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    Jimmy reacted to Tranz in BTCFork   
    Nice. I like those quotes!
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    Jimmy reacted to Joel in TokenLot   
    This looks very promising. I am defiantly going to give them a try.
    I missed Civic and BAT which sucked :(  Wish i knew about these guys
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    Jimmy reacted to avsbsports.eu in BetterBets   
    Have extra bitcoins? Try out gambling with bitcoins at avsbsports.eu! AvsBsports.eu Designed by sports fans to sports fans. Our goal is to provide an environment where privacy, fun times and super quick payouts are the norm.- First truly anonymous sports betting website.-200% bonus in every deposit up to 20k.-8 Bonus options to choose from.-Lightning fast payousts.-Refer a Friend. Be your own affiliate!-100% mobile compatible.Ready to start?   
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    Jimmy reacted to The_Prof in Whitepaper Generator   
    Some smooth work from the crypto world. Wonder what is next.
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    Jimmy got a reaction from sye services in SYE services   
    Nice looking pool service.
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    Jimmy reacted to Jimmy in Bitcoin Blackjack   
    Great Blackjack site!
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    Jimmy reacted to Jimmy in Blockchain Startup Contest   
    Great link!

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