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    Welcome To The Future of Anonymous Cryptocurrency! DeepOnion is an anonymous cryptocurrency that is natively integrated with the TOR network. We increase the level of privacy for our crypto users to reduce the likelihood of being hacked or attacked by other legal & illegal entities. With DeepOnion, you can send and receive onions (ONION) over the TOR network. With DeepOnion your anonymity is guaranteed, you can send and receive private transactions using the DeepOnion wallet. Features: Highly Secure Transactions: The highly secure wallet is designed to keep your identity safe from government agencies and prying eyes. Instant Confirmations: Send and receive instant payments. You no longer have to wait several minutes or hours to receive a payment confirmation. Secure Wallet: Download the secure wallet for Windows, Mac or Linux. A paper wallet is also available if needed. Untraceable Payments: Send and receive payments anonymously and hide your identity. All transactions are private and sent through the TOR network. Cryptopia.co.nz: DeepOnion is proudly listed on the highly secure Cryptopia. You can buy and sell DeepOnion currency with ease. Free Airdrop: POW + POS + No ICOs or Crowdfunding means free coin distribution. We're also offering 40 rounds of free airdrops! Helpful DeepOnion Links: Official site: https://deeponion.org/ Official forum: https://deeponion.org/community/ Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2006010.0 Apply AirDrop: https://deeponion.org/community/apply.php FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/deeponionx TWITTER: https://twitter.com/deeponionx REDDIT: https://www.reddit.com/r/DeepOnion ENG Telegram: https://t.me/DeepOnionCoin Youtube ENG: https://www.youtube.com/deeponion
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    Frank0051: "The counter-factual of this program having not being in place (i.e., in your opinion did this program actually drive additional development or just reward development that would have occurred anyways given the rise of GRC to 20 cents)": This program definitely drove new development to GRC, I estimate the rate to be approx. 50% more than we would have had in hours if we did not compensate devs. The biggest impact it had was continuing compensation to the devs that stepped in to maintain the codebase right at the time when I became too busy, meaning the support was very valuable. Regarding the other metrics Frank0051 asked about, I think they are valuable questions. I'm going to make an effort to answer those for the sake of the benefit of the program in general. Sinisa_Puzar: Are rewards paid in $? We base the pay rate in USD, and pay in GRC, using the midpoint exchange rate of GRC on the day of payroll. James C Owens: Have you ever downloaded any material from Tim the Ripper Owens when he filled in for Rob H - Maybe the Glorious Burden (I was thinking we could have a sing-off when the price hits $1 per GRC!)? On a serious note I agree with the assessment and wanted to stress that crypto-developers have an average yearly contractor wage much higher than general devs. In Dallas, we're talking $250K per year as an employee, that would be more like $150 per hour as a contractor. @AN0N - The above is why I think $60 is moderate to low, but should be high enough to attract quality permanent developers to GRC without constant turnover. Dont underestimate training requirements for Marco and iFoggz, it would take Marco 6 months to train a new dev to debug GRC. One point I wanted to stress to everyone is the $60 rate increase was partially due to the assessment that these developers have not been charging us for R&D, overhead, forum posts, or a massive amount of debugging. Its very common to have to wait for the chain to sync, read the logs, research an issue and waste half of your night on something that is not even billed for - I know we could ask the devs to bill more hours but they are simply too honest - they wont bill us for wasted time. (Ive tried suggesting that). Please be cognizent of that as it is a major component. @Xaminmo - Thank you for the kind words and positive outlook but I wanted to set the record straight on a few nuances: The foundation wallet was moved to keep it off site in a cold wallet hence the reason it does not stake much. The payroll funds *do* come from the foundation balance, not from my wallet. My wallet is not big enough to pay all the payroll from interest alone, LOL. And regarding working full time for GRC - I still have a lot of irons in the fire. @ALIM3NT - Payment Systems: I have a custom made program that is capable of generating PDFs, and more professional invoices, and sql reports, but I think the prerequisite to this is for one, requiring the devs to use it for timesheets, and two: receiving more than $5k per month in billings. I realize that $60 is a professional rate and more accountability is required, and Im not against providing that accountability if I see a certain threshhold per month exceeded ($5k). @ALL - General Cap: Let's set a cap here to put everyone at ease: No more than 160 hours per dev per month with a cap of 12 developers max per month. We currently receive about 30 hours per month per dev with 5 devs.
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    A few comments... I am a relative newcomer to Gridcoin - I have been solo staking and pursuing research associated with Gridcoin since the middle of September. I use my real name, and you can look me up: https://www.gridcoinstats.eu/cpid/bc0621a4ac4610ffa400a0d298c02e23. Magnitude ~225 and balance about 180k GRC. I have been participating in distributed computing since 1999 with the original SETI client, and have been a BOINC contributor since its inception. I have a combined cobblestone score of almost 1.9 billion, and am ~#600 in the world by total credit and ~#159 in the world by RAC. So I think I can speak with some weight about BOINC contributions. 1. I signed onto Gridcoin because I believe it is the most altruistic of cryptocurrencies. It actually motivates people to use their spare cycles to do something good for humanity rather than simply generating heat. The stewards of Gridcoin need to always keep this in mind. 2. In this discussion, I see a founder who has been disengaged from the community for a while, but has suddenly come back on the scene with a heavier hand than ideal. I see a lot of disagreements that seem to be based on bruised egos. Folks need to calm down and talk rationally about the vision for GRC III. We need to keep the egos out of this. Given the time and money now invested in Gridcoin by many people, the stewards of this community owe it to the community to make the right choices. "First do no harm" should be the maxim. We cannot put into place changes that could be ultimately destabilizing and worse than what we have now. I voted yes to Halford’s proposal in the client poll, but that is a qualified yes, with the expectation that reality will be that the final vision for GRC III will be a mix of different contributions that further the stability, security, and scalability of Gridcoin. I sincerely hope that we have a spirited, but civil debate, and we end up with a hybrid of the different proposals that have been put forth which represents the best path forward. We need to stop looking at this as a black or white issue, and instead look at the actual technical and economic merits of the different components. Putting a coin together that ties into a complete other ecosystem (BOINC) and does so in a secure and scalable manner is a very difficult task. It is a much harder task than a straightforward "me-too" cryptocurrency... 3. If we want broad based participation in GRC that fits with its ideals, then we have to recognize that much of BOINC research is performed by individuals in a private capacity using personal computing resources. (I am one - these are my own machines - 6 quite capable hosts that do the work.) The ideal would be for everyone to participate in network from a block creation, research credit, and voting power standpoint proportional to their balance AND magnitude. However, there is an inherent tension in blockchain technology between scalability (performance) and transparency/equality. Consider that the Bitcoin network can manage about 50 tps or so. VISA’s network, on the other hand, can handle 50k tps+. The challenge for blockchain technologies to approach commercial private transaction networks in throughput is immense. A distributed transaction network that requires verified journal copies among all the nodes in a purely peer level manner is not going to scale well. This is because regardless of the actual technologies employed, each transaction is going to have a specific network entry point, and this transaction is going to have to be replicated across all of the nodes in a secure manner that prevents corruption of the ledger. The mitigation is to require only a few nodes to confirm a transaction to consider it “done” and then allow additional confirmation to occur afterwards, but we all know that carries risk of forks (the blockchain version of a replication A-B B-A conflict), replays, etc. Maybe we don't care to reach a VISA level of throughput. Quite frankly that level of throughput will never be required for GRC, unless we envision it being used for daily transactions at the cash register. This in fact is the biggest question around cryptocurrencies! Are they cash or gold? Or something in between? It seems that the general approach to solving these scalability problems among many of the new cryptocurrency developments is to divide the network into a set of “privileged” nodes, sometimes at multiple levels, to control the size of the set of nodes required to synchronize critical information (and also be able to create blocks), thereby reducing the overall network communication load and overall latency. Obviously, Halford’s proposal to adapt Dash’s Masternodes is a version of this. My guess is that we are not going to get around it. Some form of privileged nodes are going to have to be implemented to support scalability. We also have the additional issue of the interface to the BOINC project servers, which are inherently non-scalable, and require effectively a near O(1) relationship between Gridcoin network size and the load on the BOINC servers. We also cannot demand changes to the BOINC server logical interface structure as this would be untenable – it would be very difficult to get all of the BOINC project admins to agree and then keep the changes up to date. This complicates matters for us. We have to ensure a non-spoofable interface to the BOINC project servers to determine proper research credit, but can’t have everyone crowding in and cross-verifying. Again the specter of a set of privileged nodes (maybe even more constricted in the BOINC statistics case) rears its head again as the only viable solution to this problem. I don’t see a way around that either. The question is the exact form of these privileged nodes and who gets to participate. I am uncomfortable with Halford’s initial investment outlay of 400k GRC and a static IP address to act as a Master node. GRC is supposed to be primarily about contribution to BOINC research, but we need wallets to stay online to ensure network stability. The 400k level of investment plus a static IP requirement for a master node will all but eliminate the participation of researchers in the master nodes, and essentially divide the network into commercial investors that run the master nodes, and the researchers who are then second class citizens. (According to Gridcoin stats, there are only 175 addresses with balances 400k or greater, and some of these addresses could actually be part of the same wallet/node.) I agree that the number of master nodes has to be controlled. But what are the right requirements to participate? Personally, even though I have a dynamic IP set by my ISP, my machines stay up 100% of the time, and the IP address rarely changes. I run a full node, which has port 8333 forwarded from my router/firewall. To me it is important to be able to fully participate in the securing of the network. I have a level of service at the ISP that is not throttled in any way, so I don’t have an issue with the amount of data. I suspect that there are many other researchers with moderate balances that fit into that category. I think the balance requirement should be lower than 400k, maybe in the 25-50k range, and the requirement for a static IP should be removed. (Almost no one running machines personally has a static IP, because to get a static IP requires a commercial ISP account, and that is difficult and expensive to get for home.) It would seem to me that the qualification to act as a master node should derive from both balance plus magnitude. We need to adopt an appropriate formula. Maybe it should be something similar to the voting shares, where balance + magnitude is combined together. 4. As I have read the ongoing thread here at Cryptocurrency Talk, I feel like folks are calming down and getting down to the business of hammering out what needs to be done. Let’s hope this continues – we will get a great result if everyone can work together. (This is also posted on Steemit.)
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    LAST UPDATE: 30.11.2018 Sometimes cryptocurrency projects decide to start by giving free coins to those who want to join. I see there's no dedicated topic that's focused on airdrops so i'll try to make one 🙂 So here is a (clean) list of airdrops that I found they still accept sign-up: Binance (exchange number 1 volume in the world!) - http://bit.ly/register_on_binance (register through this link to pay them smaller fees). Or register to my second favorite exchange, Kucoin, with a great referral program - http://bit.ly/register_on_kucoin (register through this link to pay them smaller fees) LMC (past top 100 coin, this is a mobile app - search for lomostar on google play or ios store - where daily, every 2-5 minutes someone gives free coins, +30 different type of coins; if you register and use my referral code you will instantly receive 100 ALI coins and i will personally send you more coins) - Referral code 15FUyq aelf (this one is a must, top 100 coin on coinmarketcap) - https://candy.aelf.io/account/register?invitationCode=0R090Cb18JcA Daox - https://daox.org/b/v3hpy Sparkster - https://sparkster.me/try?r=sGsKszJa InitiativeQ - https://initiativeq.com/invite/HPPhPfHdQ MorLabs - https://airdrops.io/morlabs/#refcpj7 EurekaPro - http://telegram.me/EurekaPro_Airdropbot/?start=idoairdrops RECENT Cryptonity - https://t.me/cryptonitybot?start=485734866 Rally token - t.me/Rallyairdropbot?start=idoairdrops VEE - https://airdrops.io/vee/#refesq9 OcNET - https://ocnet.io/airdrop?code=bddf27cb IOVO - t.me/iovoairdropbot?start=idoairdrops PopulStay - https://bounty.populstay.com?code=SrNfCp Thor Swap - https://www.thorswap.com/register/?recBy=1125773 Rento - https://airdrop.rento-app.io/7864/5679485 I hope i helped someone around here that didn't knew about those. Just use a spare e-mail address and you don't risk a thing - no phone, no other action needed. And use different passwords! You just sign-up and maybe in a couple of years coins will bring you $$$, who knows. I keep this thread cleaned and updated. So every time something new is added or an airdrop finishes i edit my post. On top of the post is the date of the latest update, so this post only has active airdrops only! Yes, of course they are all referral links. You can chose not to register using my link, but some projects even offers advantages if you register using an affiliate link. Don't forget that a lot of gigantic coins in the past started as an airdrop!
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    Look up dblanche256's post, it is on this thread, just a page behind, he is selling grc for those interested in getting a stake fast.
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    DONATIONS BY POOL NUMBER MEMBERSHIP Introduction The following offers donation statics gathered over a single day and partitioned by each of the three gridcoin pools. Since members of Pool 1 have been participating for longer than members of Pools 2 and 3, I wanted to see if this fact alone correlated with the number and extent of their donations. Figures A1, A2, and A3 (Pareto Graphs) (1) Only the top 25 members are listed for each pool because lower donations were not visible on this scale. (2) Participation levels among pools are comparable. In all cases, roughly half of the membership has elected to donate at all. There is a slight positive trend in member participation from 46% to %50 to %54 for Pools 1, 2 and 3. (3) On an average day, the pool receives a total donation of 14 GRC from all pools in ratios of 2, 4 and 8 for pools 1, 2, and 3 respectively. (4) In each pool, the top 3-4 members donate as much as the other members combined (where the orange line reaches 50% of its maximum value) Figures B1, B2, and B3 (Scatter Plots) (1) Due to the wide range of both magnitude (X-axis) and donated GRC (Y-axis) base 10 log-log scales were used. As a quick refresher: 1 = Log(10) 0 = Log( 1) -1 = Log( 0.1) -2 = Log( 0.01) equivalent to 1.0% -3 = Log( 0.001) equivalent to 0.1% -4 = Log( 0.0001) equivalent to 0.01% (2) As expected, in all pools, higher earnings correlate with higher GRC donations. (3) The trendline for pool two shows that on the average, members earning 10 GRC (denoted 1.00 on the x-axis) are donating 0.01 GRC (denoted -2 on the y-axis). By comparison, pools one and three are slightly lower. (4) The "banding" evident in the graphs indicates that donation rates of %.01 and %1.0 are the most popular, with the former outnumbering the latter. (5) The total earned by all active donors during this 24 hour period was 11,492 GRC. Therefore an increase to only 1% by members contributing less or nothing would increase the daily pool revenue by a factor of 100 from 14 to about 1,492 GRC/day. Details
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    Hey guys! Batman is here we are giving away some Batcoins! all you have to do is post your address here! nothing else have to be done for this one just post your address and you will see 5,000 Bats flying to you like crazy! so lets get started!
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    Hi Dear CryptocurrencyTalk Community, I am David, a new community manager for Fortunejack and this is my hand for future friendship 😇😇 Maybe some of you already know about us, but maybe some of you haven't heard yet. I will introduce our product in this post and firstly will ask for your feedback on experience with using our product. We sincerely want to expand our friends list in professional and enthusiastic communities like this very forum. My approach as a community manager is one: I listen to communities and never initiate any campaign, activity or policy without firstly asking - what you want to listen? what you want to be offered? So I am asking this as well, how you wish FJ to be represented on this forum? Would you like discussing promotions? bonuses? or would like to create something new with me? some raffles maybe? some competitive tournaments just for us? maybe you wish to discuss the future of crypto gambling business, engage in discussions about what recent challenges and positions in the industry. I AM OPEN FOR EVERYTHING, please engage, let's talk, discuss, play and WIN. 💸💸 Here is a little Pitch about FortuneJack as well: 🐵 FortuneJack is an online bitcoin casino built on experience and knowledge of professionals involved in gambling industry for past 20 years and enhanced with a pivotal technological advance in business – cryptocurrency. We pamper our players with our diverse game portfolio, up to 2000 games including the most popular dice, live & lottery games, poker, etc. Best of both worlds! In-house and leading vendors. Six game categories + 3 more coming up. 🙈 Our pride is a generous and partner-oriented program that offers the best commission plan on the market. By signing up, you can earn 70, 60 and 50% of commissions for the first three months, followed by our 4 tier commissions plan. With that said, FortuneJack provides affiliates with one of the most sophisticated customer management systems and uses the latest EverMatrix platform to track their fees, number of players, demographics, net and gross revenues, along with all the necessary information you need to be successful. 🙉 Never miss a chance to earn more! Hence, we value our long-term partnership and are always ready to offer exclusive promos. We dare bettors to find a better deal anywhere else in the industry - WE WILL MATCH IT! 🙊 Since we are an online casino, technology is our focal point. We make sure we give the players all the leading options of the 6 most prominent cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin. Time is of the essence, that is why FJ is known for fast, we can say immediate, withdrawals that make the gaming experience even more pleasurable – 80% within 5 minutes GUARANTEED! 🐒 Jack knows only one way and its FORWARD - adding one new provider every month starting from next year. We are the team of doers we make sure you are getting the most out of our collaboration. Our strength lies in our community. The ace approach we maintain through these years is to listen to our community, understand needs and deliver services. This made FortuneJack the leader of the industry, shhhh... don't disclose our secret!
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    23/10/2017 - Added ONE PAGER and updated GENERAL WHITEPAPER on https://token.gimmer.net/. 07/11/2017 - Updated the images and the token sale date. 15/11/2017 - The images about our presale and token sale dates, bonuses, roadmap and our beta have been successfully updated!
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    Bounties Program launched by GxCoin Venture Capital meets Cryptocurrency for Small Business Investing GxCoin by Genevieve Co. has launched a new Bounties Program for earning GxCoin. 1GXC = $1 USD. Earning can be as simple as sharing our story on social media, or you can earn more by doing more. Follow us on Twitter for updates @GxCoinGenevieve More info about us: WEBSITE ICO Alert YouTube Video Facebook Page Latest Press Release Bounties Program GxCoin Bounty Program.docx Please submit applications through the application links provided in the Bounty Program page. When you submit your application, you may be provided a link (if you do not have G Drive). You will need to forward that link (your application) to our email: [email protected]

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