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    • 🎁 🎅 XmasCoin - Do well by doing good in the blockchain world! 🎅



      We don't currently reveal the "BlackBox" project to the world because this is XmasCoin, not "BlackBox" project.

      This is something that precedes the project, we decided to do something good for Christmas, and we simply did it.

      We wanted to give the opportunity to receive a certain amount of tokens just because the investor find himself investing in something currently mysterious, not for this reason it is rubbish.

      We calculated how far we could go with the amount of distributed tokens and we did it.


      The ICO's world has been and is full of projects with beautiful web pages, good ideas and excellent teams that turn out to be only scams.

      You can't always tell a book by its cover.


      We know, It is difficult to trust others nowadays, but fortunately there are not only scammers out there.

      We consider ourselves honest people.


      🎅 Santa's team 🎅

    • Monero XMR Forum

      Hosting provider with over one million users worldwide would like to announce a new chapter:

      We have opened Monero mining pool at pool.coinimp.com

      Why us?
      - 0% fees!
      - low minimum payout: 0.2 XMR
      - stable, fast and reliable servers
      - this service won't go offline anytime soon. As hosting provider, we are committed to keep it running for a long time.
      - team of professionals taking care of the project

      - PPLNS payout system
      - no registration required
      - user friendly, modern interface
      - adaptive share difficulty
      - detailed stats and graphs

      Getting started:
      - Create Monero wallet, for example on mymonero.com
      - Download miner, for example xmrig: github.com/xmrig/xmrig#download
      - Execute it with the following command:
      xmrig.exe -o pool.coinimp.com:3333 -u YOUR_WALLET -p x -k

      Other services:
      - we also offer a javascript mining script that you can embed in your page coinimp.com and let your visitors mine for you!
      - we are anti-virus protected and we are committed to stay that way

      We wish you happy and productive mining! :)

      CoinImp team


    • Imperium Miner

      November 13, 2017:

      OK,, so here's the real thing and would answer all the questions... We will find out soon and will post the update here If the item will arrived to me or not.


      Basically to test if this site/store is legit someone has to risk.


      I bought a (Ebit Miner E9 Plus 9T + 1800W AC/DC power converter)= "Order #3641" from their site, I ask them if I can pay by bank transfer but they refuse, so no choice, I paid them by BTC. (you can see the completed order as per attached picture)


      (I though somewhere on this forum they said that from Nov - Dec they will accept bank transfer)


      Since Nov, 6 2017, I cannot find any shipping tracking information progress from their website, its ok, maybe I have to wait for few more days. 

      While waiting, I am looking online for some feedback about their website but since its new, I cannot find much. 

      Tried to contact their support:


      Support (+421) 918 806 398



      Phone does not ring and shows only "Line Busy"

      I send them email asking about the status of my order shipping, so far no reply yet. but before I buy, when I email them if I can pay by bank transfer, they reply to me with-in 2 hrs.

      I check their facebook group or page but its already closed 


      So far that was the status of my order, Waiting for it to arrive hopefully. I will keep you guys posted for any update every week which will answer all the queries if their store is legit or not..




      November 21, 2017:


      OK guys, Here's the update, since as per their website when you purchase and pay, the shipping information update is with-in 5 - 14 days (That's what their website said after the payment page) they should update me and provide a shipping details, and that day have passed as today is Nov 21, 2017. 

      All I can say is this company and their online shop is a BIG BIG BIG FAKE and SCAM....... here's what happen..


      I tried to call to their provided number: (+421) 918 806 398 daily but it does not ring and with configuration of Auto set to "Busy line". so no use, unable to reach them by phone.

      Second thing, I tried to search their Office and even ask someone near to the location mentioned on their website but as per my asset reply. This company does not have a store, storage or shop on that area or even display of their items for sale. 

      Since Nov. 6 until today, I have send them email for like 3 times asking what is the status of my order, any update, shipping details or preparation done.. no reply from them as if like I send my email to a ghost address that no one reply back to me. 


      The only thing I did not do is to register my friend name to their site and let him click the order button to any item and act like hes about to buy and ask if possible to pay by bank or wire transfer and see if they will reply back immediately. well no time to do that, I am busy these past few days....


      I remember before when I ask them if i can pay by bank transfer, at least a person called (Radocan Duraj - Client Care) reply to me and said they don't accept bank transfer.. well I don't know if that name is really a person's name..  so no choice I paid BTC to them.. and yes I become one of their victim...


      I bet the scammer or the owner of that site is very happy now and laughing while reading my post and watching his bitcoin address having a lot of BTC coming in from victims of their modus. So from now on Guys.. be warned, Do not engage to that website or to their affiliates, similar website or similar owner as for sure once they notice that they don't have customer anymore, they will create a new website, company name with similar strategy or selling of items to acquire new victims. I hope my 0.12 btc serves a good purpose to let the world know that this people and company are FAKE and SCAM...


      and if ever they send my order late to prove to me that they are not scammer, I am willing to erase or revise or update my post. but for now. I am labeling them as Certified Scammer and Fake online shop website and company.. So Keep away from that website...!!!!

    • Solarcoin SLR

      Asgardia, the space nation (asgardia.space) refers many times Solarcoin SLR as its official cryptocurrency, but I doubt this fact may be true. 

      As Solarcoin is many times related to Asgardia cryptocurrency, I would like to know wether Solarcoin is officially endorsed by Asgardia, or, let us reverse everything, if solarcoin.org officially recognizes to be Asgardia's official currency.

      Thanks for info.

    • Gridcoin GRC


      though I guess XVG and BTG are better right now. Never know though it may be a big one and certainly probably will not go away soon.


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