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  1. You can start creating a decentralized exchange website, with the help of fully decentralized exchange script. The script must support to proceed with advanced cryptocurrency exchanges without involvement any intermediaries including admin of the website. Get the pro - guide to start a decentralized exchange website.

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  2. CryptoDaily is based in London, UK; however, we do cater for the worldwide audience. Our aim is to inform our customers and provide an easy to read crypto comparison website, catering for a huge number of different currencies, wallets, mines and exchanges.

    We are very proud of the service that we offer our customers, which includes the most accurate live prices, charting and market analysis. We have a dedicated team that will keep you up to date with the latest prices and news and will help you along the way to make the best decisions regarding your trade history of cryptocoins. We have a lot of experience in this field, and a lot of experts on hand to help you should you require it.

    We are constantly working to build a comparison that is incredibly easy to use, not to mention informative and helpful. We aim to keep our service completely free of charge.

    We aim to continue streaming all of our prices live, so there are no delays in getting to our customers, which means that users can stay completely abreast of all of the latest price movements. We have designed our website to be very user friendly, and we will continue to work on this, allowing you to switch currencies easily and give you the bigger picture of what is happening on the different markets.

    We are working with a number of different guest writers to provide you will all of the tips of the trade and in-depth guides that aim to help you, regardless of whether you are an experienced trader, or just starting out. We also have an interactive forum, where our users can discuss their experiences and opinions on products and services.

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  3. Stay up to date with all the latest Bitcoin, Blockchain and CryptoCurrency news with CoinWire.com

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  4. Welcome to Cryptovest, a leading source of cryptocurrency information. The crypto space’s many nuances present challenges in making knowledge-based decisions, such as the best coins and investments. We provide information to help you take full advantage of this cutting-edge industry.

    What we do
    We’ve created a one-stop shop to meet your crypto needs. Do you have questions about how an ICO fared? We provide reviews. Do you want to improve your crypto knowledge? We provide educational content. Do you just want to stay abreast of crypto news? We provide it.

    Our mission
    Staffed with a team of cryptocurrency experts, we are committed to providing sound recommendations on the best and safest coins to invest in.
    Our keen research and interpretation skills enable us to identify the best ICOs, Exchanges and Wallets that are secure and reliable.

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  5. BlockTribune is a daily news and information site devoted to bitcoin and blockchain technology.

    Founded in 2015, the BlockTribune covers not only bitcoin and alt-coins themselves, but also the regulatory environment for cryptocurrencies and the people who use them. We investigate the opportunities for commercial activity, investing in bitcoin as a commodity, the functionality of the blockchain, and uses of this new technology beyond its function as a medium for transactions.

    Many jurisdictions are considering using blockchain technology to record deeds and titling of real estate in an immutable, easily referenced, publicly accessible blockchain designed for this very purpose.

    Editorial staff:

    Bruce Haring is the managing editor of BlockTribune. He has held staff positions at USA Today, Associated Press, Yahoo! and many other prominent web and print publications. Haring is the founder of the New York and Hollywood book festivals and the author of six books.

    David Pimentel is a technology reporter with BlockTribune. Before joining BlockTribune in 2015, David was a staffer at Local Labs, the largest hyperlocal data and news producer in the United States. While there, he reported on local real estate transactions and sourced public record data for dozens of markets. David was born in the Philippines where he studied Hotel and Restaurant Management at the National College of Business and Arts (NCBA).

    Joshua “Junseth” Unseth is a cryptocurrency enthusiast who cut his teeth on the Bitcoin Uncensored podcast. Known by his brash, cutting critiques of the space’s most beloved projects, Junseth’s contrarian views have been surprisingly prescient. Along with his former co-host Chris DeRose, Junseth was rated as CoinDesk’s 9th most influential in 2016. As a financial podcast, Junseth’s perspective on market efficiency has helped quell some of the over-exuberance of the space. He encourages sound financial management over irrational exuberance, and has a propensity to become so overly impassioned that his shirts are known to fly off in the middle of interviews.

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  7. Chinese News and Information.

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  8. News information about crypto and blockchains.

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  9. Our mission: To help you invest in Bitcoin, better.
    We believe in bitcoin as a better kind of money.
    We believe that bitcoin is breeding a better kind of investor.
    We believe in a better kind of bitcoin site, with investing information and ideas that are trustworthy, understandable, and actionable.
    We believe that bitcoin is creating enormous value, and we’re creating more value for bitcoin: a virtuous circle.
    We believe in the long-term potential of bitcoin, creating a new generation of long-term wealth.

    Our Investing Manifesto

    We can use our money to do positive things in the world.

    This does not just include giving to charity. Helping businesses succeed – businesses that we believe in – is also a positive way of using our money for good.

    When you invest in a company that you love, like Amazon or Apple, you are saying, “I believe in what you’re doing. I want to be a part of it.” Those companies use your money to create more jobs, more products, more value. That’s using your money to better the world.

    When you invest in bitcoin and related technologies that you believe in, you’re helping this new financial ecosystem thrive. When you invest with this mindset, you’re investing in a better world.

    We don’t believe in short selling, betting against the market, or any of the other investing tricks that are essentially a bet that someone else will fail. That’s not adding value.

    We believe in actively seeking out value. Warren Buffett has advised, “Find an outstanding company at a sensible price.” In the new world of bitcoin, we say, “Find an outstanding team and technology at a sensible price.” Do your homework.

    We believe in investing for the long term. If you really believe in a company, stick with it. Spartans hold.

    We believe in making a limited number of large investments, not a lot of small ones. Charlie Munger said to imagine you only get to make 20 investments over your entire life. Choose wisely.

    At the same time, we believe in diversification – not just among bitcoin-related investments, but among all our investments. We don’t put our lunch money into the next hot trend, because you can’t eat bitcoin.

    We believe in disciplined investing. That means putting aside money every month to invest. That means doing your research before you invest. That means sticking with your convictions, even when the rest of the market is manic-depressive. If an investment is good, it’s good.

    We don’t invest more than we’re willing to lose. This time is like the early days of the internet, with tremendous hype and irrational behavior. Many companies and many ideas will not succeed, and much money will be lost.

    At the same time, the flow of investment into these companies is essential, to help this new financial ecosystem grow. So we accept some loss as part of the process, seeing it as “tuition paid.” We learn from failure, but we still try to keep our “educational expenses” to a minimum (scholarships are available).

    Finally, we have fun! For smart investors, this is one of the most exciting times to be alive.

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  10. CoinReviews.io was founded this year by a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts from the USA. The management team behind the site is powered by The Link Builders, a leading brand and reputation management agency established in 2011.

    Our team recognizes the need for better media coverage in the industry as the rise and popularity of digital currency is at an all-time high, but difficult to understand the fundamentals behind alternative currency brands, their management teams, roadmaps, and the significance behind their technology and purpose.

    Relying on Tweets and Facebook updates from your favorite industry groups will only get you so far. Cryptocurrency is one of the fasted growing industries with market caps reaching over $100 billion dollars in record time.

    We strive to share the most reliable, interesting, and accurate information to our readers.

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