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    Jimmy got a reaction from michelelazarus for a link, Daily Bitcoins   
    Giving out free bitcoins daily!
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    Jimmy reacted to John Russell for a link, OnlineSlotsX   
    OnlineSlotsX superiority can be found in many areas. First, they provide high quality and friendly multi-language support all year round. Their customer support agents may be contacted via email or live chat 24/7. Then, besides providing outrageous customer support, we also offer an attentive casino host that is dedicated to helping customers with any special issues or problems at hand. Our job is also to provide extra chances to win to all players, so consumers often get free chips and exclusive reload bonuses throughout the week. Every game has an equal chance of having the jackpot won on it, and every player has an equal chance of being the big winner. There are a total of 8 Slot Games to choose from, each with their own design, appeal and look. The whole atmosphere at our casino is refreshing and a real pleasure to play in. Each game is custom made just for Free-Slots-No-Downloads and are designed in a thrilling 3D format to give players that realism that makes this online casino like no other in the world. So just because they only have 8 games, don't pass Free-Slots-No-Downloads up. The eight games are unlike any you have ever played. Trust us if you are a slot fanatic, you don't want to skip our casino.
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    Jimmy reacted to Bitcoin Casino Finder for a link, Bitcoin Casino Finder   
    Bitcoin Casino Finder is here to deliver all of the essential information you need to learn and understand to secure all-encompassing gaming experiences. Gone are the days of trial and error. Our site provides comprehensive info with regard to the thrilling and rewarding world of casino betting with Bitcoin. Sit back, relax, and allow Bitcoin Casino Finder to take you on the right track towards grand winnings and memorable gaming.
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    Jimmy reacted to Cryptowisser for a link, World's Biggest Exchange Comparison Site   
    Hi all crypto enthusiasts!

    We have been working hard for you over the last few months and now we are finally live… Let us present https://www.cryptowisser.com/, a site where you can easily compare the different things you need in the crypto world!

    You can, for instance:

    - compare between 250+ exchanges,

    - compare all of the casinos where you can play for cryptocurrency,

    - compare all of the available crypto wallets,

    - compare the places where you can buy goods for bitcoin,

    - compare the different debit cards you can load with bitcoin, and

    Did you know that the taker fees of the exchanges out there range from a staggering 2.00% to as low as -0.01% (that’s right, you get paid as a taker)? Or that the withdrawal fees for withdrawing 10 BTC range from 0 to as high as 0.1 BTC? At https://www.cryptowisser.com/exchanges/ you will get an instant overview of all exchanges in the industry and their respective offerings! Our purpose is to provide the tools an investor needs to be able to find his/her best cryptocurrency exchanges site, best altcoin wallet, or whatever other thing he/she might need in the world of crypto. We want to facilitate for new crypto investors, but also be a platform where experienced crypto investors can assess whether their current trading setup still provides the best offer for their respective individual needs.

    We highly appreciate any feedback from you. So please, visit the site, give us your experience of the various exchanges/casinos/cards/wallets/merchants by giving them your 1-5 star rating, and tell your friends and family. Please also note that we will add additional features and functionality over the coming weeks, so don’t forget to check in every then and now to see what we’re up to.

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    Jimmy reacted to amyy for a link, Stay updated with all the crypto news in one place   
    Get all the latest crypto news on all coins & ICO's in one place
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    Jimmy reacted to robertwilliam for a link, Bitcoin buy sell script|Trading website script|White label bitcoin exchange software   
    If you are trying to buy trading platform software for any cryptocurrency in the online market, then this one will help you sure. Sellbitbuy is the Indian software company founded in 2016, providing solutions for all cryptocurrency exchange and trading.
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    Jimmy reacted to DocTailor for a link, DocTailor   
    The First Self Customising Legal Binding Smart Contract Platform on The Blockchain

    DocTailor's mission is to lay the foundation to enable non-crypto businesses to access the multi-trillion dollar cryptocurrency economy; at the same time, pave the way for organizations and individuals, to create self-automated tailor-made agreements and smart contracts to assist in their acceleration of crypto business deals.
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    Jimmy reacted to SimpleThought for a link, PredictionMarkt — prediction trading platform   
    PredictionMarkt is a centralized, Ethereum-based platform for betting on the outcome of events in areas such as Business, Technology, Finance, Sports and Politics. Take part in the challenge of predicting everyday events in real time — and even profit from the outcome.

    PredictionMarkt has three distinctly different characteristics:

    * We provide centrally-managed prediction markets. This simplifies the platform and increases safety of our users by removing many risks such as fraud and outcome disputes.

    * We don’t charge fees on your winnings or any internal transactions. The only time our users are charged is when they withdraw funds from their account.

    *We keep the process simple by providing trading in the Ethereum currency. We don't expose our users to additional risks by creating our own crypto tokens.

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    Jimmy reacted to CoinForCurrency for a link, CoinForCurrency.com   
    Buy and Sell ADA and XEM easy with Euro's via Ideal, Bancontact and Sofort Banking

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    Jimmy reacted to jacobw for a link, Switchain - best non-custodial exchange   
    Not only do the offer non-custodial exchange services but they also show rates for competitors so you can make sure you always get the best deal. No account needed. Private, Secure, Fast. The best alternative to Shapeshift
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    Jimmy reacted to Gefarapay for a link, Gefarapay   
    Gefarapay is online bitcoin wallet and exchange, where you can buy or sell bitcoins, exchange bitcoins to euro, and also you can strore your bitcoins and receive or send cryptocurrency.
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    Jimmy reacted to BillionTix for a link, BillionTix Ethereum Giveaway   
    BillionTix is a Dapp on the Ethereum Blockchain where you purchase a BillionTix for 0.0005 Ether and are entered into 9 giveaways. Each giveaway increases in value with a grand prize giveaway of 500,000 Ether.
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    Jimmy reacted to SkyPayOfficial for a link, SkyPay ICO - Disrupting a Trillion $ Industry   

    The Travel Currency


    SkyPay aims to improve everyone’s travel experience by radically reducing normally hidden travel costs.

    Visit our website to find out which problems we solve! https://www.skypaydev.com

    SkyPay’s SKYS will be secured by its own block chain. It is based on the Litecoin network’s Scrypt PoW algorithm. The reason for this technical choice is to guarantee the lowest possible transaction fees.

    Mining will be available to a few trusted miners, called ‘Dedicated SkyPay Miners’. Everyone is welcome to apply to become Dedicated SkyPay Miners, however only qualified individuals/companies will be approved and selected. The role of these mining companies will be to mine the remaining coins and release them into the market, while powering the SkyPay network, for a compensation, the block rewards. All transactions can be publicly seen and revised on the SkyPay Explorer.

    75 % of all coins will be pre-mined. The remaining 25 % will be the rewards of future blocks.


    The percentage of coins reserved for the team (Founders, Developers & Advisors) will be locked for a one year period. The biggest part of the pre-mine is used to fund the SkyPay project through the Coin Sale. Contributors will benefit from this fundraiser by selling their SKYS or using them as the project takes place. The App Reserve of the coin distribution is to serve new users that will be using the SkyPay App. Of course, the SKYS cost will be less favorable than the SKYS cost during the coin sale.

    In order to generate a steady, on going demand for SKYS, our user acquisition model includes a flight booking system, a debit card and a reward system for purchases, and many other amazing features.

    Visit our https://www.skypaydev.com & download our White Paper for complete details.

    We will sell a maximum of 189,000,000 SKYS in total as a fixed amount in the ICO in order to raise 25 million USD. The remaining coins will be kept by the SkyPay founders as a buffer for rewards, and future customers’ who want to exchange their currency into SKYS through the SkyPay App. Contributors can purchase as many SKYS as needed in exchange of a predetermined fixed rate.

    The sale starts on 2018.03.01 (March 1st 2018) at 00:00:01 UTC and lasts for a total of 6 weeks until the 2018.04.11 (April 11th 2018) at 23:59:59 UTC.

    In order to reward early contributors, we will have a bonus that decreases each week.

    The percentage of coins reserved for the team (Founders, Developers & Advisors) will be locked for a one year period. The biggest part of the pre-mine is used to fund the SkyPay project through the Coin Sale. Contributors will benefit from this fundraiser by selling their SKYS or using them as the project takes place. The App Reserve of the coin distribution is to serve new users that will be using the SkyPay App. Of course, the SKYS cost will be less favorable than the SKYS cost during the coin sale.

    Visit our https://www.skypaydev.com & download our White Paper for complete details.

    Email: admin@skypaydev.com
    Official websites: https://www.skypaydev.com, https://skys.network (coming soon)

    Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEuTfHTjuuDBU0eWxg
    FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/SkyPay-783788811817511/
    Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/SkyPayOfficial
    Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/skypayofficial/
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/SkyPayOfficial/

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    Jimmy got a reaction from RBelkin for a link, Block Chain Space   
    Block Chain Space is a focused startup accelerator for talented visionaries creating disruptive solutions to real-world problems using blockchain technology.
    Blockchains are tamper-proof, immutable, time-stamped, transparent ledgers whose applications have the potential to improve many aspects of our lives.

    Accelerating startups to escape velocity!
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    Jimmy got a reaction from RBelkin for a link, Outlier Ventures   
    Outlier Ventures is a venture firm that invests in companies building Web 3.0 with decentralised technologies.


    None of us actually owns a digital identity. We simply ‘rent’ identities from each of the websites or apps we use, resulting in an inefficient, fraud-riddled, privacy-invading mess. Additionally, each organization we interact with must store our personal information in massive databases. These ‘silos’ become gold mines to hackers and toxic liabilities for anyone obligated to store the data. A siloed approach to identity may have worked in the early days of the Internet, but with practically every business and billions of people now online, problems such as fraud are growing rapidly. The costs of these problems will soon balloon as billions more identities come online with the Internet of Things. Regulators try to police misbehavior by dishing out billions in fines each year, but they don’t address the root cause. Data breaches continue to occur almost daily, often because siloed identity creates massive troves of data attractive to hackers.

    Solving the identity silo problem begins with a digital identity that you literally own, not just control — a “self-sovereign” identity. When combined with verifiable claims, it enables any person, organization, or thing to interact directly with any other person, organization or thing, with trust and privacy. If anyone other than you can “pull the plug” or change the rules for your identity, it isn’t self-sovereign, it is siloed – even if it uses ‘blockchain’ technology. True, globally scalable self-sovereign identity requires an open source, decentralized network which no single entity owns or controls. Until the advent of distributed ledger technology (DLT) this was impossible. Not any more. Sovrin, invented by Evernym, is the world’s only global public utility for trusted, self-sovereign identity. Like the Internet, it is not owned by anyone: everyone can use it and anyone can improve it.
    - Any person, organization, or thing can actually own their digital identity – not just control it – independent from any silo.
    - Any person, organization, or thing can instantly verify the authenticity of “claims,” including who (or what) something claims to be.
    - Complete control of how, what and when information is shared, without added risk of correlation and without creating troves of breachable data.
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    Jimmy got a reaction from Cryptomania25 for a link, Cryptocurrencytalk.com   
    Cryptocurrency news, information, and discussions about cryptocurrencies.  Get advice on what cryptocurrencies to mine, technical details about cryptocurrencies, and advice from trusted members of the community.  Cryptocurrencytalk is your new source for everything crypto.  We love discussing the world of cryptocurrencies.
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    Jimmy got a reaction from Kings of Crypto for a link, Kings of Crypto   
    We are a UK based company bringing you the latest Crypto trends from designers around the world. We create products for blockchain enthusiasts whilst promoting the technology to the new generation.

    We are passionate about the blockchain movement and believe in your right to privacy.

    All our products are made to the highest standard and shipped worldwide. We accept all major payments as well as Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Altcoins!

    Building an Empire – Block by Block. Together, people and the blockchain can make the world a better place!
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    Jimmy got a reaction from Chaliej for a link, Imperium Miner   
    What we really do?
    Imperium Miner is providing the best cryptocurrency-making machines and devices.

    Our Vision
    Our goal is to bring an end to that by providing you with the best products and service possible.

    History of Beginning
    We are located in Slovakia and started our computer parts business in 2015

    Happy customers
    100% positive feedback. Professional customer service.

    24/7 Support
    Our professional team here 24/7 to answer your question.

    IT Experts
    Our experienced IT engineers provide very great technical support
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    Jimmy reacted to CoinFoundry for a link, poolmining.org   
    poolmining.org is an established and reliable multi-currency mining pool with dedicated support.
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    Jimmy got a reaction from phakamisa for a link, Coinminerz.com   
    Cryptocurrency mining pool.
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    Jimmy got a reaction from Chiclets for a link, Bitcoin CCT Forum   
    Bitcoin BTC forum on cryptocurrencytalk.com.
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    Jimmy got a reaction from bit_Martin for a link, Coinpit.io   
    Coinpit Platform
    Coinpit is a security and compliance platform that enables financial exchanges to offer products that are trustless, transparent, and private. We use multi-signature technology, the user’s private key is never transmitted over the wire, ensuring that only the user can transfer and retrieve the funds. The platform doesn’t hold any of the user’s information and does not use any third party involvement to approve the transactions.

    Global Futures Market
    Coinpit builds financial software that brings the following crypto properties to the financial system: Provable security, Zero-knowledge authentication and transparency.

    Cryptographically guarded funds
    Coinpit builds exchange software that mitigates the most severe fiduciary risks on crypto-exchanges. We use multi-signature addresses where the user’s private key is never transmitted to the exchange, assuring that a security breach cannot compromise user’s funds, making your exchange immune to failure from theft from internal or external agents.
    The user’s funds are always available for future withdrawal as a raw bitcoin transaction, and in case the exchange shuts down, users can simply publish the transaction to the bitcoin network to recover their coins.
    It’s an exchange where your money is mathematically proven to not be lost in the event of an exchange failure or shutdown. Your finances are on the blockchain and not a database entry. And yet performs fast enough for high volumes.

    World-class trading platform
    Coinpit combines the features of world-class trading platform and the security of cryptography. From a variety of entry orders (Limit, Stop Limit, Stop Market, Market) to automatic target and stop loss orders with OCO, you can focus more on reading the market and less on actively managing the trade.
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    Jimmy reacted to Modez Martin for a link, Get realTime tweet about altcoins   
    I'me Dezmou I'me a software developper and altcoins enthusiast.
    I came here to share with you my last creation, note it is a non-lucrative website, I am not here for spamming.
    It is a website for get real time tweets talking about altcoins filtered by your keywords.
    For exemple on this time, if you are concerned about china bitcoin ban, you can set a keyword "china" like this :
    Then you get the freshest infos about your concern.
    The site is still in developpement and feedbacks and asks for news features are appreciated !
    Thanks you for testing
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    Jimmy reacted to cryptolover89 for a link, Doges4All.co | Dogecoin Faucet - Claim every 15 minutes   
    Claim dogecoins every 15 minutes at Doges4All.co
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    Jimmy reacted to cryptolover89 for a link, Lites4All.co | Litecoin Faucet - Claim every 30 minutes   
    Claim litecoins every 30 minutes at Lites4all.co

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