots. has been too long. The forum looks awesome Jimmy, nicely done!
  6. Tranz is fine! I am back now at least on and off. Been so busy with Family and Work haven't even had time to log into CCT. Well I will be looking to get things moving in the coin again here in the future. A few updates in 2017 and a bunch in 2018 - 2019. Hope all is well with eveyone! Tranz
  7. Let us know how you fair on this. If you are truly that green I would start with a Prebuild Windows client first to get the hang of it. Then try to compile your own for unix. The hardest part is getting all of the correct libraries installed.
  8. Yes what Jimmy said. Also since you now know the importance of the password. After you get a new unencrypted wallet, I would suggest doing a backup of that before you do add the password, just in case. For the record, there are multiple wallet password hammering tools out there. I successfully used one built for unix, and was able to have it get my password in about 2 mins. I just put in what I "thought" was the password word and it just tried many different combos quickly.
  9. I just want to inform anyone who is not already aware, about some of the issues at Cyptsy's recently. It is very difficult, almost impossible, to withdraw btc from the site. In-fact other currencies are having trouble as well. As of right now HBN and CAPs are working for withdrawals and deposits. But they have now removed the chat window, which I can only imagine, is not a good sign. So use it with caution. In the mean time HBN is available for trade on . So far I have had good luck and things seem to be pretty fast on both deposits and withdraws. I have put some blocks for sale to help jump start the market over there. I will put 1/2 of whatever sells right back on the buy side, and use some for another site as a bounty in the future.
  10. Ya the pi just doesn't have the resources to run HBN anymore. I am hoping to get more time this winter, hopefully there is a way to help lower the memory usage of the daemon.
  11. I don't think there is any tool that will do this. Probably the easiest way is a quick modification to the source, and just have it print out what data you are looking for.
  12. Looking to update this list, can anyone provide links to working HBN pools?
  13. Seems have grown a bit since April but the map from the OP is about the same as this Aug one. Anyway as always thanks for the cool info.
  14. Woohooo