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    This is some good information that I discovered and I thought that it was relevant so I wanted to pass it on.
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    ChainMapper is a stable and super fast blockexplorer. To setup, just contact ChainMapper. No need to worry about a server, installing software, https certificates and maintenance on your block explorer. It is all included in the low price. Features are: Block, transaction and address overviews Block, transaction and address search Api access Masternode stats like Roi Pricing integration with many exchanges Sercure over https Activly monitored so that possible issues are detected quickly Feel free to contact us here (or on our discord)
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    XPChain Report (2018/07/29) ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ✈ Airdrop Application Form The Airdrop Application Form has been released. Please complete your Airdrop Application Form prior to the deadline 2018/9/01 7:00 (UTC) ☛ https://airdrop.xpchain.io/ ☀ XPC Airdrop step ~ Application to Receiving XPC: 1️⃣ Airdrop Application Form ←We are here now Please review Airdrop Application Form Procedure and Airdrop Application Form related FAQ posted on #xpc-airdrop channel at ☛ XPChain Global DISCORD 2️⃣ Get XPC address (in early September) XPC-qt (desktop wallet) is planned to be released in September 2018. CCWallet is also planned to become compatible with XPC around the same time. 3️⃣ Airdrop Recipient Form Complete the XPC Airdrop Recipient Form. You will need to submit your XP address that you used to complete the Airdrop Application Form again and also XPC receiving address (Your XPC address). 4️⃣ Distribution of XPC Airdrop XPC will be distributed (Airdropped) to your XPC wallet! BLOCKCHAIN EXPO KOREA 2018 XPChain team had an amazing time at BCEK 2018 with WEbrick (XPC-KR)! Arnold (WEbrick CEO), BitBender (XPC Adviser) and Harao (XPC-JP Director) had a great presentation of XPChain. We will share the pictures and video from this Expo once they are ready! ♥ Video of XP-Chan introducing XPC coin XPC-JP community member @あかにん#1955 has created an amazing XP-Chan video! Lovely XP-Chan introducing and explaining XPChain in Japanese. Please check it out ☛ https://youtu.be/ajeh339opr0
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    Hello, Here is a short poll and I would appreciate the information. Feel free to reply/discuss. Thanks!
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    XPChain Airdrop Application Form has been released! The Airdrop Application Form has been released World Wide Please complete your Airdrop Application Form: https://airdrop.xpchain.io/ And please be sure to complete this process prior to the deadline (2018/9/01 7:00 -UTC) The entire Airdrop Application process can be translated to your selected language via Google Translate. Please select “International” on the first screen, and there will be a dropdown menu at the top for Google Translate on the following page. Please select your language from the dropdown menu and proceed to the next steps. Airdrop Application Form Procedure 1. Go to Airdrop Application Form page. Airdrop Application 2. Read terms of service and privacy policy, agree and continue 3. Input your email address and XP address. Please be sure to use an actual email address that you use. XPChain team will send email containing URL which you will need to access to complete this procedure. 4. Use letters/numbers appears under “Message to generate a sign” to generate a SignMessage on your XP wallet. Sign Message function is to prove your ownership of the wallet. 5. Verify your email, XP address and estimated Airdrop amount. *If you think showing estimate Airdrop amount is less than what you should be receiving, your balance at the time of Snapshot may held at what’s called “loose change address” Please refer to “how to use Sign Message function on XP-qt” video shared on #video channel and find out how to check your loose change address. 6. Check your email and Click on the URL listed on the email from XPChain team, click to “Confirm XPC Airdrop Application submission”. Once it’s completed, screen shows you have completed the process of Airdrop Application Form. *You will receive XPC Airdrop in your XPC wallet but you need XP-qt to complete all necessary process to receive XPC Airdrop. Please do not uninstall your XP-qt wallet until the completion of XPC Airdrop. How to use XP-qt “Sign Message” Video by Cryptodude Cryptodude has made a great video explaining how to use “Sign Message” function on XP-qt (desktop wallet). It also shows you how to find “loose change address” on qt wallet. If you think your XP balance at the time of Snapshot was held in a loose change address, please watch this video carefully and find your loose change address. Be sure to use @XPCAirDropCheckerEN to check expected Airdrop amount, and then complete Airdrop Application process. Watch the Video: Important: XPC Team will NEVER ask for your wallet Passphrase! XPC Airdrop Application Form procedure does not require use of your passphrase. Even if you ask any questions regarding the Airdrop procedure, no one should ever ask for your passphrase. Sharing your passphrase with others may cause your coins to get stolen. Please DO NOT share your wallet passphrase with anyone!

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