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  1. Blockchain for the people.

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  2. eFranken - A Swiss Cryptocurrency Token for Switzerland and beyond. Faucet gives 100 eFranken token per hour. Store with four items.

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  3. We are proud and very excited that our Pre-sale round is now live and will last for only 5 days until 30 September, 2017! During the Pre-sale round, we offer up to 70% bonus tokens see the structure below for more information.

    Here's our official Bitcointalk thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2190245.msg21990248#msg21990248

    Quick Overview of the Project:

    Webcoin ICO - Say Hello to Digital Marketing 2.0! Our team is revolutionizing the way how the world does marketing. Webcoin has created the bridge between the digital marketing and cryptocurrency world within the Webhits.io Ecosystem. The new Webhits.io platform will provide social media interest-based services 10x cheaper than any major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

    Webhits.io provides an easy way for Webcoin miners to earn a minimum of $3,000/month. The price of 1 Webcoin token during the Presale and ICO rounds will be $1. Webcoin will be available for trade on major cryptocurrency exchanges in January, 2018.

    IMPORTANT: The development of our full platform version and desktop mining application are 45% completed.

    Presale round(25 September - 30 September) bonus tokens schedule:

    70% – 10001 Tokens or more
    65% – 5001 to 10000 Tokens
    60% – 1001 to 5000 Tokens
    50% – 501 to 1000 Tokens
    40% – 100 to 500 Tokens
    ICO round(1 October - 31 December) bonus tokens schedule:

    35% – 10001 Tokens or more
    30% – 5001 to 10000 Tokens
    25% – 1001 to 5000 Tokens
    20% – 501 to 1000 Tokens
    15% – 100 to 500 Tokens

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  4. On Trending.me users can post pictures of themselves in their favorite attire, right from party gowns to formal meeting wear, from full body suits to fancy swimwear, from vintage accessories to cool hairdos. Users also maintain the community health by discovering, hearting(upvote) and commenting on the pictures they appreciate and making pictures they appreciate trending.

    Users get rewarded for their participation in the community, for posting pictures and also making the best pictures trend. The rewards are in the form of TRENDS, a new currency issued by the Waves Platform, TRENDS can be used on Trend Stores to buy attire.

    Trend Stores are ecommerce stores that are hosted on the trending.me marketplace, owners of Trend Stores can advertise on trending.me to the community. Advertisements are paid for in the form of TRENDS, this is ad revenue and ad revenue TRENDS circulate back into the TREND POOL which are used to further reward the users participating in the community.

    There are only 61 Million TRENDS and with more user adoption and more trends stores being onboarded over time, the Value of 1 TREND will only appreciate.

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  5. Website: https://oceanlab.eu
    ICO website: https://ico.oceanlab.eu (Coming soon…)

    Token: $OCL Oceanlab
    Quantity: 50 000 000
    Platform: WAVES
    AssetID: ABFYQjwDHSct6rNk59k3snoZfAqNHVZdHz4VGJe2oCV5
    Link: gravit dot ws/asset.aspx?asset=ABFYQjwDHSct6rNk59k3snoZfAqNHVZdHz4VGJe2oCV5

    gravit dot ws: The prototype version of our first commercial product which will become the first blockchain powered information/social and trading website linking blockchain data, realtime trading data and external informations (news, projects, …)
    https://wavesdrop.com The world’s first faucet engine for the Waves platform (Waves and assets).
    https://tokendb.oceanlab.eu Asset database for the Waves platform, legacy tool now integrated in Gravit, automatically updated, in realtime.
    https://pm.oceanlab.eu Multi wallet viewer, legacy tool which will soon be a part of the Gravit website with advanced features like asset folders management (Spam, …) and budget management.
    https://nodeui.oceanlab.eu Tools for miners(block generators/full nodes), legacy tools which will be integrated into Gravit with a few more useful tools: Block notifier, leasing UI, passive and active node performance monitoring, fee asset infos, statistics, …

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  6. World’s first ICO of B2B educational digital games ecosystem. Invest in one of the fastest growing market in corporate world, get liquidity and price growth secured!

    While so-called “self-paced education” market passed its zenith and entered a stagnation period, the Corporate education market is on its rise, with an estimated minimum of $35 billion in yearly revenues in digital tools alone.

    Today those tools are mostly represented by video courses and interactive tests, but with industry maturity we find more and more games-based and simulation-based digital solutions in corporate universities and discussed at HR conferences. Those are the tools considered to be most efficient ones in nearest future.

    Since 2015, the CT Influence Games team has been partnering with the largest CIS communications agency and some private investors developed and published a platform of Business Games Club to enable fast and quality production of such educational simulations. Later that platform became the base for http://simulate.company, B2B service platform. In 18 months the platform became profitable, allowing the CTIG team to start working on the technical details of new types of engines: including complex business financial simulators for integrated businesses (in the first order by our large international mining giant with 120 000 personnel) and strategic decisions making simulator based on Persona Quest (biographical quest game platform) findings.

    Also, we worked on new functions and tools for the existing platform: Team cooperation mode (one of the most sought after options for Corporate Universities), SaaS way to work with content creation and publishing, machine learning integration to increase scenario creation capacity. All this attracted the attention of a large B2B business incubator and resulted in opening a branch company in Texas.

    Most important of all, we saw a unique market opportunity niche: most corporates realizing now how efficient and expense saving are new digital tools of personnel training and testing. There is still no monopoly or even standards on the market. No platform or trendsetter. Partially Microsoft with LinkedIn and some other large players try to approach this market, but there is still plenty of room to become the new market forming authority. This gives us a good chance to utilize our existing experience and customer base to cut a good slice of this pie, and think of later merging with some other market leader.

    Our goal is to invest the money raised at the ICO, not only to market some ready solutions, but to make them accepted worldwide (though today we have a solid 30% lead-to-customer conversion, meaning good quality of our product). To develop new tech solutions and create an ecosystem for serving complex corporate education needs. Moreover, we want to install CorpEdu blockchain tokens in the heart of this ecosystem to promote cross-industry cooperation, referrals and even ideas and tools sales/exchange.

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  7. World's first "no-bullshit" messenger with memes instead of words.

    The Memessenger is, actually, an application, that allows people to communicate with each other according to few principles:

    There are no words in the Memessenger, only memes. You can send memes to your friends, who also has installed app.

    Each meme in Memessenger realized as an audio-visual sticker.
    Audio presents the sound of meme, visual - the picture of meme author.

    If the person, who receive The Memessenger message, has it's phone not in the silent mode, sound of message will play automatically, even if The Memessenger works in background mode.

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  8. WinToken (WIN) is a blockchain asset that makes use of the distinct features provided by the Waves blockchain.

    Fast Transactions

    The transactions confirmation time takes about 5 to 20 seconds.


    We give full attention to the safety of our
    users and their transactions.

    Low Fees

    The transaction fees are low cost
    0.001 WAVES ($0.02)

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  9. Forks have been causing a lot of stress and anxiety in the cryptocurrency community - hard forks, soft forks, user activated forks... everyone seems to be fighting about forks.

    We decided to take a different approach and create Spoon. Spoon is a digital coin that will never fork. Spoons also have rounded surfaces and no sharp or pointy edges like forks.

    Spoon is worthless and there is no use case for it.

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  10. EQUI is a platform with a two-way search engine that uses world's largest network of supercomputers as it's database and processing center.

    EQUI is a truly decentralized network based on Natural Intelligence with several billions of already existing nodes around the globe.

    EQUI Nodes are capable of providing unique feedback on whatever issues arise within the network, which makes the network very interesting and diverse.

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