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    Hi cryptoprincess. I am only staking my daughter's laptop and run an average of probably 6-7 hours a day right now. Nothing special What I have found is trying a project for about 2 weeks will give you a good understanding of potential GRC payout. Myself I run GPU with SETI because its the only tasks I can find which will run SETI on my GPU. I tried just about everything else. For CPU, I tried about 10 different projects. I have settled into Cosmology as my best earner for what I run. Overall I am not trying to earn a lot of GRC. I am not in it for the money. I run my phone and tablet without staking (because I can't figure out how to stake android). The laptop is all I stake. So my phone and tablet I let run many different projects, but just for staking I go with Cosmology on processors and SETI on GPU. If you need help on how to allocate GPU versus processors I can help you out. I have also mastered adding and subtracting projects. It was all a pretty cool learning experience. Takes a solid half an hour to load the wallet. If I check back in on GRC/BOINC and remember tonight I'll send you a coin. I don't have many myself. I only mine about 1 coin every 6 days. Mainly staking and what not to teach my 7 year old daughter more about crypto, processing, computers, and science. Have a good one!
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    Sending a few more... Thanks for Participating in the forum too... It's the best way for all of us to learn, by finding answers to everyone's questions.. so never hesitate to ask a question.. You might be surprised to find out that one of these smart guys around here has already battled the beast to find the best answer.. <: -) L8 The Gray Wizard (aka: Matt)
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    You're welcome. I suggest that your biggest first decision is whether to "solo mine" or to "pool mine". I'm a strong advocate of pool mining (at least until you have your bearings) because I think you'll learn much more (and faster). Either way, you'll earn almost exactly the same--strongly influenced by which projects you choose. Because the pool pays you daily, you can "zero-in" faster on projects which pay better (if that's a priority for you). Finally, unless you have a few thousand GRC to start, it may take days or weeks to get a reward from solo mining. I urge my fellow Shepherds to provide their own points of view on this topic. I just wanted to introduce you to the major considerations. Welcome, and happy crunching! -- D
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    ...ain't that the truth.... 🙂
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    I posted a new topic about the removal of the GRC Wallet Auto Unlock feature which I find to be very useful for my configuration. It might interest others. Removal of Auto Unlock
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    NYDFS granted Bitstamp a BitLicense. Bitstamp becomes the nineteenth cryptocurrency exchange to legally conduct full operations in the New York state. With the license, Bitstamp is now authorized to provide its New York customers with the ability to buy and sell Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ether (ETH), and Ripple (XRP) for USD and vice versa. The BitLicense also authorizes Bitstamp USA to “facilitate transfers of funds onto the Ripple Network, issuing Ripple Balances in USD, other virtual currencies, and select fiat currencies, including the Australian Dollar, British Pound, Euro, Swiss Franc, and Japanese Yen.” Source: Bitstamp Strengthens US Presence with BitLicense Bitstamp has been granted a BitLicense by the NYDFS, allowing the Luxembourg-registered exchange to expand and establish its operations within the US.
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    Our platform is up and running! It has tons of exciting features: 100x leverage, beautiful UI, aggregated liquidity, and advanced order type, just to name a few. Don't forget to give it a try (click here) and let me know what you think.
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