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  1. Who are we?
    DirectHome Pte Ltd (‘DH’) is a Singapore incorporated company founded by Kiegan Chia. As an online property platform (www.directhome.com.sg), DH allows buyers and sellers of resale properties to transact without the necessity of real estate agents, at no or extremely low-costs. Notably, DH also facilitates lawful cash-backs to buyers (as reviewed by relevant authorities) who buy primary properties via DH. The cash-back arrangement is a novel and valuable feature that sets DH apart from its competitors.

    In a short span of 2 years, DH boasts a user-base of approximately 125,000 people. More than S$350,000,000 of real estate has been transacted to date, with more than S$7,000,000 in savings gained by sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants (compared to incumbent fees charged elsewhere).

    Why Cryptocurrency?
    As part of its expansion plans, DH intends to issue DIREC tokens, a non-securitised cryptocurrency through an initial coin offering (‘ICO’). DIREC tokens are ERC20 compliant and managed by a token smart contract that is deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. DIREC tokens are a form of utility cryptocurrency that can be used to pay for services on DH’s web platform.

    Why invest in DirectHome? Because we are the real deal!
    DH’s ICO is unlike many other ICOs because it is based on an already successful and profitable business model. Unlike many blockchain startups, DH already has an established business which goes beyond a vision and a roadmap. DH has succeeded because it reduces transaction and search costs for buyers and sellers and allows buyers of primary property to share some of the profits property developers earn.

    While traditional property web-portals are agent and developercentric, DH is disruptive to existing incumbents because it puts ordinary buyers first, significantly reducing search-costs.

    Our Investors and Advisors who will ensure we are a success!
    DH’s success has not gone unnoticed. Our investors and advisors include:

    1. Daniel Teo (Chairman, Hong How Group & former President of FIABCI and REDAS)
    2. Michael Chan (former MD, Bank of New York Mellon)
    3. Wang Shuang (Vice Chairman and CEO of HNA Group (International) Company Limited)
    4. John Gaw (CEO, LandConsult & former Deputy Commissioner of Lands, Singapore Land Authority)
    5. Jin Chensu (MD, Cyrius International Pte Ltd)

    Featured On
    DH’s disruptive business model has been featured in nearly a dozen different news outlets. These include all of Singapore’s main newspapers, established regional news platforms and several business magazines and periodicals. These include Channel NewsAsia, Money Week, The Straits Times, CEAnergy, Asian Property Review, Berita Harian, Mediacorp - Suria and Lianhe Zaobao.

    Why ICO?
    DH’s business model is easily transportable globally and it sees its market as global, with immediate plans to facilitate low-cost, efficient transactions in Southeast Asia and Australasia before branching to the United States, the United Kingdom then to the rest of the world. DH will use the ICO proceeds to expand its scope of services via three milestones. Find out more in the ICO site (https://www.directhome.co) or Whitepaper (https://s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/directhome/DIRECTHOME+WHITEPAPER+V1.0.pdf).

    Current Status of ICO
    Private Sale: Ongoing
    Public Sale:
    ⛥ Start on 15 May 2018, 1200 hrs (UTC +08:00) Singapore Time
    ⛥ End on 15 Jul 2018, 1159 hrs (UTC +08:00) Singapore Time
    * Bonuses up to 30%! WOW!

    Check us out!
    ICO site: https://www.directhome.co
    Whitepaper: https://s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/directhome/DIRECTHOME+WHITEPAPER+V1.0.pdf
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DirectHomeSG
    Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/GFuo2kSlsXKPwGJVaR7zLA
    Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3167842.0
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/DirectHomeICO
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU0NgN9QiPH9ML2xnYTiOLg
    Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/directhome
    Medium: https://medium.com/@directhome
    Bounty Campaign: https://medium.com/@directhome/directhome-bounty-campaign-ff7565592e38

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  2. Real reviews of sites by investing real money and finding out scams.
    Heads up to investors .

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  3. Hello
    I'me Dezmou I'me a software developper and altcoins enthusiast.
    I came here to share with you my last creation, note it is a non-lucrative website, I am not here for spamming.
    It is a website for get real time tweets talking about altcoins filtered by your keywords.
    For exemple on this time, if you are concerned about china bitcoin ban, you can set a keyword "china" like this :
    Then you get the freshest infos about your concern.
    The site is still in developpement and feedbacks and asks for news features are appreciated !
    Thanks you for testing

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  4. Dash Treasury

    The Dash network allocates 10% of its coin generation to its treasury system. The treasury funds are allocated monthly to any independent contractor or service provider who wants to be "hired" by the network to provide services including programming, marketing, graphic design, or any other services that help improve and promote the Dash currency.

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