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    Hello! As usual all forks and airdrops work with the same system. It just depends on currency, but if we are talking bout bitcoin private , developers tried to make it as clear as possible. You should take a look at their official site or video...Here you go, boy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-I4-a1mfGmI&t=5s , don't miss your chance and be careful!
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    All Live Table Games of Asia Live Tech - The First Bitcoin iGaming Software Provider in Asia are both Fiat & Cryptocurrency supported. Live Baccarat Live Baccarat first appeared in France during the 19th century, Baccarat games did not take long to take over the world. Celebrated by all casino players, it is one of the most recognized card game of the industry and a staple any casino must have. Providing Banker, Player and Tie betting possibilities to select, each table can have an average of 70 games per hour. Our system also provides a very convenient feature called “auto confirm”, in which the system will automatically select the appropriate bet amount (within the limit) and confirm the bet when the time is up. This game is available through our Live Dealer, Live Player and Live Studio products. Live Baccarat Insurance Baccarat with a twist, where players can buy insurance to protect themselves against a strong hand after 4 cards have been dealt. Baccarat takes a new aspect with this new rule. It provides many new odds, strategies and iGaming potential for players. They will never get tired of Baccarat. This game is available through our Live Dealer product. Live Baccarat Squeeze Card A different Baccarat experience, where the players squeeze the cards for the number they want. More thrills and excitement are the goal of this Baccarat game.
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    Blockchain App Factory provides security token services for 24x7 global access to untapped financial markets. With end-to-end solutions like whitepaper audit, wallet setup and much more, Blockchain App Factory is rising to the top with unparalleled STO services that follow federal regulations to the point. Check this: http://bit.ly/2NUdlao
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    The security token offering is touted to be the successor of ICO. With the loss of trust placed on ICO, investors have turned to STO for better gains and profits off it. STO go through federal regulations that protect the potential investors from scam projects. These guidelines play a large role in the creation of STO.
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    Take a look at Spotcoin. It is a platform that provides easy movement between fiat and cryptocurrencies. The project has many strengths: team of professionals, strong defined road map, it is built on NEO blockchain and many more. Read about how Spotcoin differ from the other crypto exchanges: https://medium.com/spotcoin/spotcoins-exchange-will-differ-from-other-crypto-exchanges-abafbefc934b
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    "Stox,The World's Best Blockchain Prediction Markets" Have a great day everyone,Today my review is about successful initial coin offering,not upcoming or active ICO,this is already finish succesfully and now their platform already active with their many users and members , named is STOX. Its totally amaze me because this platform is giving a chance to those people who have active daily life about crypto and have brain power to predict amazing things,and not only that,they can earn while they use mind to predict thing use the STOX platform. Before i continued,i explaine to you What is STOX all About? Stox is the first world's BEST Blockchain Prediction Markets Platform, they Build new markets, make predictions, trade with peers and make profit on one decentralised platform use blockchain thechnology.Stox is an open source, Ethereum based prediction market platform, where users can make their predictions to generate their portion of a stake for a specified event.Stox is designed, first and foremost, as a practical framework for the mainstream prediction market. Stox developing a fully functional prediction market app.Their app will be open source and implement the user side of the model including on-chain access over the Ethereum network to Stox Smart Contracts. The app will provide access to content, listings and event metadata from decentralised cloud storage. Take look and 'may i have your attention to the picture below,this is the feature of Stox platform now,and daily theirs lots of offers to their users to choose what they want to predict or do some Task to earn STX or real cryptocurrencies use STOX platform. Its huge and amazing right? Stox share to the people, for not wasting their time to do some nonsence things around like airdrops or something offer for free or do donations to any scam or fraud offer,and at end all their effort,time and giving their details to them turn into nothing.STOX make their users to use their time to earn real crypto and STX as well because their users is important specially to those people who love their works. Stox create the leading decentralised prediction market for mainstream audiences by maintaining a thriving ecosystem of users looking to participate in event outcomes and its one the Stox team goal,some importants details VIEW it on Stox Roadmap Roadmap for Stox consists of several milestones. In terms of the technical work the key milestones are development of the decentralized platform, the open source p2p prediction market application and the ecosystem member SDK. Once the application is ready,Stox plan to launch with invest.com, as the debut prediction market provider, as soon as most of the technology is available Stox will shift a major part of their efforts towards growing the ecosystem in order to encourage potential partner to join Stox. For more details view on Stox white paper. Stox users specially new on the platform required to have STX Token to use the service of Stox , and you can buy it or trade it as well on different exchanges now like: Stox ecosystems motivates providers and operators to cooperate through event syndication and user affiliation to maximize each party’s relative advantages, providers may also benefit from cooperating with multiple operators and vice versa. Last but least are the users, who are the investors taking part in events. Stox platform handles the creation and participation of predictive marketing events, provides tools for growing the platform using event discovery features as well as helps incentivise providers, operators and potential users using market standard tools such as affiliate, syndication programs, promotional credit mechanisms and more,also enables the Oracles operations by running collateral and dispute programs. STOX BOUNTY CAMPAIGN: Now here we are,its very excited because Stox offer the good opportunity for you and to all to be a partner with Stox to contribute Stox network and earn great rewards. This is why Stox launched a Bounty Program, where users can earn STX nearly every day! Participation in Stox Bounty Programs is easy, registration is simple, and you're simply a task away from earning big.In order to participate visit Stox Website and click the Bounty button here https://www.stox.com/bounty/ For me guyz,this is the best opportunity for everyone,specially if you not want wasting your time for nothing.If your are enjoying writing something,have talent to create some amazing vedio or you are social media infleuncer and the best part is you have amazing Brain Power to predict,then Stox need you and you will be rewarded and its completely turn you into amazing huge profits. Visit their Website now https://www.stox.com/ Meet the Team https://www.stox.com/team/ Start your journey with Stox here Sign Up Lets do earn together with STOX.
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    The overall aim of SLT is to create a fast, simple, safe and clearly defined platform that everyone can understand without hidden intentions and costs. The platform also aims to emulate the very operational logic of the blockchain in its operations by catering to a decentralized market. Instead of appealing to only a fraction of the available global market, SLT will allow anyone to have access to the platform, and it ensure that equal chances are given to all members to earn. The final aim of SLT is to be able to deliver on the promise of instant payments and withdrawals using blockchain technology. Short Term Action Plan - Adding SLT on other exchanges - Digital asset Exchanger ( multi-cryptocurrency exchange) - Wallet exchanger - Debit Card and adding other cards that will allow buying and withdrawals - Mobile app available for iOS and Android It is expected that users will even have the opportunity to make payments and withdraw money using the SLT Card, which will be integrated with major existing fiat providers to give maximum flexibility across crypto and fiat channels to SLT platform users. Thank you for your support and happy earning to all! SLT Team
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    Going to be impossible to stop them. Any time someone can make money, they'll be scams. Getting the word out about these scams is a good idea!
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    Let’s be clear right from the start. Bitcoin and Altcoin (other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Ripple, or Litecoin) are the best thing that ever happen to the iGaming industry and its operators since the Internet became a commonplace. It naturally thrives today, thanks to multiple benefits of Bitcoin in Gambling that we will explain in this article. First Benefit of Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies in Gambling: They are Borderless This one is the biggest advantage and we only saw fit that we start with it. As it is, cryptocurrencies are not tied to any country. Everyone with a bank account and a crypto wallet can buy coins and use them on the Internet, for any activity willing to accept them. Operators can therefore target the whole world for their marketing, or focus on specific places ripe for the opportunities as they see fit. The possibilities are endless. Furthermore, fiat currencies (USD, EUR, VND, etc) are complex, and converting one to another can make the value depreciate, depending on its strengths and the international news. That not the case with cryptocurrencies. Once players buy them, they use them as they see fit, without having to deal with lengthy conversions processes. Finally, there is no transaction fee with cryptocurrencies. Banks will not get a percentage of their transfer, leaving player in complete control of their own money. Operators profit from this methodology as well. Second Benefit of Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies in Gambling: They Don’t Require Online Casino Licenses Yes, you read that right. As long as the local legislation and the target market allows it, any operator can start an online casino without the authorizations normally required to do so. Study the situation and see where it is the easiest. On that note, Cambodia is part of those countries. You can use the license of an existing casino to get started, Look it up with us! Third Benefit of Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies in Gambling: They Don’t Require Gambling Licenses To Apply For Payment Methods Neteller, Paypal and other credit/debit card payment methods require licenses. This is not a problem with cryptocurrencies, as they are anonymous, which is another benefit in and on itself. There is absolutely no restriction or barrier to stop avid players from connecting and wagering on their favorite games. Besides, crypto wallets are safe and secure as long as passwords and authentications are set; Fourth Benefit of Bitcoins and Other Cryptocurrencies in Gambling: Anonymity Since we mentioned it, let’s talk about anonymity. All cryptocurrency transactions are completely and utterly anonymous. Once players transfer a cryptocurrency, they cannot be traced anymore. Their crypto wallet is only recognizable by a set of numbers and letters. No identification data will ever be requested, which is invaluable in countries where gambling is not recognized as legitimate pastime. Fifth Benefit of Bitcoins and Other Cryptocurrencies in Gambling: Transaction Speed As cryptocurrencies are decentralized, funds come directly from the player’s wallet to the operator’s account – you, with no intermediaries. Reducing the waiting time, players feel more confident and wager more. We hope that this article has helped you to understand the Benefits of Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies in Gambling. To learn more about this and Bitcoin Online Casinos, we welcome you to contact us, either by mail or phone. Alternatively, you can also browse through our website at www.asialivetech.com
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    Hi Fenara, I think you may have got the wrong information. All Asia Live Tech Games are available on all platforms. You can access them via Web, Mobile View, Mobile Applications as well as Windows Applications. Maybe you got the wrong information but feel free to check out www.asialivetech.com . Cheers

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