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  1. Hello dear all, we have small project but here we sure with high opportunity and value. we anality crypto have potential market, so we have idea for building social network for crypto. someone can connect with other people in the world, make friend, team, investor, developer and other... after create token we create website, sistem, develop and tester.... maybe this mound will be upload. we will give you free $ or token special for 200 people first. We will send bonus as deposit before PRE-ICO to your wallet, so you can buy token free. $50 for everyone (special for 50 first user, $10 for 51-200). after PRE-ICO we will campaign to ICO make link, database, media campaign,ect and run program. we also ready with our program and more in develop and tester mode. we only sell 3000.000 token for Pre-ICO....

    yes social network for cryptolover it's potencial market.... for Investor, user, benginer, make relation, potential market, find developer, ect.

    in this mount we plan to upload..... My-CryptoCommunity.com

    if you interest you can contact me cmm.cryptocommunity@gmail.com

    Thanks You, Regards . Austin

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  2. CRESTONIUM — Crestonium offers the seamless experience of sending and receiving currency globally at zero cost. They aim to provide unlimited usage to mainstream users as cryptocurrency becomes a phenomenon accepted by all. Crestonium was built, not only for storage, but for actual spending — which remains one of the significant challenges of modern cryptocurrency.
    Crestonium prides itself as being one of the few cryptocurrencies out there with zero fees and transaction speed within a fraction of a second.
    Formed within the blockchain, and subject to automatic execution upon the occurrence of pre-defined criteria/events and subject to certain conditions, CXS tokens are valid indefinitely and are the property of their respective holders. Crestonium Platform uses a standard OpenAPI so your contract will be automatically compatible with any wallet, and any other contract or exchange also using this standard
    Crestonium is offering not just a Mobile app but also a fully synchronized Desktop app. Crestonium connects your blockchain assets for everyday use. The credit card and banking license will allow us to be a hub for the blockchain ecosystem, to connect you to the real-world. They are using a protocol where every blockchain is connected which enables us to provide you with 0% fees. The blockchain ecosystem also allows us to scale for the masses and be more inclusive.

    Lending and Earning
    Additionally, crestonium offer lending options for people who want to earn extra interest, as well as people who need to take a loan/credit. There will also be a decentralized solution available to choose from.
    Token Details
    Pre — Sale
    24–20 February 2018 [Bonus 25–45%]
    1st Sale Period
    21 February — 3 March 2018 [Bonus 15%]
    2nd Sale Period
    4–18 March 2018 [Bonus 10%]
    3rd Sale Period
    19 March — 7 April 2018 [Bonus 5%]
    0,01 BTC : 525 CXS
    ERC20 Token
    500,000,000 CXS

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  3. Grow, fight and trade your cryptographic fish champion in the new blockchain game!

    Every fish is an ERC-721 crypto token stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

    Digital asset 100% owned by the player. It can be managed like a regular cryptocurrency — transferred or sold to any other player. It cannot be destroyed, removed or replaced.

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  4. Urgent update on ether outlook !

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  5. Geekzcode.com is a platform that brings Businesses or End-users that need software or Apps created, together with Developers that can create it for them.

    People needing software created can offer a Bounty to have that software created and keep increasing the Bounty until its accepted by developer . We also offer Free Open Source Software download on our site.

    Our discount structure is designed so that the more rooms paid for in "GUTs" on our platform  the more valuable  our utility token becomes.

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  6. Decentralized Immutable Unstoppable
    Ethereum Classic is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference.

    The Ethereum Classic Declaration Of Independence
    Let it be known to the entire world that on July 20th, 2016, at block 1,920,000, we as a community of sovereign individuals stood united by a common vision to continue the original Ethereum blockchain that is truly free from censorship, fraud or third party interference. In realizing that the blockchain represents absolute truth, we stand by it, supporting its immutability and its future. We do not make this declaration lightly, nor without forethought to the consequences of our actions.

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  7. Ethereum Tokens Monitor

    Easy to view for investors and ICO
    API and Widgets for developers

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  8. iEx.ec aims at providing distributed applications running on the blockchain a scalable, secure and easy access to the services, the data-sets and the computing resources they need. This technology relies on the Ethereum smart contracts and allows building a virtual Cloud infrastructure that provides high-performance computing services on demand.

    iEx.ec leverages a set of research technologies that have been developed at the INRIA and CNRS research institutes in the field of Desktop Grid computing. The idea of Desktop Grid (aka Volunteer Computing [BOINC]) is to collect the computer resources underutilized on the Internet to execute very large parallel applications at the fraction of the cost of a traditional supercomputer. Since the early 2000’s we have pushed this idea to its extreme limit. We produced numerous software and algorithms that introduced breakthrough innovations in the area of large scale data processing, data management, parallel computing, security and dependability, QoS, interoperability with eScience infrastructures and many more.

    iEx.ec relies on XtremWeb-HEP, a mature, solid, and open-source Desktop Grid software which implements all the needed features : fault-tolerance, multi-applications, multi-users, hybrid public/private infrastructure, deployment of virtual images, data management, security and accountability, and many more.

    Thanks to iEx.ec, we can now organize decentralized infrastructures and market places, where everyone will be able to rent its computing resources (CPU, storage, GPU, …), where the innovative SMEs which design Big Data and HPC applications will be able to sell them online immediately with the needed resources to run them, and where highly valued data-sets will be rentable with a fine-grain business model. Moreover, because the blockchain provides distributed consensus and resiliency while being fully distributed, we think that it’s going to change drastically the way we design distributed systems and applications.

    iEx.ec is just the beginning of a new era!

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  9. It’s like a crowdfunding. The goal of the 2048ether.com is to try to raise 2048 ETH. It is an up-to-date adaptation of Alex Tew's Million Dollar Homepage™ in the blockchain and cryptocurrency era as a compilation of new, cutting-edge trends.

    The website main page has a field of 7020 blocks 16x16 pixels each, where anyone can place their banner for a small donation in Ether (ETH) currency. The first 1280 blocks can be obtained at a special 0.16 ETH. The remaining 5760 blocks will be available at 0.32 ETH each. Banners are placed for unlimited time. I guarantee that the site will work at least for 5 years!

    Who might be interested?

    Blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, startups, technology evangelists, companies
    Who start initial coin offering (ICO)
    Who wants promote their referral link
    Yes, anyone! Even if your site has nothing to do with blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

    What will the project participant get?

    Your own blocks 100% safe for at least 5 years
Hundreds of thousands of potential views 

    Positive karma of the participant supporting the project

    How to get blocks?

    Go to main page 2048ether.com
    Hover your mouse cursor over the blocks you want to get, and you will see numbers (e.g. 1:1)

    Click the "Get blocks" button on the top of the page
    Type the blocks numbers (e.g. 1:1) and your email address. Click the "Reserve blocks" button

    Donate ETH to my wallet (0.16 ETH per block)

    I'll send you an e-mail confirmation of the reservation and ETH transfer details

    Reply to me with your image and link attached you'd like to place on your blocks!

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  10. WeiMixer - Fast & Secure Ethereum Mixer

    Privacy is not something that I'm merely entitled to, it's an absolute prerequisite.
    - Marlon Brando

    How many confirmations?
    You will have to wait for 1 confirmations from the Ethereum network to receive your clean Ethereum
    5 confirmations will take 5 minutes or less depending on the network load

    Will there be any traces to my old address?
    No,there won't be any traces/taint to your old address
    Clean coins are already waiting long before you send us your Ethereum that you want to mix

    Why do I have to pay a fee?
    Paying a fee increases your privacy because you will not receive exactly the same amount you sent us
    And also for the service to improve and operate successfully we need to make a profit
    Our fees go from 0.10% to 3% the amount is chosen by you

    What happens if the amount I sent is too small or too big?
    If you send us a smaller amount than 0.1ETH then this will be accepted as a donation
    In case of sending a higher amount than the recommended max amount you will just have to wait a few minutes longer
    I closed my browser after sending ETH
    Don't worry every payment is processed automatically just wait until we receive 5 confirmations and you will receive your clean coins

    How much time do I have to pay before the address is invalid?
    24 hours

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