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What is Zigzag?

Zigzag - is an exchange which supports lightning network payment channels, and seeks to use atomic swaps once lightning network is deployed on top of popular blockchains. For now our goal is to support lightning network growth & development adoption by becoming the first liquidity provider in the Lightning Network.

What is Lightning Network?
The Lightning Network scales blockchains and enables trustless instant payments by keeping most transactions off-chain and leveraging the security of the underlying blockchain as an arbitration layer.

This is accomplished primarily through "payment-channels", wherein two parties commit funds and pay each other by updating the balance redeemable by either party in the channel. This process is instant and saves users from having to wait for block confirmations before they can render goods or services.

Payment channels are trustless, since any attempt to defraud the current agreed-upon balance in the channel results in the complete forfeiture of funds by the liable party.

In short, the Lightning Network enables scalable blockchains through a high-volume of instant transactions not requiring custodial delegation.

Continue reading other resources! Or go directly to lightning community slack.

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