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Shuzibi Exchange


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About digital currency (shuzibi.com) exchange
Digital currency (shuzibi.com) exchange, is a registered blockchain digital asset exchange established in Singapore, mainly for global users of bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin digital asset matching trading services from Singapore DIGIFINEX PTE Management. The shuzibi.com exchange is founded by top domestic technical teams and professional digital asset lovers. Its core team is from famous enterprises such as Thunder and Tencent, and aims to provide users with more secure, convenient and high-quality transparent blockchain Asset trading and exchange services, aggregating high-quality blockchain assets around the world and committing itself to building a world-class blockchain asset trading platform.

Implementation of zero shelves fee

Shuzibi.com will stick to its operating philosophy of "focusing on the interests of investors", implement zero overhead fee and eliminate the interest relations, and truly make only good blockchain assets transactions from the investors' interests.
Use professional VC methodology and objective data for investors to subdivide the selected currency and the region's currency

Digital currency exchange (shuzibi.com) aggregate global high-quality blockchain assets, professional VC methodology to scientifically evaluate the value of digital assets, combined with the global market trading volume, platform users holding the number of market conditions, and with reference to the investor's vote , Will be currency to distinguish and on-line to the selected area; also introduced the whole area, as much as possible to cover a variety of currencies to meet the diversified investment needs of all types of investors.
100% reserve

The shuzibi.com exchange provides asset protection for investors with reserves of 100%. Platform users can withdraw money at anytime.
Our technology
1, technical architecture programs to provide users with stable, fast, secure and correct service.
2, expand the HDM wallet technology, both to meet the expanding needs of wallet and payment address,
  while ensuring the wallet enough security.
3, real-time accounting and transaction processing mechanism to ensure that each account correct, traceable.
4, hot and cold data separation structure, rapid response to user transaction requests.
5, Intelligent Exchange service solutions to ensure that 24 hours a day service.

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