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Greenblock Coin

Greenblock is a Cryptocurrency and a blockchain based data ecosystem for the global hemp & cannabis industry.

Greenblock Coin cryptocurrency and Ecosystem.

The hemp and cannabis industry is on the verge of a massive transition.
In a recent decades, almost every agricultural industry has used data to drive efficiency and innovation.

Greenblock is a blockchain based cryptocurrency backed by the hemp and cannabis industry

Greenblock Coin will launch the Greenblock cryptocurrency in Q3 2018 along with the Greenblock Traceability blockchain and App in Q2 2019.

The GBK tokens will be exchangeable and be listed on deferents exchange markets as Idex, Waves Dex, Bisq and more .

The blockchain with the personal virtual assistant for the management and traceability of hemp and cannabis related businesses will make possible to provide traceability for each plants , from seed to finish product.

The growing regulation under Prop.64 require serial numbers and RFID tags who will be assigned to each batch of young plants , as individual plants are tagged later in the process.
This database will give the state real time monitoring into the inventory at all location, each number holds product information linked to an on line file that contains informations such as strain, propagation method, location, intended use and number of plants at each stage, that will required to tag millions of plants a year.
Also included in the track and trace system are the purity results from testing labs, which screens for pesticides and toxins.

Hosting the track and trace database thru the blockchain guaranty transparency, speed of sending data and values, decentralization and security.

Blockchain Environment

As more companies explore possibilities, it has become clear that blockchain represents an opportunity to efficiently manage supply chain data across a complex network from farmers, to distributors, processors, retailers, regulators, and consumers. With the promise of amplifying traceability, blockchains record specific information about products as they move throughout the supply chain. Although industry analysists say blockchain is still very much in its infancy, now is the time for companies to educate themselves on blockchain benefits and how it can lead to vast improvements in efficiency and security in the supply chain. Blockchain = Shared Database Blockchain was first used with Bitcoin: a digital currency operating independently of a central bank. The blockchain technology that underpins Bitcoin is proving to offer valuable benefits to use, even in cases outside of the financial world. Casting the catchy buzzword aside, blockchain at its core is a shared database. Many industry veterans already know that shared databases have benefits, but what makes blockchain special is that it is a distributed ledger. There is no single point of failure in a distributed ledger; it is a consensus of replicated, shared, and synchronized digital data that is geographically spread across multiple sites. This decentralized structure makes the data resilient to a technology or organizational failure. This, in theory, could significantly change the way companies access and store important documents and transactional histories. For instance, in developing countries, where paper documents can be destroyed in a natural disaster, or electronic copies can be lost in unstable economic conditions, blockchain represents a huge opportunity for consistency and accessibility. For the past few years, technology providers like IBM and Microsoft have been focusing on taking blockchain from being a public ledger to an enterprise solution designed to solve supply chain problems. Enterprise blockchains are decentralized in nature, meaning there is no one central point to hack. This allows support on multiple levels from the permissions of robust security around the world who can write to and read from the ledger.

Greenblock Blockchain Traceability

Greenblock is A Blockchain Based Data Ecosystem for the Global Hemp and Cannabis Industry The hemp and cannabis industries are on the verge of a massive transition. In recent decades, almost every agricultural industry has used data to drive efficiency and innovation. Blockchain Based Traceability for Hemp and Cannabis Industries To address the needs of the many stakeholders involved such as growers, processors, retailers, consumers, exporters, and government, the hemp and cannabis industry needs an interoperable system that provides the appropriate data for each respective entity in a way that is trusted, transparent, and secure. Blockchain presents an ideal solution for many of these challenges, while a token ecosystem solves the essential challenge of creating appropriate incentives for those making the extra effort to capture data. Greenblock Ecosystem The Greenblock Ecosystem creates a mechanism for rewarding hemp and cannabis producers along with supply chain intermediaries, through micro-transactions, thus creating a virtuous cycle for sustainable practices that extends beyond government mandates for traceability. Greenblock tokens are not meant to be a currency for trading hemp and cannabis. Instead, Greenblock tokens provide a mechanism for incentivizing data capture and transmission in various forms. Incentivizing data capture within Supply Chains by creating the appropriate reward structure for data capture within an interoperable platform, the Greenblock Ecosystem will allow for makers of third party tools such as Internet of Things (IOT), sensors and other data inputs, to participate in the ecosystem and be rewarded accordingly. This will drive more data feeds into the ecosystem and ultimately allow hemp and cannabis buyers to have a better understanding of the actual metrics that impact safety and quality, including, but not limited to: conditions from harvest to consumption, and pesticide and toxins screening. The result will be hemp and cannabis buyers having the right quantity and quality of information to make better decisions, governments being better able to manage the industry using up to date data, and producers/intermediaries being rewarded for data capture and responsible behavior. The importance of understanding real trade is that, while there are other blockchain based traceability platforms that have emerged to address the very real supply chain problems that span industries, the hemp and cannabis industry, has unique needs that can only be addressed by those with insider knowledge based on the realities of actual trade.

Contract Address


Token Name: Greenblock Coin

Symbol: GBK

Decimal: 18

Etherscan: https://etherscan.io/address/0x9c417A6B1D2E38e4D1EFe7b981F2B80Bb77cB16B


Date: Jun 30 – Dec 30 2018

Total token supply : GBK

Total hard cap : 50.000.000 USD

Soft cap : 5.000.000 USD

Min investment : 250 GBK / 50 USD

Token price : 0.20 USD

Platform : Ethereum

Accepting : BTC, ETH, LTC & more





10% bonus : 8 000 000 GBK

Sep 1 – Oct 31 2018


5 % Bonus : 11 000 000 GBK

Nov 1 – Dec 30 2018


13 775 827 GBK

Team members

Fabrice Lassala
CEO & Founder

Fabrice is a Tech and blockchain investor, After successful investments he decided to create a new Ecosystem based on the Blockchain and Traceability. https://www.linkedin.com/in/fabrice-l-007698166/

Jeremy Carmona
CTO & Co -founder

Entrepreneur and visionary leader with over 10 years of experience managing projects as a system architect and CTO in IT sphere. Jeremy has participated in numerous projects including blockchain, big data, desktop, web and mobile technologies. https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeremy-carmona-177886133/

Philippe Spitalier

Philippe is a visionary entrepreneur. who has a wide international network after a lot of successful investments in the tech industry. he has a lot of experience in finance and a deep understanding of risk. He believe blockchain and traceability are the next big things. https://www.linkedin.com/in/phi-spitalier-00361668/

Yura Quintero
Graphic Designer

Graphic designer , 8 years of experience in graphic arts , digital marketing and internet sales. https://www.linkedin.com/in/yurany-quintero-b6653591/

Vasyl Golub
IOS Developer

Data Structures & Algorit: C++ and Java Iphone Programming with Swift Unix/Linux Shell Scripting. https://www.linkedin.com/in/vasyl-golub-26590a126/

Aline Silva
Brand & Marketing manager

Aline used to work for 10 years in the Web and Software Industry, Mostly for French Tech, at international level. She acquired strong knowledge about sales and Marketing, providing support and innovative ideas where required.

Frederic Lassala
Community manager

Sale director for Records Labels for over 20 years , working with social networks and online marketingtools for over a decade. Long experience in Forex trading and cryptocurrencies exchange markets.

Francois Pellegrin

Previously investisor and trader on forex since long time. Cryptocurrencies investissor, ICO advisor andactive trading stratégie on exchanges market. Long trading experience on overall infrastructure, tradingplatforms analysis to understand the potential market risks and the speculative nature of the buisness

Aleksandar Vujic
Social Marketing

Occupied in the largest European oil company MOL. Seven years he deals with crypto currencies, experience in marketing, promotion and maintenance of social networks. He gained experience on various ICO projects.

Bojan Lacic
Social Marketing

Entrepreneur since more than 10 years im the eletric and gas sector. Crypto trader since a couple years Bojan believe in this project and think it has a great future in the crypto world. that’s why he decided to join us and contribute with he’s success an experiences gaines oover the past two years .

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