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    • KIRHYIP - Bitcoin Investment Script

      BUYER BEWAYRE - I just got scammed

      20 hours after I made the purchase by way of bitcoin (proof below) I am yet to receive the software. My emails to support or webchats are no longer being answered. If you want to lose your money and waste time trying to contact their support "team" then go ahead.

      10/11/2017 15:13   0.03312521 KIRHYIP Prime Package
      Sent to 1Ghv6N9DBGSy5ktDU6k19ygrkveaChA2GE
      txid 38399788f7190a1e16cefa0f80acff50df56417e067b58a29dd7237256dca021


      Hi all!

      do you know of any exchange with ETH futures and / or options?

    • SYE services

      essa minera doura esta fora do ar nao o por que é isso amigos

    • eobot

      let's try :)

    • Monero XMR Forum

      We here at are happy to announce our first Monero Mining Pool

      Monero Mining Pool

      We started the Monero mining pool that aim to be the most effective pool for mining Monero. Pool is set to 1% fee + 0.1% for core devs just to cover the server cost and tx fee

      Why mine in our pool -- As we are new and the share you get will be more then other bigger mining pool . So earn more in our pool when mining as compare to other bigger pool

      -- Website: -- Fee: 1% fee + 0.1% for core devs ( Just to cover the server costs and tx fee ) -- Min Withdrawal: 0.50 ( Due to high tx fee ) -- Relay nodes to reduce orphan risk

      Updates- We have updated to software for the sep 15th Fork Also we now allow miners to mine into the exchanges using there wallet.payment_Id More updates to come in the near future We are looking to please our miners at there request to make the pool better for everyone that joins Also we offer 24/7 Support so you will always be able to reach a admin

      Configure your miner.

      you can find all the details here :-

      No need to register just use your wallet to locate your stats

      How to Contact Us

      Here on this thread
          or find us on our facebook group