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Polish Central Bank admitted to have paid YouTubers to make anti-crypto videos. They were doing a campaign against cryptocurrencies on YouTube and Facebook. Article: https://cointelegraph.com/news...
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The DeviantCoin (DEV) is a PoS/Masternode based cryptocurrency. Our main focus is to provide a secure mode of crypto experience.While being Anonymous, cryptographic and security principals are incorporated throughout the entire Development Life Cycle to guarantee a secure core meeting the requirements and expectations.You own your private keys.In this world of plethora of digital tokens, we provide a decentralized wallet to access all of your funds at one place. Our roadmap includes a fully decentralized hardware wallet that works on the same platform. This adds to the security of the platform by enabling hash keys to secure your web access with additional 2-Factor Authentication.
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Masternode Comparisons Charts. List any Masternode comparison charts you find.
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For all people interested in passive income and interest generation, I will present a new project of mine.
Everyone interested in generating revenue using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will have come in contact with topics like trading, scalping and lending. The first two topics need a tremendous amount of time and sophisticated knowledge in that area to be profitable.
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With so much money pouring into the cryptocurrency space, particularly in ICOs, social media has become a minefield. Everywhere you step, there's a potential conflict of interest. But that's...
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Since the release of Bitcoin’s white paper, we have seen the birth of a large number of companies providing digital assets exchange services. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are thus traded on multiple exchanges, leading to a broad diversity of prices. GDXM  is a web-application built for cryptocurrencies holders and traders who need to monitor digital assets on many exchanges.
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Decibel is the Blockchain approach to music and media encryption and delivery. The digital era has plagued the overall value of music, media, and files a like. The ability to torrent and pirate information has made simply keeping your digital files on your computer unsafe. Leaks are causing the value of data and art alike to decrease in value, demolishing the overall outcome of entertainment and it’s worth. Decibel plans to lead the revolution is music/media revival by integrating the security, scale, and speed of the Blockchain network to establish a entirely new digital era of music/media sales and advertising. Based on the speed and continued growth of Ethereum, Decibel will provide a perfect ecosystem for growth in the media world along with a secure personal experience tailored to the entrepreneurial and artistic mind set.
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Skeincoin is a cryptocurrency that makes the future of payment systems an everyday reality by providing integrated real-world applications. Skeincoin uses a new Proof of Work (POW) algorithm that is energy efficient and secure. The first round of hashing is done using Skein, the second using SHA256 (Skein-SHA2).
Our first AirDrop:
1) Follow Twitter
2) Retweet 
3) Join our Discord community
4) Provide Skeincoin address
Get 30 SKC
Link to form

Skeindrop is limited to 100 users.
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Crypto-YouCollect is a new decentralized Ethereum application where you can collect unique "Crypto currencies"! This is the ultimate collectible coin challenge! The next generation of coin collectibles! The first "Crypto currency" game - on a smart contract! Compete against other players and collect your favourite unique tokens!
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Subscribe to my channel, leave a comment with your BTC wallet address you will have a chance to win BTC every time I upload a new video!  I will be picking a random subscriber that leaves a comment on my videos to receive the BTC.
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Advertising in regular currency is cost intensive and publishers are just getting paid a few pennies a click. By introducing AdCoin cryptocurrency both parties can profit and save costs at the same time using AdCoin's potential.
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Apirone.com is a processing of bitcoin payments with the SegWit technology support. Service operates according to the RESTful API standard and provides the following services: payment forwarding, requesting of the current weighted-average exchange rate, receiving a rate for a specified date and currency, and generating a QR-code.
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Bitcoin 2, BTC Fork 1:1, PoS ✅ Zerocoin, Anonymous ⚡️Instant TX.
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Papereum is a project with the goal to create an art installation in the form of a pyramid, symbolising the growing interest in cryptocurrency. In other words, Papereum will bring cryptomania into the physical world.
The installation will be exhibited in contemporary art galleries worldwide during summer/autumn 2018. After that any token holder can receive parts of the installation in exchange for this share of Papereum, thus getting a valuable piece of art.
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The GIF in GIFcoin stands for Gambling Investment Fund. The fund is backed by an already functioning betting website – VitalBet.com. Buying GIF тokens from our ICO will allow Investors to participate in an existing and profitable business that is at the start of a long-term, sustainable growth. GIF token holders will receive 80% of VitalBet's annual profits once a year.
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Many proponents of cryptocurrencies have often been bummed out about the general lack of interest among key U.S. stock market strategists to issue bitcoin price targets. However, the only major strategist from Wall Street who does it regularly seems to have continued betting on the most valued virtual currency in the world (by market cap).
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In a growing development, attackers have leveraged an exploit found in almost all generations of Microsoft Windows. EternalBlue is a security vulnerability that allowed WannaCry to run rampant in over 150 different countries and took down parts of the National Health Service (NHS), as well as Petya/NonPetya (a strain of ransomware that inspired NATO to assemble an entire cyber operation to combat it).
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BehaviourExchange will change corporate behaviour in everyone’s favour. With the help of blockchain technology and its own cryptocurrency BEX, we offer everything that companies and webmasters need to create better user experience for online visitors. And even more. BehaviourExchange offers identification of each online visitor and customization of website content in real-time to all companies 24/7 for a moderate monthly fee and not only to advertisers when they pay for advertising campaigns.
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 BTCManager’s Weekly Cryptocurrency Outlook highlights the price action and technical indicators on a long-term basis to identify the best opportunities in the largest cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, ether, and others.
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Cryptoloans – is the first blockchain platform for secure lending, trading and exchange cryptocurrency. We are the first who created the solution for guarantee the return of the creditor`s cryptocurrency funds or its declared value. Our project solves a lot of global problems in the areas of investments in cryptocurrency, P2P-lending, trading on financial markets, cryptocurrency exchange and algorithmic trading. Our solutions will allow to democratize the cryptocurrency market and stop further monopolization of this market. Our platform is intended to continue the cryptocurrency expansion among all sections of the population of the Planet, regardless of their social status and regalia.
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Cerium is an Ethereum Based Token. We are currently aiming to become Global Exchange Token.
Our goal is to add Cerium on many exchanges to get best visibility on the market. We are aiming
Asian Markets and a strong community in this year. We have issued 10,000,000,000 (10 billion)
Cerium Token. We have reserved 10% of Cerium, to add our token on big markets. 90% of Cerium
will be in circulation late 2018.
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Grow, fight and trade your cryptographic fish champion in the new blockchain game!

Every fish is an ERC-721 crypto token stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

Digital asset 100% owned by the player. It can be managed like a regular cryptocurrency — transferred or sold to any other player. It cannot be destroyed, removed or replaced.
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Check the fee efficiency of your last transaction!
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ETHBowl is Super bowl winner betting site using smart contract. No logins or deposits required!
Betting, payout distributing and withdrawals all are handled by smart contract I made. There are currently few bets in already.
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Declination of Top 10 Crypto Assets
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