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The dreaded question of what fees does Alt Market charge?
Alt Market is completely free to use for buyers! You can purchase and withdraw Ethereum for whatever prices our sellers sell for. No hidden fees. However, when sellers deposit Ethereum to Alt Market in the regard to sell - we charge a small fee of 1%. Please refer to our fees documentation onsite.

Every website that strives to be better must have a future plan, and Alt Market does! Our primary goal at launch is to make sure we have a working product that users find easy to use. Our tracking of logs and analytics will let us know a huge amount about how people use our site.

Alt Market has been made from the core up to scale.This means it'll be easy for us to allow our users to buy and sell other alternative coins. If our users see fit, we will add Bitcoin and have lower fees than competitors.

We plan to implement new features as well as solidify the existing. We want to run a 2 week BETA period on HackForums to see how our systems react to the different situations that our users follow. We realise this project we've taken on is very large and are fully dedicated.

What alt coins does Alt Market allow me to sell?
Alt Market currently allows its users to sell Ethereum. I do plan to add more altcoins as well Bitcoins if its users see fit. This is going to be a community ran service.

How do I purchase Ethereum?
I've kept both buying and selling basic. To purchase Ethereum, specify what you're looking for in the search such as amount, location, currency and payment method. Choose from any of the results retrieved and initiate a trade with the amount you would like to purchase! When in the pending trade lobby, you can instant message your seller and discuss things such as bank information or a PayPal e-mail. Once payment is received the seller will release your Ethereum to your Alt Market wallet where you're free to withdraw.

The amount of Ethereum you're wanting to purchase is held in Alt Market's escrow system meaning if you send payment, the seller can't run off with your coins! This is how Alt Market works as a middleman.

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