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ICO Cryptosolartech (CST)


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Cryptosolartech Ecological Mining

Cryptosolartech is a project that aims to make the cryptocurrency mining more green. His bet is to generate energy for mining using renewable energy. It will provide great computing power by decreasing the environmental footprint.

Minear cryptocurrencies consumes around 1.3 KWh of electricity, in addition to the large electricity consumption, we find that, in some countries, rich in coal and oil, energy becomes cheaper by burning polluting fuels and causing more pollution and in turn a greater demand causing CO2 emissions to increase.

At Cryptosolartech ICO, we will obtain our own cryptocurrencies, in a farm where we will install 3,000 equipment to mine cryptocurrencies, in two different variants to optimize profitability, as well as being able to self-supply the farm with our own energy, coming from a solar photovoltaic plant , installed in the province of Seville (Spain), this energy can also be distributed as a service for electric companies.

The public Blockchain of Ethereum will be used for the management, generation of income and start-up of the physical assets that make up this project. The objective of this ICO, is, therefore, to create a mining farm of cryptocurrencies and a photovoltaic plant of solar panels to generate electricity. In order to participate in the project, only digital tokens must be purchased that will go on sale for the registration of operations.

The ICO will issue an issue of 1,260 million Tokens called Cryptosolartech (CST). All Tokens that are not sold during the ICO will be burned. No more tokens will be issued in the future.

A differential factor in this project is the product which will allow its investors and token holders the power to use this fabulous product to use the farm's hardware for mining. Minendo great variety of currencies (DASH, ETH, BTC ....) And obtaining great benefits.

This new system completely revolutionizes the idea of ​​traditional and costly mining.

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