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    Hi Dear CryptocurrencyTalk Community, I am David, a new community manager for Fortunejack and this is my hand for future friendship 😇😇 Maybe some of you already know about us, but maybe some of you haven't heard yet. I will introduce our product in this post and firstly will ask for your feedback on experience with using our product. We sincerely want to expand our friends list in professional and enthusiastic communities like this very forum. My approach as a community manager is one: I listen to communities and never initiate any campaign, activity or policy without firstly asking - what you want to listen? what you want to be offered? So I am asking this as well, how you wish FJ to be represented on this forum? Would you like discussing promotions? bonuses? or would like to create something new with me? some raffles maybe? some competitive tournaments just for us? maybe you wish to discuss the future of crypto gambling business, engage in discussions about what recent challenges and positions in the industry. I AM OPEN FOR EVERYTHING, please engage, let's talk, discuss, play and WIN. 💸💸 Here is a little Pitch about FortuneJack as well: 🐵 FortuneJack is an online bitcoin casino built on experience and knowledge of professionals involved in gambling industry for past 20 years and enhanced with a pivotal technological advance in business – cryptocurrency. We pamper our players with our diverse game portfolio, up to 2000 games including the most popular dice, live & lottery games, poker, etc. Best of both worlds! In-house and leading vendors. Six game categories + 3 more coming up. 🙈 Our pride is a generous and partner-oriented program that offers the best commission plan on the market. By signing up, you can earn 70, 60 and 50% of commissions for the first three months, followed by our 4 tier commissions plan. With that said, FortuneJack provides affiliates with one of the most sophisticated customer management systems and uses the latest EverMatrix platform to track their fees, number of players, demographics, net and gross revenues, along with all the necessary information you need to be successful. 🙉 Never miss a chance to earn more! Hence, we value our long-term partnership and are always ready to offer exclusive promos. We dare bettors to find a better deal anywhere else in the industry - WE WILL MATCH IT! 🙊 Since we are an online casino, technology is our focal point. We make sure we give the players all the leading options of the 6 most prominent cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin. Time is of the essence, that is why FJ is known for fast, we can say immediate, withdrawals that make the gaming experience even more pleasurable – 80% within 5 minutes GUARANTEED! 🐒 Jack knows only one way and its FORWARD - adding one new provider every month starting from next year. We are the team of doers we make sure you are getting the most out of our collaboration. Our strength lies in our community. The ace approach we maintain through these years is to listen to our community, understand needs and deliver services. This made FortuneJack the leader of the industry, shhhh... don't disclose our secret!
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    Bitcoin & Other Major Cryptocurrencies Online Casino Solution The future is digital. As the First Bitcoin iGaming Software Provider in Asia, Asia Live Tech perfectly knows that. And while that holds true for gambling, this saying is also accurate for currencies. Players are now enjoying their favorite pastime using digital currencies such as Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoins, and more, as currencies dedicated to online casinos, adapted to their challenges and needs, are now being developed, enforcing anonymity and ease of playing, something iGaming players care dearly about. Bitcoin Online Casino Solution on Asia Live Tech Our Bitcoin Online Casino Solution allows new and existing operators to tap into that potential. Based on our White Label Software Solution, Asia Live Tech can create a new, functioning, and modern iGaming website, including high-tech payment methods accepting cryptocurrencies. Just as our White Label, the development process is incredibly simple! You only have to send your logo, unless you want us to create it, explain which design you envision for your website, then select the games you want to see on your new iGaming website. That is it. The rest is up to us. Take Advantage of Our Bitcoin Online Casino Solution Any cryptocurrency is accepted! Let your players bet with Bitcoins or any of the cryptocurrencies out there Customizable websites before, during and after the development process. Adapt to the new trends! The world is your customer base! Anyone can buy and use cryptocurrencies, no matter where they live. No complex process. We take care of the technical difficulties and only ask for your vision. Perfect anonymity. Everyone can enjoy the games with peace of mind. Perfect safety. Our websites are all protected and can be hosted on our secured servers. Mobile-friendly websites to play on-the-go. 24/7 technical assistance for your website. Cost-effective White Label Solution. Ask for a quote and be amazed! As cryptocurrencies are growing in value and popularity, Asia Live Tech can help you to grab this great iGaming opportunity. In 2017, the market capitalization for cryptocurrencies has been 800%. Bitcoin itself is up 900% and will keep doing so. This means that not only Bitcoin Online Casino operators will earn an accepted, valuable currency from their platform, but its value can only go up, increasing tenfold their gains! Want to know more about this awesome solution that can make you the next BIG iGAMING BOSS?. read more at www.asialivetech.com or chat with me on Skype at live:erwin_1763
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    It has been weeks, with upgrades to wallets and rebuild of chain, that forking has become a constant problem. We can follow he status of 5 nodes on gridcoinstats.eu and we can check blockchain hashes on gridcoin.network and gridcoinstats. Currently. gridcoin.network and gridcoinstats.eu are on different paths and have been so starting with block 1164835 at which block the hashes diverge (they were in sync at block 1164834). Currently, the 5 nodes at https://www.gridcoinstats.eu/status.php are not synchronized with each other nor is there synchrony between gridcoin.network and gridcoinstats since block 1164834. We need to be patient, but it would be nice to have an explanation of the perceived problems, the plan to fix the problems, the work which has been done to date, and an estimate of how much longer it will be before resolved. In the meantime, what can an average participant do to facilitate (or at least not impair) the process?
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    Hello! As usual all forks and airdrops work with the same system. It just depends on currency, but if we are talking bout bitcoin private , developers tried to make it as clear as possible. You should take a look at their official site or video...Here you go, boy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-I4-a1mfGmI&t=5s , don't miss your chance and be careful!
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    All Live Table Games of Asia Live Tech - The First Bitcoin iGaming Software Provider in Asia are both Fiat & Cryptocurrency supported. Live Baccarat Live Baccarat first appeared in France during the 19th century, Baccarat games did not take long to take over the world. Celebrated by all casino players, it is one of the most recognized card game of the industry and a staple any casino must have. Providing Banker, Player and Tie betting possibilities to select, each table can have an average of 70 games per hour. Our system also provides a very convenient feature called “auto confirm”, in which the system will automatically select the appropriate bet amount (within the limit) and confirm the bet when the time is up. This game is available through our Live Dealer, Live Player and Live Studio products. Live Baccarat Insurance Baccarat with a twist, where players can buy insurance to protect themselves against a strong hand after 4 cards have been dealt. Baccarat takes a new aspect with this new rule. It provides many new odds, strategies and iGaming potential for players. They will never get tired of Baccarat. This game is available through our Live Dealer product. Live Baccarat Squeeze Card A different Baccarat experience, where the players squeeze the cards for the number they want. More thrills and excitement are the goal of this Baccarat game.
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    "Stox,The World's Best Blockchain Prediction Markets" Have a great day everyone,Today my review is about successful initial coin offering,not upcoming or active ICO,this is already finish succesfully and now their platform already active with their many users and members , named is STOX. Its totally amaze me because this platform is giving a chance to those people who have active daily life about crypto and have brain power to predict amazing things,and not only that,they can earn while they use mind to predict thing use the STOX platform. Before i continued,i explaine to you What is STOX all About? Stox is the first world's BEST Blockchain Prediction Markets Platform, they Build new markets, make predictions, trade with peers and make profit on one decentralised platform use blockchain thechnology.Stox is an open source, Ethereum based prediction market platform, where users can make their predictions to generate their portion of a stake for a specified event.Stox is designed, first and foremost, as a practical framework for the mainstream prediction market. Stox developing a fully functional prediction market app.Their app will be open source and implement the user side of the model including on-chain access over the Ethereum network to Stox Smart Contracts. The app will provide access to content, listings and event metadata from decentralised cloud storage. Take look and 'may i have your attention to the picture below,this is the feature of Stox platform now,and daily theirs lots of offers to their users to choose what they want to predict or do some Task to earn STX or real cryptocurrencies use STOX platform. Its huge and amazing right? Stox share to the people, for not wasting their time to do some nonsence things around like airdrops or something offer for free or do donations to any scam or fraud offer,and at end all their effort,time and giving their details to them turn into nothing.STOX make their users to use their time to earn real crypto and STX as well because their users is important specially to those people who love their works. Stox create the leading decentralised prediction market for mainstream audiences by maintaining a thriving ecosystem of users looking to participate in event outcomes and its one the Stox team goal,some importants details VIEW it on Stox Roadmap Roadmap for Stox consists of several milestones. In terms of the technical work the key milestones are development of the decentralized platform, the open source p2p prediction market application and the ecosystem member SDK. Once the application is ready,Stox plan to launch with invest.com, as the debut prediction market provider, as soon as most of the technology is available Stox will shift a major part of their efforts towards growing the ecosystem in order to encourage potential partner to join Stox. For more details view on Stox white paper. Stox users specially new on the platform required to have STX Token to use the service of Stox , and you can buy it or trade it as well on different exchanges now like: Stox ecosystems motivates providers and operators to cooperate through event syndication and user affiliation to maximize each party’s relative advantages, providers may also benefit from cooperating with multiple operators and vice versa. Last but least are the users, who are the investors taking part in events. Stox platform handles the creation and participation of predictive marketing events, provides tools for growing the platform using event discovery features as well as helps incentivise providers, operators and potential users using market standard tools such as affiliate, syndication programs, promotional credit mechanisms and more,also enables the Oracles operations by running collateral and dispute programs. STOX BOUNTY CAMPAIGN: Now here we are,its very excited because Stox offer the good opportunity for you and to all to be a partner with Stox to contribute Stox network and earn great rewards. This is why Stox launched a Bounty Program, where users can earn STX nearly every day! Participation in Stox Bounty Programs is easy, registration is simple, and you're simply a task away from earning big.In order to participate visit Stox Website and click the Bounty button here https://www.stox.com/bounty/ For me guyz,this is the best opportunity for everyone,specially if you not want wasting your time for nothing.If your are enjoying writing something,have talent to create some amazing vedio or you are social media infleuncer and the best part is you have amazing Brain Power to predict,then Stox need you and you will be rewarded and its completely turn you into amazing huge profits. Visit their Website now https://www.stox.com/ Meet the Team https://www.stox.com/team/ Start your journey with Stox here Sign Up Lets do earn together with STOX.
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    Hi Fenara, I think you may have got the wrong information. All Asia Live Tech Games are available on all platforms. You can access them via Web, Mobile View, Mobile Applications as well as Windows Applications. Maybe you got the wrong information but feel free to check out www.asialivetech.com . Cheers
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    December Joy Starts at FORTUNEJACK 140 mBTC Prize Pool. 500 Free Spins Giveaway. Two GameArt favourites This Thursday through Sunday (December 14th – 17th), the top 10 bettors on GameArt's EL TOREO and EMPEROR'S WEALTH Slots share a 140 mBTC Prize Pool, followed by a raffle, where 20 players win 25 free spins each! P.S. Terms & Conditions apply. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our friendly, knowledgeable and enthusiastic support team for any questions, concerns or just to say hello!
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    Bitcoin Gold Critical Warning https://bitcoingold.org/critical-warning-nov-26/ Sunday, November 26, 2017, 01:00, UTC Please be aware that for approximately 36 hours, a link on our Download page and the file downloads on our Github release page have been serving a suspicious file of unknown origin. Until we know otherwise, all users should presume this file was created with malicious intent – to steal cryptocurrencies and/or user information. The file does not trigger antivirus / anti-malware software, but do not presume the file is safe. Any user who verified the SHA-256 checksum of the download against the checksum listed on our Download pages is already aware the file is not authentic and should not have used the file, but nobody should assume that all users take this important step. Anyone who downloaded the Windows Wallet file between November 24, 2017, 13:11, UTC and November 25, 2017, 22:30, UTC should not use the file in any way. If the file was used, the computer on which it was used should be addressed with extreme caution; the file should be deleted, the machine should be thoroughly checked for malware and viruses (or wiped clean), and any cryptocurrencies with wallets accessible on that machine should be moved to new wallet addresses immediately. The currently posted files are safe, but users should always confirm their downloaded files via SHA-256 checksum. Relevant pages and links Project Github Repository: https://github.com/BTCGPU/BTCGPU/releases/tag/ Project Download Page: https://bitcoingold.org/downloads/ Windows file Download SHA-256: 53e01dd7366e87fb920645b29541f8487f6f9eec233cbb43032c60c0398fc9fa bitcoingold-0.15.0-win64-setup.exe Linux file Download SHA-256 Hash: SHA-256: 25d7bf0deb125ecf5b50925a1c58e98c4b0b0a524470379c952f6b9310e97cfe bitcoingold-0.15.0-x86_64-pc-linux-gnu.zip Additional Details The links on our Download page point to the Github repository for the project. This is standard practice to associate the source code with the compiled files. An unknown party gained access to the Github repository and replaced the compiled Windows file with a different one. Until the file can be closely analyzed, we do not know what the intent was. We know that the file does not immediately trigger antivirus/trojan warnings. The Linux file was not changed. The Github repo has been secured and we do not believe a second attempt is possible. The suspicious file has already been replaced with a known safe file whose checksum matches. Our team is performing a security audit to ensure the safety of all other systems, and we will attempt to ascertain the purpose of the file. The source code was unchanged. Any user who downloaded the source code to compile it themselves should be unaffected, but best practice suggests that they ensure their local repository matches the current Github repo and exercise extreme caution.
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    Sorry for the radio silence the past week, we have been working hard on bringing the platform live as soon as possible. We have made the decision to do an overhaul of our ICO process (The token and the goal will remain the same). Expect an update within the coming days! We will automate the pre-ICO process, commence a free-to-sign-up airdrop 2 days before the ICO begins and then launch our token. We believe this way we will incentivize a bigger participation by the community whilst increasing the platform's safety. Stay tuned for more info!

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