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    Jimmy reacted to AvailCom in [ANN] [PRE-ICO] 🔥 AvailCom - NEW GENERATION TENANCY OF PROPERTY 🔥   

    1. What is AvailCom?
    AvailCom is a decentralized platform for almost any property renting, for example, apartments, houses, cars, bicycles, etc., with the possibility of paying in fiat currency, as well as without interest.
    2. Is it possible to lease out/ rent only by keyless access in the platform?
    No, it is not. It will be possible to rent a house directly by meeting with the landlord. It all depends on how the landlord will be ready to rent an apartment, and also on the level of verification.
    3. Where will the platform be launched?
    We plan to launch the platform in the US, and if HardCap is collected or close to it, then after a successful launch in the US, we will immediately begin to develop our platform in Europe.  
    4. Is it difficult to install your equipment?
    With regards to the equipment for housing, it is easy to install it. You do not even have to change your regular lock, you will need to follow the instructions that come with the kit. With cars, everything is much complicated, our equipment is connected directly with the electronics of the car in order to provide better safety, therefore the equipment can be installed in a car repair service that installs security systems on a car.
    5. Will the company be audited?
    Certainly. For the audit, one of the best and trusted European companies will be selected using voting within the platform.
    6.  I use other services, why should I use yours?
    AvailCom included all the advantages of other platforms and many of its own development. Our platform aims to unite not only private owners of the movable and immovable property, but also small and large companies, allowing the market to develop in a new direction.
    7. When do you plan to call up the AvailCom platform?
    We plan to launch the platform in a test mode in August 2018. A full-fledged launch will be scheduled for January 2019
    8. Do I have to pay for registration or make a deposit payment?
    Definitely not! Using the platform is absolutely free, AVL tokens you can spend on paying for a reservation, raising and allocating ads or other premium privileges.
    9.  How will be the transactions made?
    All transactions between landlords and tenants will occur in both cryptocurrencies and in fiat. When paying in fiat currencies, a percentage will be set that will go to buy AVL tokens and their subsequent burning.
    10. Is the AVL token a pay-through bond?
    AvailCom's token is not a pay-through bond. This is a digital product that does not have ownership rights, and this token is a fuel to assist in the operation of the platform within the AvailCom ecosystem.
    11.  Do you plan to place a token on exchanges?
    Yes, this is a priority step in our roadmap and the release of the token on the stock exchange is scheduled, immediately after the completion of DAICO. At this stage, negotiations are underway, but we do not stop in this direction.
    12. What is the difference between DAICO and ICO?
    The main difference between DAICO is the complete management of the funds received at DAICO time by the investors themselves, a smart contract prescribes the frequency of issuing funds to the team, as well as funds issuance by voting, thus we once again affirm our security.
    13. What are your plans for the collection of SoftCap or HardCap?
    Our direct goal is to collect HardCap, because the larger the fee, the more countries we will be able to cover and develop our platform there, respectively, the development period of the platform is directly related to the amount of funding. It's no secret that the price of the token affects the reach of the audience and the interest of the project.

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    Jimmy reacted to goldbitscoin in Best Gold Backed Cryptocurrency to Invest | GoldBitsCoin   
    Gold Bits coin is a trending crypto with Real Gold sponsorship. It can influence you to accomplish the experience of the best of the two Worlds: Trending crypto and the security of the real gold. With GoldBitsCoin, you can have every single coin that you have bought moved down by real gold. This offers more security than other cryptocurrencies.
    GBC is currently LIAISING with a few EXCHANGES on getting GBC listed with Multiple types of TRADING PAIRS.
    What this would do is:
    Inter-Trade ability with many other types of Cryptocurrency.
     More Volume attracted to GBC from multiple different types of COIN HOLDERS.
    Essentially creates MORE VALUE for GBC.
    INTRODUCES new types of Use Cases.
    Gold Bits Coin introduces a smart inclusive decision making feature of “VOTING”.
    Token holders can Vote for decisions in company.
    token holders vote and decide GBC currency decisions 
    means inclusive Governance and semi Decentralized control.

    Visit us on: https://goldbitscoin.com/

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    This is fake and scam. This user haven't logged back in since 18th April so how can he reward you once he don't check the information. Its just a way to get as many telgram and twitter followers as possible.
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    Jimmy reacted to The Joker in Luckycoin giveaway 2: Celebrating Luckycoin block 88888!   
    I think this project is dead as the developer haven't been online since 2015. So posting here is a kind of wasting time
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    Jimmy reacted to DikkieD in Welcome New Members!   
    Good to be here :). I am Ilya. Started crypto in 2011, but never really started in 2011. Bought bitcoin, but in the end I didn't buy bitcoin. Mined bitcoin after that incident, but after one month I really didn't mine bitcoin (used an old laptop, got bored after having it on 24/7 for a month not reaching 1 bitcoin, so stopped . So forward to Q4 2017. Bought some altcoins. Made some $$. Sold some altcoins, made more $$$. Then after January I am one of many forced holders . Don't mind, like this 'scene' very much and things will pick up again...if not, well....:)
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    Jimmy reacted to Nessie.IO in Welcome New Members!   
    Hey guys,

    I'm part of Nessie.io, a new Cryptocurrency exchange that is connected to Moneypot, cryptocurrency web-wallet suite and gaming platform, and powered by MonsterByte.

    Despite having a business that I'd like to share with you guys, I look forward to actively participating here at cryptocurrencytalk.com and thank you for accepting me into this awesome community.

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    Jimmy reacted to biggico in Welcome New Members!   
    I am glad to be a part of cryptocurrency talk community!
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    Jimmy reacted to Crypterum in Welcome New Members!   
    Hey, guys! I
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    Jimmy reacted to INDIGEN in Welcome New Members!   
    Hello, everyone. Thanks for this wonderful forum. I'm the founder of Indigen coin and Indigen Exchange. If any body interested to list their coins on IDGx, you are welcome to check out https://idgx.io and we welcome coins forked from Bitcoin, CryptoNote / Forknote coins, ERC-20 tokens. We also do not have volume quota.
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    Jimmy reacted to alibag in BitCrash.us -- The Social Gambling Game (Faucet Available)   
    BitCrash.us is a thrilling social bitcoin gambling game. It's a real time, simple, and exciting game where you can securely play for fun or to win a fortune.

    Each round of the game, you have the opportunity to place a bet before the round starts. Once the round begins, a lucky multiplier starts at 1x and begins climbing higher and higher.

    At any moment, you can click "Cashout" to lock in the current multiplier which awards you with your multiplied bet.

    The longer you stay in the game before cashing out, the higher the multiplier gets. But beware! Every tick of the game has a chance of busting. If you do not cash out before the bust, you lose your bet.

    Every round is a fight between risk and reward. Do you cash out at 1.1x for a conservative win? Or do you stay in the game to hunt the high 1000x multipliers?

    go to https://www.bitcrash.us and have fun!!.
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    Jimmy reacted to Parishy in Should I consider Bitcoin a store of value?   
    Spending Bitcoin vs. keeping it as a store of value. What are your thoughts? 
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    Jimmy reacted to iVOXCOIN in [ANN] iVOX Token Investmen center sustetable proyect   
    iVOX Token Web | Whitepaper | Roadmap | Register | iVOX Token Sale | Bounty Program | Team and Partners |  

    iVOX Token will allow you not only to invest in a Cryptoactive, it is also a business model that will allow you to receive more coins regardless of the value of the asset in the market through the iVOX Token investment funds you can invest your assets in this center. business receiving an exponential monthly rate at 3.5% per month and you will receive your iVOX Tokens in your portfolio once your contract ends each month, when investing in iVOX do not open another investment model more than the monthly rate, if you want to invest them again you should do a new investment to continue multiplying your assets. iVOX is an asset that does not allow mining in its code, so the only way to obtain the asset is by buying it or by investing it in our investment fund.
    TokeniVOX (IVOX) Contract: 0x34fbb24940304675694bc2090bee3a655e623fc5
    Total created tokens: 35 million
    Decimals: 8
    Total available tokens for circulation: 28 million
    20% of the token (7 million IVOX tokens) will remain as a safeguard for future circulation, when the development team decides that it is a good time to put the assets into circulation.

    Investing in New ICOS The 10% of the earnings obtained are invested each month in the purchase of other ICOS, tokens and cryptocurrencies that are due to go to the market, or that are already circulating, will be prioritized in those that have as purpose the scientific research, to the technological development in cryptocurrencies, the sustainable development of communities, the preservation of the environment and humanitarian aid.
    Humanitarian aid 10% of the earnings obtained are invested in humanitarian aid.
    Development, infrastructure and mining 20% of the profits are invested in sustainable mining of cryptocurrencies and Ethereum to strengthen the development of the ERC technology and development of IVOX token to generate its own peer-to-peer exchange network, active mining and code development for help societies through intelligent contracts.
    Administration and operation 10% of the profits are invested in the administration and operation of the network and the IVOX assets sales team.
    OWN network development 20% of the profits are invested in the development of a second asset or Criptomoneda with improvements in its code, an own network and contract that allows to give economic sustainability to the investors in the Criptomoneda to obtain a rate of 3.5% monthly.
    Marketing 20% of the proceeds will be allocated to all marketing actions to promote the use, purchase of the currency, benefits of acquiring it, Identity creation and brand value. IVOX INVESTMENT CENTER | WORKING FOR CHANGES 5 Reserve funds The rest will go to a reserve fund to combat and prevent any kind of contingency.
    IVOX is born from the need to integrate the citizens of Latin American countries to the social and economic development of cryptocurrencies through the Ethereum network, born as a decentralized token with multiple purposes, the main purposes of IVOX Token are: • Generate an investment bag that works as a real asset-saving system, which turn allows to obtain savings returns from the gains obtained by the token and the company IVOX. • To encourage the investment and use of cryptocurrencies in Latin America to improve the quality of life for people with a savings system.
    Easy buying with MetaMask


     Assome of these benefits we can mention:
    The technology unit and a standard protocol, facilitating the work to the developers. Less complexity in the understanding of each token type implemented, since all will be based on the same principles of functionality.
    Greater liquidity of the ERC20 tokens, to be used in a large part of the ICO and as a basis for work for the projects.
    Lower risk of breaking contracts, having no impediments or incompatibilities.The uniformity that the standard features of the token bring to the network also generates ease of exchange among users, regardless of the intermediaries in the transactions.
    Wallets compatible with ERC20 tokens since most of the ICOs are carried out with the use of this token ERC20 and the Blockchain Ethereum, it is essential to have a compatible and safe portfolio to store them, if at any time we participate in one of them.
    There is a wide variety of alternatives in terms of portfolios that support this token, with hardware being the most optimal and secure version, but other free versions are also available on the web.Some of the options that we recommend regarding wallets to store iVOX Token are:
    There is currently a large number of ERC20 tokens in the Blockchain of Ethereum, which means that the standard has had a good impact on the development of other tokens and decentralized applications that interact on the network.
    On the other hand, in addition to simplifying innovation to developers, creates a space for the possibility of fraud by conducting ICOs through the facility provided by this protocol, so it is convenient to be careful in the future when participating in an offer of some new project, we recommend you read our whitepapper and know our roadmap before investing in this project, you can also verify the existence of our TOKEN in the network www.etherscan.io where you can know our public record and contract in the Ethereum Network You can also go to the following link to go directly to the contract 0x34fbb24940304675694bc2090bee3a655e623fc5 value will be established in time according to the utility that is provided, but until now it has been a great contribution to the Ethereum platform and to the activity of development in the ecosystem as such.

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    Jimmy reacted to iVOXCOIN in [ANN] iVOX Token Investmen center sustetable proyect   

    Follow iVOX TOKEN
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    Jimmy reacted to Bitsburg in Place where you can exchange your goods for crypto   
    Hello guys!
    What do you think about next idea. Crypto classified ads service where you can buy and sell your goods?
    Intersting option for people who interested in CryptoCurrency. What is your opinion?
    Would you like to join this project? 
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    Jimmy reacted to ACCadcoin in [ANN] AdCoin Click - Reach a massive crypto audience in minutes   
    On May 1st AdCoin has released their brand-new advertising platform: AdCoin.Click. After already releasing Wordpress, Woocommerce and Drupal integrations this platform is AdCoin’s first BIG step to reinvent advertising. The AdCoin team managed to build the unique platform within just 2 months and it is already packed with AMAZING USP’s!


    5-minute launch
    Benefit form fast payments with almost ZERO-fee on the advertising platform that welcomes cryptocurrency advertising!

    A-Tier publishers
    Promote your ICO or roadmap at hyper targeted websites. We DON’T do spammy traffic that doesn’t convert into direct business. All advertising spaces are manually checked by AdCoin.Click staff.

    Instant crypto audience
    Create awareness for your next ‘big thing’. We know how to get crypto enthusiasts to LOVE your project.

    Precise targeting
    80% of your ad spend is a WASTE of money. Spread your budget across the best converting websites and maximize your results so you can CUT the 80%!


    Show relevant ads
    Show relevant ads to your visitors and be part of a high-quality publisher network. AdCoin.click focusses on your niche and there are different categories within the cryptocurrency and blockchain space to make sure both the advertiser and publisher reach the full potential of the ad-space.

    No competitive restrictions
    The publisher is free to add AdCoin.click ads next to other advertising networks spaces. Choose between a wide variety of sizes to create an extra space for AdCoin.Click ads.

    Passive & automated income
    AdCoin.Click offers a great CPM (you can set your own minimum!) and the setup only requires a couple of minutes.

    AdCoin pay-out
    Get direct pay outs to your AdCoin wallet without transactional costs. Enjoy the fast transactions and ZERO FEE micro-transaction withdrawals. Convert your AdCoin for other cryptocurrencies or hold your AdCoin to benefit from its upward potential!


    User friendly platform and personal support

    We build our platform so that it’s user friendly and easy for every user! Also, every platform user will get a personal account manager that can help you when you have problems or questions. They are almost 24/7 AVAILABLE and with a personal phone number you can call them whenever you want

    In short, our platform is THE SOLUTION for the advertising market and now it’s possible to advertise your projects or make money with your site through ADCOIN.CLICK.

    Join us now at: https://www.adcoin.click

    More information?

    For more information about AdCoin or AdCoin.click please have a look at our site: www.getadcoin.com or join our telegram group: https://t.me/adcoinacc and ask for an admin!
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    Jimmy reacted to ACCadcoin in [ANN] AdCoin Click - Reach a massive crypto audience in minutes   
    🚀 ADCOIN CLICK 2.0 IS NOW LIVE! 🚀After weeks of hard work we released our new advertising platform!💪🤟

     Join us today! https://www.adcoin.click/ 
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    Official Argentas Announcement

    Argentas Telegram Group https://t.me/joinchat/HPwImhFyoDHYhgN_WIZj5A
    Website: https://argentas.io
    White paper (Github): https://github.com/argentasio/Documentation/blob/master/whitepaper.md
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/argentasio
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/argentas.io/
    Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/HPwImhFyoDHYhgN_WIZj5A
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTXWWAuLmMqMhKAMWUWoNhw
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/argentas.io/
    Medium: https://medium.com/argentas

    AXU (Argentas Exchange Unit)
    Token pre-distribution started & ongoing
    ICO 3rd quarter 2018 – dates to be announced later


    Pre-distribution hard cap 100,000,000 AXU Tokens
    (corresponds to 40,000,000 XLM at the fixed rate of 0.4 XLM for 1 AXU – 1 AXU is ca. USD 0.11)

    XLM-compatible AXU Tokens are verified and listed on https://stellarport.io decentralized exchange
    Official bounty campaign: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4438466

    -----   *   *   *   -----

    Incumbent banks and central banks will not change the world.
    We will. While the incumbents focus on maintaining and defending
    their power, we focus on helping to build a new open global financial
    system that is accessible to all.

    Argentas introduces the new Architecture of Money (AOM) https://www.argentas.io/documents/aom.pdf
    AOM helps to transform global banking, payments and other financial services,
    migrate such activities into blockchain ecosystem, and generate entirely new
    economic and financial activity in the crypto-driven economic system.

    AOM decentralizes banking and finance, and eventually banks and
    bank accounts as we know will disappear into the blockchain.

    The future is now.

    A 2nd generation financial blockchain platform
    As a powerful second generation blockchain project, Argentas helps to build new
    open global financial system. The Argentas ecosystem, based on its new
    Architecture of Money, will be formed around its core HydraNet blockchain,
    network interfaces and bridge entities, and an eventual decentralized
    application platform focusing on global financial applications.
    Argentas has the potential to become the decentralized blockchain
    application platform and ecosystem for global finance.

    See the video:

    -----   *   *   *   -----

    Banks and bank accounts will disappear
    Global finance will 'go crypto', and there is no way back:

    (1) Bank accounts and banks as we know them will disappear and morph into
    blockchain network interfaces – blockchain will record transactions and hold ‘account balances’.
    (2) Bank services will become dapps, decentralized applications. (3) Enabled by the distributed
    ledger technologies (DLT), first time ever, truly global, instant and virtually free payments
    are possible. (4) DLTs have first time ever made possible to create a truly global open
    financial architecture and system – without any central authority or control.

    No one has so far created a ‘perfect’ solution to make this all happen:
    This is the perfect opportunity ahead.
    -----   *   *   *   -----

    (1) Backed by strong financial services and technology (Fintech)
    experience and expertise in building and launching real life business grade Fintech
    platforms and operating businesses, the Argentas team has a realistic project
    that creates a powerful second generation blockchain platform to transition
    global payments and ‘centralized’ banking into the decentralized world of blockchain.
    (2) The project is not only to create the right kind of blockchain platform and
    native cryptocurrency, but an ecosystem also covering the interfaces, bridge entities
    and dapps to facilitate smooth movement and transition between traditional
    and crypto economies, migrating and creating real business activity, boosting
    the growth of the crypto economy.

    (3) The project is not “proof-of-concept” but focuses on helping to build sustainable
    real value-adding economic activities, and growing the new decentralized economy.
    (4) Argentas decentralizes banking and payments and gives financial power back
    to the people.

    (5) The network will become the ‘de-central bank of crypto’,
    which will generate immense value to its users in terms of money, time and effort saved
    and new crypto economic and financial activity created.

    (6) Global finance will be made democratic: universal access will be
    given to all, and the bank will truly be in the pocket of every user, enabling true
    financial inclusion.
    -----   *   *   *   -----

    The space we are in is enormous, potentially covering the business of traditional
    banks, payment firms, payment card schemes (Visa, MC, Amex etc.), financial messaging
    networks (Swift) and other financial services providers.

    The total global market cap of banks (largest ones ca. USD 400 billion) is into tens of trillions of dollars,
    leading card schemes more than a trillion, and e.g. SWIFT processes trillions of dollars worth payments
    every day. These amounts tell something about the value of this space of tens of trillions of dollars
    we are disrupting, and migrating and growing the activity into new crypto ecosystems with
    enormous value-added.

    Most financial transactions will be digital and decentralized, and Argentas is well positioned
    to capture this vast creation of new value.
    -----   *   *   *   -----

    Some of the key requirements for such 2nd gen blockchain in order to be successful are the following,
    leveraging our substantial Fintech experience in building and operating streamlined and
    most modern enterprise grade financial platforms:

    (1) Speed (low latency): Fast transaction confirmation times of 2-5 seconds (base case), w/objective
    instant (sub-second)

    (2) Transaction throughput (scalability): Targeting at least 50-60 thousand transactions
    per second (e.g. the global volume of Visa), but research on “lightning network” (no viable commercial
    application exists yet) as secondary payment channel and/or powerful primary layer solutions to enable
    up to millions of transactions per second

    (3) No mining: Consensus-based transaction validation (based on a fault-tolerant variation of ‘Byzantine Generals’ Agreement), no proof-of work (PoW) /proof-of-stake (PoS),
    consumes much less computing power, much more environmentally friendly

    (4) Low transaction cost: Lack of mining consumes much less computing power,
    causing much less network congestion and capacity problems, which enables much lower costs

    (5) Decentralized control, transparency and flexible trust: Anyone free to access
    and participate the network and choose who to trust – anyone equal, enabling complete financial inclusion

    (6) Safety and security: The security should not only rest on “normal” digital
    signatures and hash families (base case) but eventually be quantum resistant (for which more research is needed)

    (7) Smart sharding: Research on the possibility not to replicate the whole ledger entirely
    (as in base case) but portion it across the network through “smart sharding”, lowering network load
    & increasing overall capacity

    (8 ) Easy, convenient, intuitive user interfaces: User interfaces – e.g. the native the wallet,
    are simple and easy to use, intuitively facilitating buy, sell, store and transfer of value and
    use of any available app.
    -----   *   *   *   -----

    Our thinking is that in order to be successful, we do not only need core
    blockchain protocol, but an entire new synergistic ecosystem that facilitates the
    migration of true economic activity between the traditional economy and the
    cryptoeconomy, and the creation of entirely new kind of economic activity
    in the crypto sphere.

    The Argentas Ecosystem (“AE”) will have three principal dimensions that will create
    automatic internal synergies, reinforcing it and increasing its value-added through
    every additional piece of economic activity or transaction:

    (1) HydraNet – the Argentas-developed protocol and blockchain (including its all is components)

    (2) HydraNet interfaces / bridge entities such as native wallets, exchanges, banks and other
    actors interfacing with HydraNet

    (3) HydraNet dApps – further decentralized applications (dapps) that leverage the power of
    HydraNet for economic activity

    Given the fast-evolving nature of the cryptocurrency sphere and the underlying technologies,
     the structure and components of the AE are likely to evolve accordingly.

    The AE has been conceived so that every dimension will support and the strengthen the network
    and the ecosystem itself, so the growth of any dimension – the number of network nodes, the volume
    of transactions (in its native assets or otherwise), the number and type of network bridges and
     interfaces, and the number and type of other dapps (e.g. wallets are also dapps) –
    will boost the position and value of the network, all components being mutually
    synergistic to benefit the ecosystem as a whole, potentially creating the
    leading blockchain ecosystem for global finance.
    -----   *   *   *   -----

    The development of the ecosystem is divided in two major phases:

    Phase 1: Development and implementation of (i) the HydraNet protocol and blockchain,
    and (ii) its key interfaces & bridges i.e. wallet (native), exchange (native) and banks
    (non-native connecting through APIs) or similar, because the network use, when interfaced
    with the “rest of the world” will significantly increase through the bridge entities compared
    to the singular use of its native digital asset / cryptocurrency for transactions,
    when not interfaced. In order to facilitate the transition between the ‘old’ and ‘new’ systems
    towards the ‘post-banking’ era in the new global financial system, Argentas may or may
    not partner with, invest in, hold, acquire, set up or dispose various network bridge entities
    such banking units, while the fulfilment of its strategic objectives is independent of such units.

    Phase 2: Development of further dapps & wider ecosystem  – the further dapps, which
    may also interface with the other network key user interfaces such as wallets, exchanges
    and banks, will focus on financial activities that boost general economic activity, crypto and
    traditional, and provide value-adding services that could be ones like decentralized lending
    that will be inherently supported by HydraNet structure. Dapp development and interfacing
    will be open to all, and it will be the intention of Argentas to support the development and
    integration of interfaces, bridge entities and dapps in the AE through venture funding
    or similar initiatives, depending on the resources available.
    -----   *   *   *   -----

     Why a bank entity adds value for a network that will render banks useless?

    Even if banks and bank accounts will eventually disappear,
    as of today, they can interface with and act as important bridges between
    the crypto economy and the traditional economy, holding balances
    of fiat money and other non-crypto assets that are issued as
    network credit.

    Recent bad treatment of crypto users by traditional banks,
    blocking access to their payment, card and other services, makes it
    urgent to have crypto friendly banks available.

    A bank entity can act as a laboratory
    for the transition from closed-ledger “centralized” banks to the DLT
     “decentralized” crypto banking, and dapps replacing banking
    services on the network, eventually making the network the bank.

    Such model bank(s) would run an entirely digital online
    platform leveraging machine learning / artificial intelligence and minimize
    human intervention.
    -----   *   *   * -----


    Argentas as a project was formed to fulfill its mission of


    The objective of Argentas is to evolve into the leading blockchain ecosystem for global finance.
    -----   *   *   *   -----

    Argentas offers its community – the early believers, fans and supporters
    – an early opportunity to currently participate, in preferred terms, in the private pre-distribution of the Stellar
    XLM compatible AXU (Argentas Exchange Unit) Token through its website https://argentas.io – just click “Get AXU” and follow simple & easy instructions.

    There are also articles on Medium to explain the easy & quick steps to acquire AXU Tokens:
    as well as  how to buy some XLM and set up your wallet
    (https://medium.com/argentas/how-to-buy-xlm-in-order-to-get-axu-tokens-107d45b596dc) if you don’t yet have any.

    The AXU Tokens are also listed and verified on the StellarPort (https://portal.stellarport.io/) decentralized exchange
    and can be acquired and traded (independently of Argentas) through the exchange.
    A public token distribution at higher rates will take place later during the third quarter of the year.
    The price per token at the ICO phase may be twice the level in this pre-distribution.
    -----   *   *   *   -----

     Please visit the Careers page of our website and consult the current job openings.
    -----   *   *   *   -----


    To find out more about the Argentas project check out:
    Website: https://argentas.io
    White paper (Github): https://github.com/argentasio/Documentation/blob/master/whitepaper.md
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/argentasio
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/argentas.io/
    Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/HPwImhFyoDHYhgN_WIZj5A
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTXWWAuLmMqMhKAMWUWoNhw
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/argentas.io/
    Medium: https://medium.com/argentas
    -----   *   *   *   -----


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    Jimmy reacted to Gratzio in [ANN] [PRE-ICO] GRATZIO - Global marketplace for instant favors on Stellar blockchain   
    Decentralized marketplace for instant person-to-person services

    Website | Telegram | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Github | Reddit



    Gratzio is a global marketplace for favors based on Stellar blockchain that offers its users an ability to order or perform people-to-people instant services in exchange for cryptocurrency. The marketplace is accessible by Gratzio decentralized application that will be available via iOS store, Android Google Play as well as via regular browser with Internet access.

    Gratzio is planning to transition to Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that will be fully governed by its users by Q4 2020

    All payments within the Gratzio platform are powered by Gratz (GRAT) utility token based on a Stellar Consensus Protocol. Stellar provides blazing fast transaction speed, extremely low transaction fees and has built-in exchange service wich makes it a perfect solution for micro payments.

    Users can perform services for other users in order to earn GRATZ tokens using Gratzio dApp.
    Additionally, users can purchase or convert Gratz tokens into other cryptocurrencies as well as local fiat money through Gratzio platform or by utilizing third-party crypto exchanges. 

    Gratzio advantages:
    Blockchain capacity: 1000 transactions / second Transactions speed: 2-5 seconds Transaction fee: $0.05 Built-in Escrow service Built-in exchange of BTC, GRAT, ETH, XLM Stellar-compatible Secure Wallet 14 compatible 3-rd party wallets
    Token Name: Gratz Token Symbol: GRAT Blockchain: Stellar Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

    Token sale:
    Presale: June 14th, 2018 - July 14th, 2018 Presale: Hard cap: of 500K XLM Presale price: $0.03 USD Main Sale: July 30th, 2018 - August 30th, 2018 Main Sale Price: $0.05 USD Payments accepted: XLM, BTC, ETH The tokens will be locked until the end of the main sale.
    Token Allocation:
    5% — Pre-sale
    55% — Initial Token Offering
    20% — Gradual User Acquisition
    10% — Operational fund
    10% — Team and advisers

    ICO Funds Distribution:
    20% — Development
    50% — Marketing
    20% — Stabilization fund
    5% — Legal expenses
    5% — Partnerships

    Serge Ustiuzhanin, COO
    MS in cybersecurity with 18+ years of experience developing projects for numerous Fortune 500 companies including IBM Security, Mercedes-Benz Research & Development and QVC. Previously served as CTO at Political Advertising Network and worked as a Senior Software Developer at Inc Magazine.
    Dmytro Khovavko, CTO
    18 years of development for FinTech, IP-telephony and Gaming industries; specializes in building of high-load enterprise systems and cryptography security solutions.
    Previously served as Head of Software development at Brokbusinessbank, worked as Senior Engineer at Wargaming (World of Tanks) and Siemens  
    Olga Beckman, Head of PR
    Marketing expert with a number of successfully realized communication strategies for multiple political, non-profit and grassroots campaigns.
    Prior to Gratzio, worked at Political Advertising Network on presidential campaigns for Barack Obama and Ron Paul as well as non-profits such as Humane Society of the United States.
    Tony Patryn, Art Director
    Graduate of Columbia College Chicago with a BFA in Graphic Design and an Associates Degree in Graphic Design and Multimedia from Westwood College.
    A professional with over 15 years of experience in digital marketing and branding, he has worked on multiple award-winning ad campaigns in Chicago and New York. 

    Affiliate program:

    Register at https://gratz.io/register and receive your unique affiliate link. Get 50 Gratz for every person that register and complete KYC form using your affiliate link.


    Website: https://gratz.io
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/gratz_io
    Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/Iv1YAxDA-jX--FZbij2YYw
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gratzio/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gratzio.dapp/
    Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Gratzio/
    Medium: https://medium.com/gratzio
    Steeit: https://steemit.com/@gratzio
    Github: https://github.com/gratzio
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    Jimmy reacted to TrueDeck in [ANN] TrueDeck - #1 EOS Blockchain Casino Platform   
    We are glad to introduce
    #1 EOS Blockchain Based Casino Platform
    The standard for online gambling industry
    Open, Decentralized & TrustFree
    Feel free to ask and discuss!
    Website | Read Whitepaper | Twitter | Telegram Community & Channel

    Contract Details
    Contract Address
    Contract Owner
    Partners Addresses
    Token Tracker
    Contract ABI

    Bounty Campaigns
    We will be launching a separate ANN just for bounty campaign.
    Bounty campaign will be comprising of:
    1. Translation campaign
    2. Medium campaign
    3. Steemit campaign
    4. Blog/Forum campaign
    5. YouTube campaign
    6. Reddit campaign
    7. Bitcointalk Avatar & Signature campaign[/color]

    Coinage Calculation
    For one token transfer, the coinage is calculated as follows:

    So for an address, total coinage is calculated as follows:

    >TOTAL_COINAGE = SUM OF ALL COINAGE (calculated for each token transfer)
    Coinage calculation will also consider minimum and maximum coinage parameters.

    > MINIMUM_COIN_AGE =  3 days MAXIMUM_COIN_AGE = 60 days
    Coinage will reset on the occurrence of any transaction defined below:
    1. Any output token transfer
    2. On minting tokens
    Below is an example:

    > 1. Alice sends a token transfer of 20 TDP tokens to Bob on 1st June 2018 00:00:00 GMT. 2. The coinage for Bob will be 0 until 3 days (Minimum Coin Age) passes. 3. At 4th June 2018 00:00:00 GMT, the coinage for Bob will be 60 and increases as days pass:           Bob Coinage = NUMBER_OF_TOKENS X NUMBER_OF_DAYS = 20 X 3 = 60   4. After 60 days (Maximum Coin Age), Bob coinage will become constant to:           Bob Coinage = NUMBER_OF_TOKENS X NUMBER_OF_DAYS = 20 X 60 = 1200   5. If Bob receives another token transfer, coinage for this transfer will be calculated separately    and added to the total coinage. 6. But if Bob sends 5 TDP tokens to Carol, his all previous coinage will be replaced with his rest    of the balance which is 15 TDP tokens at current time and process repeats from Step 2. 7. Same thing will happen when he mints new TDP tokens, his all previous coinage will be replaced    with his current balance (including new tokens) at current time.
    Thus, final reward for the address is calculated as:
    Note: The reward will not be distributed but have to be claimed!


    Copyright © 2018, TrueDeck Ltd. Company Number 11263477

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    Jimmy reacted to cryptodemystified in POWH: An Ethereum Blockchain Managed Smart Contract Economy In 3-Dimension   


    An Ethereum Blockchain Managed Smart Contract Economy In 3-Dimension

    What is POWH?

    In a nutshell, POWHRU is an ETH Token, which rewards you for holding it. Every buy order increases and every sell order decreases its price. Additionally, every single POWHRU transaction has a 10% fee, which gets split up proportionately among all P3DRU owners. This means that if you buy in before others do, you will benefit from dividends and a rising token value. Even when people are selling and your POWHRU tokens lose some value, you get dividends.

    Buy P3DRU


    POWH Community



    1. Is POWH a scam?
    - No. While POWHRU uses a sort of pyramid system, it is not a scam. A scam would allow the creator to profit at the expense of the investors, while this token runs on a smart contract, which makes this impossible. There have been already many different attempts at stealing the ETH, as the contracts ATH was at almost 20’000 ETH.
    The good thing about ETH Tokens is, that they are open-source. You can go over the code yourself to verify that it is legitimate!
    2. What is the minimum investement?
    - There is no minimum investment required for this token; however, I recommend buying at least 5 tokens so your masternode is enabled.
    3. What is a masternode?
    - In actual cryptocurrencies, Masternodes are nodes that hold a defined amount of coins, to prove that they are invested into the coin. In return, these nodes get a cut of the transaction fees, as miners do. With POWHRU, the masternode is just a “marketing term” for a referral link.
    4. Can I refer myself?
    - Yes, but you will need two accounts. Here is a quick guide: Buy 5 P3DRU tokens with your first address. Create a second address on Metamask, and send your ETH there (Leave a little bit behind so you can reinvest on the first address). Copy your masternode link, delete your cookies and visit the site with your link. Buy the tokens and enjoy a 3.33% Cashback :)
    5. Why should I invest?
    - This is a coin that reacts very well to price surges, as the token value goes up and the investors get dividends.
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    Jimmy reacted to flark in Use Your Coins to Buy Original Art   

    Title: Circles
    Size: 20"W x 16"H
    Medium: Canvas
    Ready to Hang
    Signed by the Artist
    Original, one of a kind artwork for your wall.
    Price: 0.01590 BTC
    Shipping to the US is free, all others please request a quote.
    Price subject to change based on current BTC value. Alt currencies considered on an individual basis.
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    Jimmy reacted to flark in Use Your Coins to Buy Original Art   
    Two pieces recently sold.

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    Jimmy reacted to flark in Use Your Coins to Buy Original Art   
    This piece sold today!

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    Jimmy reacted to litexcoin in [ANN] ⚡️ LITEX COIN 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻ICO ⚡️ MASTERNODE 👍 PoS BOUNTY ⚡️CRYPTOLOANS   
    Now we are on YouTube!
    Litex Coin Intro https://youtu.be/ekdLWC1iERY  via @YouTube

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